Krupps & The Illuminati – Military Build-up And Intentions

One of the big lessons from history is that mankind doesn’t learn from history. The history of the Krupp family would provide the world with a loud and clear warning for today. The first lesson that could be learned is how a military buildup and military intentions can be totally concealed for decades.

We are about to go into a NWO (New World Order) that will be worse than Hitler’s NWO, but the power behind the scenes is the same, the Illuminati getting their power from their centuries-old generational satanic practices. One ex-Illuminati thinks that the Krupp family became part of the Illuminati in 1836.

I believe the Halbach family was part of the Illuminati, and the Halbach family married into the Krupps in 1906. 1836 date can not be far off, because the Krupp family began getting all kinds of favors from governments, beginning in the late 1830’s.

In the summer of 1838, Alfred Krupp, head of the Krupp Factories left his business and went to Paris and then on to Liverpool with an English family named Lightbody. By the summer of 1839, he was back in Essen, Germany. After that trip to England, the Krupp fortunes began to turn.


The alchemists tie in with the Rosicrucians and the early renaissance researchers into chemicals and metals. The Krupps, because they were involved in metallurgy, also have been involved with chemicals. The first Krupp known about was Arndt Krupp, who appeared out of nowhere and arrived at Essen in 1587, a man of means.

His son Anton became one of the military arms dealers of the times. Anton’s father-in-law ran a gunsmith trade. By about 1650, the Krupps were Essen Germany’s uncrowned kings. They controlled the city government in 1800 and went into steel and coal, and produced cannons.

The powerful occult oligarchies of Europe set up trading companies to carve up control of the world. The East India Company was one of the more notable of these elite controlled trading companies. These trading companies tie-in with the occult world’s leadership and the formation of drug cartels.


The Illuminati, as they often do, put their own people in as Hitler’s advisor and his personal bodyguard, Dietrich Stepp, was in the Illuminati. Hitler was surrounded by Satanists who took orders from the Illuminati first and Hitler second.

Look at some of the changes that he made in Nazi doctrines over the years, to make sure that the elite of Germany were protected. Four important Illuminati advisors to Hitler were, Rudolf Hess, Martin L Bormann, Gustav Krupp and Alfred Krupp.

Rudolf Hess was hidden by the Illuminati during WWII. This is why the Nazi’s on trial at Nuremberg laughed when they saw ‘Hess’ for the first time in custody, because they knew he wasn’t the real Hess.

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All the leading Nazis agreed among themselves that Bormann was ‘Hitler’s Lucifer’. Goring stated at Nuremberg, “The decisive influence on the Fuebrer himself during the war, and particularly from 1942 on, was exercised by Herr Bormann”.

If it had not been for Gustav Krupp, Hitler would never have come to power. During 1932, the Nazi Party had offended many people and had lost greatly in the elections. Gustav Krupp threw his momentous influence and big money (100M German Marks) into saving the Nazi party.

Gustav Krupp was the most powerful industrialist in Germany with perhaps the best steel factories in the world, and the weight of his help pulled the Nazi party up on its feet and to victory that year.


Gustav Krupp was sole proprietor of all his companies. He owned a vast array of corporations and properties all over the world. He owned enough that his son, was able to quickly rebuild his factories which were totally destroyed by the allies in WWII, by using money derived from foreign (non-German) holdings all over the world.

The documentation that Krupp began planning and secretly rebuilding German armaments in preparation for the next world war, immediately after WWI is incontrovertible.

Agreements were reached with the Soviets soon after WWl ended, to help the Germans secretly get around the strict requirements of the Versailles Treaty, which greatly restricted Germany in many ways.

On May 11, 1921, German Chancellor Wirth, the leader of the German government, signed the Versailles Treaty pledging disarmament. At the very same time he was fully cooperating with the Krupps and the military to secretly re-arm Germany.

When Hitler came to power, Gustav Krupp billed the Nazi government 300 Million for having secretly built up the German war machine and the Nazi’s paid it to Krupp.


At the Nuremberg trials, Gustav was one of the Nazis at the top of the list of criminals to be tried, and Alfred was mistakingly not put on it until later. Gustav was declared unfit healthwise for trial, and Alfred was given very lenient treatment.

Other Nazis put on trial were sentenced to death with less evidence and less crimes than Alfred. The Illuminati’s controlled media portrayed Gustav’s son Alfred as a victim of the Nuremberg trials, even though mountains of documents prove that he was more of a war criminal than Adolf Hitler.

The massive trial documents of the Nuremberg trial of Alfred Krupp were never printed in Germany, and even today the truth about Krupp is unknown. History was rewritten by the controlled presses to make Alfred Krupp out to be the victim of Nazism,

Rather that than to tell the truth about how he ran the Krupp empire beginning in 1943, and was actively involved in the rape & pillage of many nations, and actively involved in the torture of countless slave laborers who came from nations all over the world.

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Hitler had made a law that slaves were to be fed so much per day according to how hard the work was that they had to do. Krupp’s slaves were starved to death while being forced to do hard labor.

There was an acute shortage of slaves and drastic needs for tanks, ships and other Krupp produced weapons, so there was actually no logical reason for Krupp’s personal factory guards to starve and beat slaves to death.

Slaves were tortured in the basement of Krupp’s executive corporation office building in Essen. Unimpeachable witnesses declared that some of the most revolting torture of slaves occurred within earshot of Alfred Krupp’s office.

The secretaries who worked with Krupp could hear the screams of people being tortured, so there is no doubt, if they could hear them, Alfred could, but he ignored the screams with a stone-like face, as he did later in Satanic rituals.


Later John J McCloy, head of the Council of Foreign Relations, was given the job of High Commissioner over Occupied Germany. He overturned the Nuremberg Trial decisions, stepping out of line with legalities and freed Alfred Krupp from prison and exonerated him of ‘war guilt’.

The trial of Alfred Krupp’s WWII war crimes had taken 5 years, and 330,000 pages of court transcripts. All that work was swept aside by John J McCloy, a generational satanist himself like Alfred. Alfred had the best lawyers who had given more than a good fight.

They pulled every trick in the book for their client, including murdering witnesses, suppressing evidence etc. The establishment newspapers in Europe and the US portrayed Alfred as having inadequate legal help!


The evidence against Krupp was overwhelming and the five Nuremberg judges had sentenced him to prison and that all his possessions be taken from him. This was more than fair, considering all the pillage and looting Krupp had personally directed.

The British and American governments never carried out the judges orders to take Alfred’s property away, and after serving awhile (having a vacation from his work load!) in prison, the Illuminati set him free. Alfred was made out to be martyr in the press.

While looking to the public like a victim for losing his property, none of it was ever taken away! Today, the intrigue of the Illuminati to secretly prepare for their takeover is monumental in proportions.

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Before WWI, the Krupps created a Dutch company in Hague with the English name Blessing and Company. It was only used every now and then by the Krupps.

After WWI, it was sold with all its assets to the Hollandsche Industrie en Handel Maatschappij (another Dutch front), and then its name was changed to Siderius AG. Then then used as a holding company for 3 Dutch shipyards.

At that time, two Krupp directors quietly held all the shares in Siderius. In this way, a front company was created, that no one even suspected of being a Krupp company.

Later, select Dutchmen were sold the shares of the company that the Krupp directors had. This completed the subterfuge.


When one studies the machinations of George Bush and Bill & Hillary Clinton, they too have worked with front companies. The CIA is great at creating front companies which are sold to other fronts, and whose control eventually gets hidden and obscured.

Three examples of Illuminati families with a great deal of power, but who have their extensive financial holdings obscured are the Payseurs, the Springs, and the Van Duyns.
The national media of America have continually run expert damage control for George Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Whitewater scandal, Vincent Foster and the Waco incident, should have sunk the Clintons.

Under the appearance of doing unbiased investigations, the New World Order’s media has really done sophisticated damage control. If we look at the history of the Krupps, we can see that mankind hasn’t learned from history.


The Kingpins of the Illuminati were above the law and still are. Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1854-1902) was the head of the Fried. Krupp Industrial Empire. He was a pedophile.

Conrad UhI, proprietor of the Hotel Bristol in Berlin found out about Friedrich’s lust for boys. Conrad went to the police. who promptly told him to keep quiet.

At the Quisisana Hotel, in Capri, Italy, a grotto was transformed into Krupp’s private sex club, where countless numbers of young italian boys regularly sexually serviced Krupp, .

Krupp would have skyrockets shot off when he had his orgasm, and porn photos taken of his activities. The porn pictures got out into the public domain.

This and all the witnesses to Krupp’s criminal sexual activities, caused the Italian government to order Krupp to leave Italy. Any common person would have been arrested and the key to their cell thrown away.

Soon all of Europe knew of Krupp’s paedophilia, except in Germany, where the government and the controlled media kept it secret.


When Krupp’s wife Margaretha, learned of the scandal she was upset and went to authorities who threw her into a mental hospital in Jena.

However, throwing Krupp’s wife into a mental hospital wasn’t going to put a cap on the scandal, and suing the newsmen wasn’t going to work, and trying to run a coverup as big as the JFK assassination was started.

But it was obvious that it would have to be such a large and violent cover-up that it would be difficult to pull off. In the view of all these difficulties, on November 22, 1902 (exactly 61 years before JFK’s ‘demise’) Friedrich committed ‘suicide’.

His ‘body’ was put in a concealed casket and in direct disobedience of the law, there was no autopsy. Nobody, even Friedrich’s close relatives were allowed to see the body.

Germany had a great ceremony involving the King, great words were said about Krupp, and then Krupp was laid to rest in a guarded cemetery.

The case of Friedrich’s improprieties and the resulting scandal, show clearly that powerful men are above the law. Any exposure of their activities can be covered up.

Now historians can tell more of the truth. How long will it take for the truth to come out about a thousand and one other criminal activities, today’s Illuminati people, are and have been engaged in.


Will we learn from the past, or will we continue to repeat it and its atrocities? Even today, in Germany, the Krupp name is above reproach.

The truth is not being told. The Krupps have had too much power over the German media for the German mass media to ever say the genuine negative truth about the Krupps.
During WWII, the Krupps took tens of thousands of jews and other people and used them as slave labor. A concentration camp at Buschmannhof, Germany was created for the babies of Krupp’s slave labor.

The babies died of starvation and disease. The slaves of the Krupps were tortured. However, the politically correct line today, in Germany, is that the Krupps were made to do this by the Nazis.

Also, the Krupps intentionally set-up extremely harsh working conditions for their slaves. Letters exist that show the Krupps couldn’t get enough supply of torture weapons, to use on their slaves.

But then the workers for Krupp have always worked under serf conditions. A visitor to a Krupp factory said, “For all practical purposes the people of Essen are body and soul the property of the Krupps”.


At times the Krupps have been viewed as god figures by some of their workers. Today, the public is buying the System’s propaganda to make inmates work under boot camp conditions.

The stage is being set in the United States to view inmates as less than human. The foreign slaves in Germany were often looked upon as less than human by many of the German people.

The media is able to take someone like Tim LaVeigh, who everyone who knew him, says was a nice guy who couldn’t have set the bomb, and make him look to the public like a mean monster.

I believe Tim LaVeigh is a patsy for the government’s own sinister bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building, just like Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag.

The Krupps tried to burn mountains of records before the Allies captured their factories. A lot were burned, but many sensitive documents survived. These documents showed their war crimes, Krupp’s own espionage network and other secret information.

The Russians, Germans and Americans, especially at the top, shows the Illuminati have continued to collaborate, even during wars.


There are descendants of Hitler in several states in the US. There were many German women who would have begged to have a child by him, and there were a number who did.

There is no doubt in this author’s mind that the Krupp’s got hold of the Illuminati formula for creating multiple personalities, who are programmed into systems of alters.

The Krupp relatives have numerous castles and other pieces of property throughout Germany and all over the world. It is a distinct possibility that these are being utilized for programming.

What we have learned is that the Krupps have participated in the Illuminati, and were primarily responsible for both Hitler coming to power and for Germany re-arming itself secretly, in violation of the Versailles’ Treaty.

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