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Viator Travel

Viator Travel

Viator, a Tripadvisor company, makes it easy to find and book something you’ll love to do. With access to the world’s largest selection of high-quality experiences, there’s always something new to discover, both near and far from home. From must-do moments to who-knew discoveries, see the familiar in a new way, or the unknown for the first time!

With industry-leading flexibility and last-minute availability, it’s never too late to make any day extraordinary. Plan ahead, or decide that morning. Change your dates. Or change your mind entirely! This is your time off, your way, and we’re here to help.

We also know that your time off is precious. So we ruthlessly focus on quality, and we specialize in experiences so incredible, you’ll want to tell your friends. Spend less time searching, and more time making memories. Discover story-worthy experiences, anytime, anywhere.

Why choose Viator?

Exceptional flexibility You’re in control, with free cancellation and payment options to satisfy any plan or budget.

Quality you can trust Our experiences meet high quality standards and are backed by millions of reviews, so you know you’re getting the best.

Are you a tour operator?

As one of the first online marketplaces for things to do, Viator makes it easy for you to grow your business and reach customers worldwide. Get access to market-specific insights and tailored coaching to help your products stand out from the rest.

Use our intuitive Experiences Management Center to spend less time managing your business and more time creating memorable moments.


italki HK Limited

italki HK Limited - 300 x 300

We’ve all heard that learning another language is valuable, but more often than not, it’s framed as a business skill. That the knowledge of another language opens up countless opportunities for your career isn’t untrue — of course it’ll give you a leg up in the global marketplace. But language isn’t only about expanding your international offices or serving an international customer base.

What frustrated language learners need to understand is that learning another language isn’t a means to an end. The process isn’t only about memorizing the proper spelling and sentence structure needed to complete a transaction — any learner who relied on pure memorization to ace their high school language classes but was unable to last even a few hours in the country where that language is spoken would recognize this. Instead, it’s about understanding the larger role language plays in human connection, because you can’t separate language from people or their culture.

This emphasis on human connection is what online language learning platform italki focuses on, and why it uses a different strategy than gamification to teach languages to its users. italki connects five million language learners with over 10,000 teachers through one-on-one lessons.

italki was born out of co-founder Kevin Chen’s own experience and struggle with learning Chinese. It wasn’t until he traveled to China and studied Chinese there that he truly learned the language. The big difference was using it in real conversations.

Jumping from textbooks to real life is undoubtedly scary. No one likes making mistakes or feeling embarrassed, but italki eases you into the process by facilitating lessons and conversations with native and fluent speakers. Especially during a pandemic, it can help you easily and safely connect with people from all over the world, and at your own pace and schedule.

While the top 10 languages learned on the site are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese, Italki has also helped revive interest in endangered or vulnerable languages like Basque and Blackfoot.


Carmel Car & Limousine

Carmel Car & Limousine - 301 x 250

Worldwide Limousine Service

For more than three decades, Carmel Limo New York has been a synonym for Limousine New York, or Limo NY for short. We built our business one trip at a time, one customer at a time, for now over 36 years, granting us the reputation of the most ‘on-time’ New York Limousine service.

Through the years we developed in two directions. First, we expanded our services, bringing our New York Limousine know-how to all 360 locations we service worldwide. Carmel holds partnerships with more airlines and travel related websites, than any other transportation company in the world.

In summary, our story starts with being a small NYC Limousine company, through becoming the New York Limousine Service of choice, sharpening our airport transfer skill to be recognized by all major airlines as the New York Airport Service to partner with, and armed with all of the experience, expand our services worldwide.

Now you can book premium car or limousine in 350 major cities worldwide. Consistent reliability and personalized attention makes Carmel your best choice for your car & limousine service around the world. Working with special affiliated providers all over world you can find the largest selection of sedans and luxury limousines that are comfortable, clean and well equipped. Our well experienced affiliated drivers are dedicated to driving you in a safe and on time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As of 2009, Carmel Car and Limousine Service proudly holds the title of being the largest limousine service in the world. Be it airport transfer or special occasion no one gives you better price. Grab your booking right now and avoid sell-out.”We’ll Be There For You!”


Infinity Travel

Infinity Pillow - 336 x 280

We make nice things that help you feel cozy everyday, everywhere. For travel, for leisure, for your off hours.

For travel days and everyday

We make better travel products, but not only for travel. They feel so good, you’ll want to use them all the time. You’ll love them on travel days and everyday, at hotels and at home, for vacations and staycations.

Better products with better materials

We choose better materials, so that our products will be used and loved for as long as possible. We want to help you feel good today, and do good for tomorrow.

Our materials


Soft, breathable and sustainable, our signature fabric is made of bamboo. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet, stores 4x more CO2 and releases 35% more oxygen.


Nylon offers strength and abrasion resistance.


Our microfibers provide optimal comfort and ultra breathability. Each fiber is 10 microns in diameter, expanding and intertwining to form air pockets, making it lightweight and plushy.


Bein Harim Tourism Services LTD

Tour Nazareth - 300 x 250

Bein Harim Tourism Services LTD is a prominent Israeli government licensed travel service, specializing in the planning, organization and conducting of guided tours. Our company employs highly experienced government-licensed tour guides. It offers tours in an extensive range of languages and all its vehicles are approved by the Ministry of Tourism to afford customers top comfort sightseeing.

Bein Harim Tourism provides tourists with an extensive range of creative solutions. The company’s competitive advantage is its flexibility, taking the form of personalized private car tours as well as the unique opportunity to join a small and intimate group tour. Yitzchak Ben Ari – the founder and the owner of the company, is a 30-year veteran of the field and brings with him a vast and rich accumulation of knowledge of the business. He established Bein Harim Tourism Services LTD in 1993 and the company has grown from strength to strength during its existence.

Our service is based on the understanding of what our guests are seeking and what will make them not only want to explore, but also to remember.

It’s not only about visiting and seeing the places, but it’s also about who is there with you, exposing them to you and telling the stories/history about the sites and places. We will make sure you will get the most amazing experience that you will remember for life.

What we do for you, the guest?

Conduct and operate tours to destinations country wide, in various languages.

Visit Israel’s highlight attractions daily in Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee etc.

Include free pick up & drop off services from major hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Herzliya & Netanya.



uCloudlink America Ltd. - 565 x 360

GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand under Nasdaq listed technology company uCloudlink (NASDAQ: UCL) , helping users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hard ware and software products.

We strive for enabling best user experience on various increased intensity online services requiring stable and high speed data connection. Our innovative technology will allow domestic users and international visitors free from shopping for local SIM cards or high expenses of roaming data in over 140 countries in the world.

We achieve our promise through our patented Cloud SIM technology which allows users to dynamically choose the best network coverage, user experience with best cost effectiveness among all available mobile operators, taking into consideration current location.

Always better connected is what we strive to help our users, as we firmly believe when everyone is seamlessly connected, we will benefit from the better understanding and bonding with each other.


Save A Train – Europe Mainland

Book Railway Tickets - 200 x 200

Save A Train started in 2016, as Millenials and avid travelers, we found it ridiculous that we had to search in many places and websites to find the best train tickets for our needs, not to mention that most railway websites are just not user friendly. We understood early on that travelers care in 70% of the times about prices, so we developed algorithms to show B2B and B2B2c clients the best prices.

We are now connected to over 20 major operators and expanding globally to more continents and markets.

We have several key things that we look at when we pick a railway partner:

1. Is it safe to travel

2. Is it a good value for money

3. How does the client get his rail ticket

4. Can the client complete his train ticket purchase within 3 minutes

Save A Train focus on rail only, since its a 400$ Billion USD market and we feel that digitalization must come to this transportation option, we live by the rule, that when you try to do several things at the same time, you fail – so we decided to be the best at what we know best, and that is Digitizing Rail.

In our humble opinion, the process of digitalization of rail will take several years, and if we look at the history of travel and transportation champions of products, skyscanner had a good flight product in 2009, Expedia and Booking had over 1 million hotels just in 2012, Rentalcars and Cartrawler only in 2015 had a decent product for Car rentals online.

We want to be that champion in the trains market, and we believe that our core technologies in Rail, places us much ahead of our competition.


On Location Tours

New York TV & Movie Tours - 300 x 250

New York TV & Movie Tours

Check out the ever-growing list of neighborhoods, TV shows, and movies that we feature on our various New York City Tours and Boston Tours.

In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Join us via Zoom and Kahoot for our live virtual trivia nights hosted by our tour guides where your knowledge of critically acclaimed series including F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Seinfeld, Sex & the City, Gossip Girl, TCM, Golden Girls, General TV/Movie and more will be thoroughly tested!

Do you recall which Friend had a nose job in college, or what Chandler’s job is? Do you remember the name of the famous diner in Seinfeld, or what Mr. Big’s real name is? Bet you can’t recollect which actress voiced the notorious Gossip Girl, or which two Golden Girls are related. The top two players each trivia night will have the chance to compete against each other for a prize in our speedy lightning round!

International times are available for those living outside the US. Each night’s topic is noted on the calendar, so be sure to book the right night for your favorite show. Private trivia nights are available upon request. Please email Erin at for more info.


Vagabond Life

Travel Keepsake - 250 x 250

Our passion? Traveling! After traveling for years all over the world, we wanted to create a brand that brings passionate travelers together. We wanted to share our passion through unique products that we thought all travel bugs would adore!

Are you a travel lover just like us? Then you are at the right place. Based in France and Canada, we aim to inspire travelers to travel more through our unique products and social media community!

As travel addicts we naturally love our wonderful planet and we want to protect it. We wanted to make a difference and give back to mother earth. That is why we have decided to donate a portion of our profits to environment-saving charities, including Sea Shepherd, Wildlife Conservation and Rainforest Trust.

Traveling is all about exploring our wonderful planet, looking at its breathtaking landscapes and encountering its fascinating wildlife. Take and give back! It is our responsibility as travelers to protect our planet.

At Vagabond Life, we have decided to give back so that every purchase helps to save our planet. Part of our profits are donated to wildlife rescue and environmental organizations so we can do our part while inspiring travelers.

Be Happy, Be Free – and Travel!



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