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Welcome to Payseur Family History – Magic, Movies and Mystery – glad you could join us – how are you doing? – you’ve come to the right place.

The Payseur family is one of the least researched subjects in the world, but it just got more interesting, due to Qanon dropping the name.

We don’t actually use the Payseur name any more, for obvious reasons, as you’ll find out, in fact no-one of the main blood-line does, as they main ones have become absorbed into the major top families, with the new names largely kept hidden.

BTW the fortunes that you will hear about, have never filtered down to our branch of the family, so no point in asking for a handout!


Hollywood is quite an apt name for the main location of the movie and television industry, as the holly tree was used by Druids, known for being priests and wizards. Merlin in the legend of King Arthur was a Druid wizard and used a “holly wood” wand.

Hollywood movies are forms of sorcery using psychology, subliminal messages, and manifestation through what is called “lesser magic” and bewitchment. See Minds.com for more info.

The Payseur family was largely responsible for developing the magic, movie and mystery industry, including the rise of celebrity status, TV, scandals, media, tricks, transgenderism, etc..

This was generally achieved through companies created and fronted by proxies, so the Payseurs could remain in the background and not focus unwanted attention upon themselves.

This is generally why there is minimal information about the Payseurs and why it is officially disputed that they were so rich and powerful.

Viator Travel



So begins the story of the Payseurs, with the active misdirection of their historical and royal ancestry connections, which you can read all about later.

However, this volume of the Payseur syndicate, is about magic, movies and mystery (note M-M-M 13-13-13, for those into numerology). We will be concentrating on aspects of these intriguing subjects involving misdirection, about and by the performers, actors and mystics.

For now, consider if card tricks and illusions are fun or a manipulation of your mind? Do you enjoy being duped and mystified?

Misdirection directs people to look at an object, point of interest or something away from the area where a ‘magical activity’ or ‘secret manoeuvre’ is being developed or performed.

Misdirection is also about the current evil mind control of people that they are going to die of covid-19, are murdering carriers and need to be vaccinated, with some super developed serum. Incidently the pharmaceutical companies have blanket immunity against prosecution, for any ill-effects caused.

Check out more in-depth information about Misdirection.


The early magicians were the movie stars of their time. However they had to be careful not to fall foul of witchcraftry.

Great feats of escapology also became legendary.

Oddly enough, the advertising industry evolved from magic misdirection, to make people believe that they needed to buy the next greatest miracle product.

Also, don’t forget that illusions have historically been used for ill-gotten gains and means.

Therefore the history of ‘magic tricks’ can be seen to have evil intent, as well as for entertainment purposes.

Technology has opened-up many more opportunities for deception and misdirection, but it has also produced many ways to ‘learn’ how the trick is done.

Learning magic is still fairly secretive, but the serious student can find many titles through specialized stores.

Check out more about History of Magic.

Magic World Online - 140 x 80



Fighting and war movies have always tried to control the narrative. Magic is a Martial Art, it needs to be learned and practised. If your enemy throws a punch at you, you should not try to block his attack – that will hurt you!

Was kung fu even a type of defence before Bruce Lee came along, or was it just fighting, Chinese style, that set-up endless discussions such as how Muhammed Ali, or other professionaal boxers would get on with a smaller, but athletic opponent.

Check out MMA fighting and the recent farce of Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aug 26 2017, although it must be stated this was under strict boxing rules, but the hype was massive anyway.

Check out more about Martial Arts.

The illusions or tricks of the eye used in entertainment to simulate the imagined events in a story or virtual world are traditionally called special effects (SFX).

Did JK Rowling really write the Harry Potter books, or was there a commitee involved to promote the field of child wizardy?

Walt Disney’s empire was substantially based on subliminal messages.

How many special effects have changed our perception ? Green screen – deep fake technology?

Check out more about Special Effects (SFX).


What way is magic heading – street magic?

Stage magic teeters on the brink of becoming a dying art, however street Magic is one of the most rapidly growing forms of magic in the world today.

With the re-birth of new innovative and exciting magicians like Derren Brown, Criss Angel and David Blaine, people have returned to street magic.

Modern magicians have to scramble for any edge or angle that will keep them in business in an age of television and movies.

Harry Potter novels chronicle the life of a young wizard and his friends. Since the release of the first novel, the books have gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide.

The series has also had some share of criticism, including concern about the increasingly dark tone as the series progressed.

Check out more about Future of Magic.

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Witchcraft often occupies a religious, divinatory or medicinal role, and is often present within societies and groups whose cultural framework includes a magical world view.

The magic industry is totally corrupt and comes from the carny (carnival) families and as bad as you can get, look at how the the way the movie industry has developed into a mind-control world is unbelievable.

They give you the thoughts about a subject and then expand it through merchandise and follow up products, to make your mind believe that the situations are real-life.

Magic has always been a powerful attraction from when alchemy was practiced, can base metals really be turned into gold, (ref Isaac Newton) or what.

Are witches and warlocks just simply the devil giving power to individuals, if they follow his rules and incantations?

Check out more about Darker Side of Magic.


Whether you believe the Payseur Family History story or Fritz Springmeier’s account (both these links open a new tab) is not really an issue.

More to the point is how a very few historical families managed to take over and run the world.

Whilst doing so, they have usurped the finances, labor and power of the masses, condemning them to ‘in perpetuity’ slavery.

Magic World Online - 140 x 80



If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, let me know of mistakes, mis-spellings, wrong translations, etc.., be pedantic, but maybe not on articles that are obviously just being developed.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a public comment, then email me at Louis@payseurs.com

All the best,


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145 Responses to Abracadabra – Magic, Movies and Mystery

  1. Shannon Gay Cafagna says:

    I need $10,000.00 to get out of debt. Can you help me out?

    • Sadly, no Shannon, our branch of the family got nothing!

      • Lynn Scott says:

        I am confused, I thought there were no Payseur heirs and that the trust was turned over to the Rothchilds.

        • Hi Lynn, There are many descendants of the Payseur family.

          Some still use the name, some have stopped using it and many have inherited their fathers’ surname (i.e. mother of Payseur descent).

          Lewis Cass Payseur had three daughters, but no sons, therefore they conspired to move the wealth into other patrilineal families, which are in the control of the overall oligarchy.

  2. Philip Maltese says:

    I’m new to this name so if I may…it’s said that Payseur is the tip-top of the “pyramid”, not the Rothschilds. Monies in the quads. Is this true? You’re a Payseur? This site perplexes me. Am I learning about the Payseur’s criminality from a Payseur on this site?

    • Hi Philip, complicated stuff, all to do with who’s got the highest ranking, not necessarily the richest.

      I am a Payseur, but wasn’t involved in any criminal activities.

      I want to expose the whole corrupt system that has been created.

      For the record, I and my family, never benefitted from any of the ill-gotten schemes.

      • Rose says:

        My neighbor is also related to many of these people, from Rothchilds to Presidents and kings. She is a Christian, and far from greedy. But aren’t you worried if they find out your bloodlines, that they will steal your kids if they need an organ, or to keep for mind control?

      • Gareth Magee says:

        Hello from Scotland, have been researching all things deepsate, cabal et, for the last four years after an illness (sepsis).

        Have followed Q from the beginning and all major anons.

        All this time and Payseur was mentioned once in Q drops.

        “Hey Q

        Does P= Payseur ?

        When Do we start seeing the Pain…

        WWG1WGA MAGA”

  3. Philip Maltese says:

    I very much appreciate your reply, Louis. Do you mind if I ask more questions? I don’t know if speaking about this topic is painful for you and I want to respect your feelings. So, i’ll ask a question and you let me know if you’re okay with it.

    Where does your family originate? Most of us think it’s the red shield family at the top of the pyramid because it’s reported their family net worth is approximately 500T, but once I learned about the Payseur’s name I heard they were worth at least a quadrillion. If true, did they gather all that through banking as well?

    Thank you in advance.

    • No problems Philip, questions are good, you’ll never learn if you don’t query stuff.

      It’s not painful, like personal, but painful that some people have been allowed to accumulate so much such wealth and control, but then hide it, whilst others suffer.

      My family does originate from the French Royal Family, amongst others.

      The Payseurs gathered their fortunes through banking, railroads, insurance, etc., but this was all to the benefit of the higher brigade.

  4. Karen says:

    Hello, when you say family from French royalty, can I ask when?

  5. PRS says:

    Hi! So is the whole Illuminati family conspiracy theory real? Were and are there still satanic rituals that involve children? Is your bloodline a top, if not the top world influencer? Thank you

  6. Arjuna says:

    Very powerful breed, although the french revolution was a long time ago, it might be that your bloodline is older than that?

    Are there any non-corrupt Bloodlines?

    Amazing information. Thanks for your honesty.

    • Hi Arjuna, yes, much much older.

      If it is a satanic bloodline, then it is corrupt by definition.

      • Julia says:

        So in this case, does this mean that you are corrupt as well? Since you are from that bloodline? Just asking because you made the statement.

        How did your family become non-corrupt?

        • Hi Julia, 2nd question 1st :-

          Our branch of the Payseurs became non-corrupt when we (our ancestors) stopped participating in any satanic rituals and broke away from the main family.

          We are therefore NOT a ‘satanic’ bloodline, but merely a bloodline.

          We have also NOT participated with ‘in-breeding’ practices, so our bloodline is relatively ‘impure’.

          • Julia says:

            Thank you for responding. I appreciate it.

            I am very sad of course about the state of things. I was hoping there were people that would be in positions of power to stop what is going on but I guess not. Thanks again.

          • Hi Julia, as the song says, “walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone”

          • Noah says:

            Hello Louis,

            If I may, I am wondering if your parents and grand parents were talking to you about these things, or if you discovered them by yourself?

          • Hi Noah,

            As your other question, this is from my family links, my own research and from general historical knowledge.

    • Christine O’Connell says:

      Hi Louis,

      Do you happen to know if it is true that the Holy Grail is the womb of Mary Magdalene?

      Do you believe that she was the wife of Jesus?

      It is said that she lived in the Languedoc region of France.

      • Hi Christine, I’m well aware of that theory, but have no reliable evidence to prove or disprove it.

        Many religions use similar ‘messiah’ stories, both before and after Jesus’ life.

        So, again, it’s up to an individual to decide their own belief system and to do their best, in the most decent way they can.

  7. Barry says:

    Wondering about the “Seed” (?) Co. that supposedly owns 80% of all the S&P companies. It is alleged that in the initial contract the Seed Co. didn’t actually relinquish control to those who buy shares of stock in those companies but rather truly owns all the assets.
    Is there some way to find that information ?

    • Hi Barry, don’t know the full answer to that, but it is quite true that a very few companies actually own the vast majority of other companies. It is done that way to make it look like there is a competitive market and not a near monopoly of wealth. Very difficult to find the information as companies are hidden within other companies, holding companies and offshore accounts, as well as being fronted by ‘innocent’ individuals.

      • Harry's Pretzel Mug says:

        Those same few companies also embezzle trillions from national treasuries & central banks worldwide, not to mention rigging the private sector and price-gouging consumers, which is why they’re very secretive about where much of their money comes from.

        http:/ /www.ludlow-eye.com

  8. Jeremiah Jones says:

    Help me Obi Wan you are my last hope. I am Jay Jones. WHERE IS SHE BATMAN? Breakthemoldmint@gmail.com

  9. Reid says:

    Can we trust Donald J Trump?

  10. sara jackson says:

    Does not sound like Louis is fully on point with Q and Alliance or Trump – as all are in fog about the greater good and power of God in play here….. and assume that the old world will always be in control.

    • The ‘Higher Ultimate Beings’ are still in control.

      • Jennifer says:

        What does that mean? I’m confused. Seems that with all the despair and suffering on earth, that we are not what and where we think we are.

        You say “higher beings,” compared to what? I’m not a ufo supporter. And i see little reason for “us,” to be here. Unless this is a prison of sorts.

        Because all the conflicting data from many eras and humanoids. All support some kimd of “otherworldly” beings. Both good and bad. All have a pantheon of gods or mythos.

        Similar in nature to others long dead and across the globe. It does seem there is truth in “higher beings” existing throughout time.

        But if we’re not in a prison. And this isn’t a punishment or school of sorts. And if they are higher than us. Then how low are we in the scheme of things?

        And with nothing but contradictory data in all religions and systems of belief and law. Why are we here? And is this a prison?

        And lastly, what if love is truly the root of evil? Which its beginning to appear as so to me. Because it invokes fear. And in the end love has always been sacrifice.

        Its always saying goodbye. In the end. Whether be a dream, a person, a belief, or a life. In the end its always saying goodbye.

        So then what’s the goal of us lower beings? Why are we here? And where are we?

        • Sorry Jennifer, all of those are the ‘big’ questions, which would need a whole book to answer.

          For my part, I believe in ‘Higher SPIRITUAL Beings’, who ‘Ultimately’ determine the judgement of everyone’s courses of actions.

        • Jag says:

          Duality is what We experience, synchronicity is The game they show us.

          When you embrace Light in Christ and starts to examine yourself and The world u Will see that the thicker the darkness u meet the stronger it Will shine.

          Its not a prison as Long u We are blessed with a choice, its more of a prism and We Will Wonder till We make a choice.

      • Jimmy says:

        Ultimathule. Have you got any about the thule society? About the Wallenberg Who controls EVERY intelligence service worth its name.
        They have accomplished this by having more Than 180 countries in choke-hold by power grids and telecom infrastructures under its control for more Than 200 years, plundering resources and experimenting with all kinds of shit.

        Today the mother-ship is investor. By controlling grids and telecom, they have put in place dictators and have collonized the world by The motto: esse non videri.
        They were in control until Trump Signed the 13959 executive order which enabled him to get us control of its own grids and information flow, it also allowed military control over investor company like Eriksson and ABB along with others.

        So We can also see good things happening, this is not just a red-blue switch, this Will be a forever changing part of history that cant be deleted. Status quo is no more, in The pipe since the last reset, about 300 years ago this khazarian wicked European experiment started.

        I just want change, and change Will Come. Maybe i’ll get wiped out but My Light is set free due to this process, I’m in Christ and happy to be one of those experiencing this shift in ages.

  11. Ronny J says:

    Is the Vaccine really going to sterilize us over the next few years ?

    • In order to create a vaccine, you must first isolate a virus. This has never been done, ever!!

      You will need to decide what ‘they’ are putting in the ‘vaccine’?

      • Just some person says:

        Just curious because I too argue that hiv/aids isnt a virus. Because as you stated, no “virus,” ever has been isolated. And i agree with that.

        So then what is aids? And why do people die from this alleged virus? Any insight would be appreciated due to my diagnosis. I recognize the fact that:-

        1. Vaccines are used to degrade our systems.
        2. Environmental factors

        But does it exist or is it the by product of manipulation of dna via vaccines?

        Any info that a layman could understand would be great.

        • This article answers a lot of your questions, much better than I could ever try:-

          ht tps://pieceofmindful.com/2020/10/13/covid-19-aids-with-emphasis/

          You’ll need to copy and edit out the space at the start of the URL (security measure).

          • Horseman says:

            More debate on that link with no answers, especially the contention in one comment that HIV/AID was caused by sniffing poppers!!

            Really I guess all those African folk from the villages and townships must have had a direct line to the popper manufacturers!!

          • Not my article and a lot of comments, so I couldn’t say which is correct or not.

            I think the gist of it is there is a whole history of quasi-scientific claims and counter-claims about diseases and the methods to test and treat them.

      • Jennifer says:

        Just curious. So you say they have NEVER isolated a virus. Than whats aids really then?

        And i agree. But what is aids really? And if thats so, then what would “cure?” Aids?

        And why don’t they tell the truth in medical on viruses? What is a virus really? A condition?

      • Brendan says:

        How are you Louis? I’d like to thank you for your honesty very interesting family history good and bad.
        I wish you and your family well.

      • Ajah says:

        Hi, I’m wondering if you know anything about Brett Payseur the genetics professor at U Wisconsin? He does genetic research on mice. He did some research on sterility, which coincides with this Covid thread….

  12. Lulu says:

    By next up, did you actually mean Kamala?

  13. Joe says:

    Where do you get your information from…how can you prove it…. if you are not part of the main family, how can you have the information…

  14. Brad says:

    Do u still think Biden will be the next puppet? I do not at all. I actually do think the “white hats” have been making moves to end the enslavement of humanity. Of course there is a lot of disinfo and most of us are choosing what to believe based on the input we receive and dots we connect. Look up Robert David Steele on youtube. He has the most current intel that i can find. Which doesn’t mean much lol. I trust he has solid connections and his intel matches with other things i’ve heard. Either way we will find out very soon. I think the old satanic bloodlines are reaping what they’ve sewn. No “great reset” for them!

  15. Nik says:

    What about somerset belenoff, is she illuminate? Is she good/bad? She’s definitely got some history in all of this. Does she help keep the balance?

  16. Terence Hitchmough says:

    Louis, there is a lot of talk about the United States as a corporation being dissolved, it appears this has been done several times, most notably in 1913 and 1933 as well as 1999.

    Can you give any light on the reaction that a new Republic will or has been formed and that Biden rules over nothing in principle.

  17. Donna says:

    Hello Louis. I happened to stumble upon this site. What is your opinion on Trump and the Q thing. Is it a reverse psy-op?



    I would greatly appreciate a response. If you decide, I thank you in advance. God bless you !

    • Hi Donna,

      In my opinion, Qanon hasn’t said anything tangible, at all.

      Trump and the rest ARE puppets and will be used for whatever message is required.

      The ‘Great Reset’ has been upon us already, for a long time, and is being geared-up as more ‘Fear Porn’.

      • Lynn Scott says:

        I hope you get this. Thank you for your responses. I am a Jesus follower.

        I started having warning bells go off inside me about Trump in 2017.

        I don’t have the room to go into detail, but I have been given the understanding that Trump is a CIA informant and the trojan horse to bring America down.

        He is part of the Purple Revolution and the people he pardoned were part of spygate.

        I would love to have confirmation but please be truthful either way, again thank you.

  18. Anderson says:

    the book of revelations talks a lot about mark of the beast.

    now vaccines alters the dna so once you take it goes to hell.
    and the RFID chip will put you to hell because you cannot buy or sell no matter how small or great a person is.

    1. what is your understanding on how the fema gaurds will be used in america?

    2. what is your understanding on what the people who took the mark of the beast turn into as they are no longer human. I know the movies like 28 days later, 28 weeks later also referenced in news stories and also 28 strands of the virus referencing been spammed. what im going here is what sort of monsters would they turn into? would they turninto undying zombies?

    3. what info do you have on black goo in rfid chips?

    4. what info do you have on skydome atlantis?
    what exactly is up there? there is a halo around the sun in ‘some parts’ of the world what exactly you know about this? have u been to the skydome city before?

    5. will smart cities used to house souless people?

    6. what will these souless people do?

    7. what is the cern portal how will that open hell up?

    8. what do you know about demons and fallen angels giving out orders to the elites

    9. i heard a tsunami will hit new york and hawaii soon referensed in ipetgoat and several news articles using gematria. do you know something about this event?

    • Wow Anderson, I think you already know a whole lot more than I could tell you.

      You should set up your own web-site.

      • Operetta says:

        Ok I just have to say something here. Vaccines “altering your DNA so you go to hell?” If this person is a “Christian”, why would the blood of Christ upon which Christians believe for salvation not cover that? I try to keep an open mind about what could be going on behind the scenes but some comments by so- called “Christians” sound insane.

        I am a Christian, was raised Christian, and despite a few years of struggling with my faith, emerged on the other side of that struggle with more faith than I’ve ever had. That being said, I am also a healthcare worker who literally sees people with COVID-19 everyday. Some are sicker than others. Some aren’t symptomatic at all.

        I have a family I have to think about so due to my repeat and direct exposure, I took the vaccine. I researched all I could find about it which granted wasn’t a lot since it is all so new, and also prayed about getting it and before getting it. Just like I say grace over my meals I said it over my shot. Guess what. So far, I’m ok. 9 months later.

        I still have all my faculties about me, I’m probably even more grounded in my faith in Christ, and still repent of sins I commit. I don’t think it’s a vaccine that will keep me from spending eternity with Jesus. It’s dangerous thinking to go accusing some faction of society of not being human especially based on the fact that they took a vaccine instead of how they treat others.

        I would argue the elites at the top aren’t human because how could you hate your fellow man so much to do those things for control? It doesn’t compute with me at all. The last thing I want is to deal with more people and try to run things. I’d rather just be left alone and have my family in peace. I think most people could agree with this.

        Also, Revelation is not a book of future events. The first verses TELL you what it is. It is the “revelation” or revealing of Jesus Christ put into signs and symbols. “It is finished” was declared 2000 years ago.

        Revelation tells about the Finished Work of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which made a means for man to return to right fellowship with God our creator. It is not an end times prophecy like most of the mainstream church believes. Study it for yourself in the context of the rest of scripture.

        A side note, Mr. Louis, I only just discovered your site today and have read quite a bit today on here. I take it you aren’t particularly of the Christian faith. Respectfully I ask this, since you claim to have insider information, what is the truth? It seems to me in Springmeier’s writings you’ve posted that the theme is christianity is the antithesis of the illuminati.

        • Hi Operetta, so much in there, so where to start?

          People with Covid – diagnosed in what way? (PCR tests are a complete fraud for diagnosis).

          Vaccines – when was the ‘virus’ properly isolated (not just computer-generated) and therefore how the hell could they create a vaccine?

          Christianity is a fraud, as are all organized religions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live by ‘good’ values.

          • Operetta says:

            Hello, thank you for your response!

            People with covid- diagnosed with rapid tests and PCR tests (how are we supposed to diagnose it if those aren’t accurate? I’m not being a jerk, I am truly asking. There’s so much convoluting of reality, I really don’t know what to believe)

            Vaccines- ditto to what I just said above (I guess I’m an obedient sheep, but i figured better to take it while it was still my choice at that point and not mandated like it is now)

            Christianity is a fraud- in what sense? (Lol don’t say “in every sense”) are you referring to mega churches or Roman Catholics or something you may have seen in Zeitgeist? For me, peeling away all the extra layers of the “corporate church” and just going back to the Bible (I know, “written by man” is typically the counter argument) when read through the lens of a plan of redemption for sinful man and restoring what was lost in relationship to our Creator, to me it still makes sense.

            If studied correctly, the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation can be tied together in harmony and I’ve heard it done. Christianity is the only religion where we aren’t saved by our works. It is the only religion that goes back to love. If that isn’t real, love isn’t real. (Love is real). If I’m wrong, when my body dies, I’m out nothing and I would’ve lived my life trying to love others and become self sacrificing.

            It’s a win-win for society. If I’m right, it’s all the better. If those who don’t believe are wrong, they have their life here, then what? Just my thoughts. I like having these discussions with people. You believe in “higher spiritual beings”, are you meaning aliens or are you meaning new age “transcended” individuals? I’m just trying to understand your beliefs. 🙂

          • Hi again Operetta,

            Your own phrase ‘corporate church’ says it all – organized religions are corporations, i.e. businesses.

            ‘higher spiritual beings’ are simply entities who have spiritually evolved to a vastly superior level to ourselves.

  19. Julia says:

    So why bother with all this STEALING the ELECTION drama if Trump isn’t coming back and Biden/Kamala is going to stay in “control?” What was the point of the whole save the children ops, etc?

    Is there no God?

  20. Paula says:

    Hi Louis! Question

    What is our purpose here on earth being that we are being controlled by these rich families?

    I don’t get it. Why can’t we just all live in peace?

    If these families are this rich then so be it.

    But leave the rest of us alone I say.

    Are they that greedy and evil?

    Makes no sense to me. Any answers?

    • Hello Paula,

      Short answer – be the best you can be.

      Longer answer – these people have been in control for 1000’s of years.

      They don’t live by the same rules as ordinary people.

      Money is nothing to them (because they have so much) but control is what they want more.

      They are greedy and evil, but you are NOT.

      In the long run, you will WIN.

  21. Lisa says:

    Then what is the point of psyops?

    We were going down “their”path pretty pathetically and quietly before Trump and Q made the silent majority feel like we had some sort of control over our destinies.

    Did “their show” just get boring and they needed suped up entertainment?

    Because that’s just mean.

    Did I just answer my own question?

  22. Kathy Jones says:

    Thank you Louis for answering our questions. We obviously are looking for answers to this crazy mess we find ourselves in. My question is….Did the Luciferian blood come from a fallen angel or Satan himself. Nephillum or Garden of Eden?
    There is so much disinformation out there about children being rescued and D.U.M.B. S being destroyed. Any truth there or just false hope? Thanks in advance.

  23. Pepper Jack says:

    interesting how the people with power are so easily manipulated by those in power

  24. Mat says:

    This site came up just after your family started getting exposure and after new leadership at the top.

    Are you aware of the true history of life here spanning the many previous more advanced civs human and pre human?

    And the abilities of some who walk the ground?

  25. Jonas says:

    Well, I don’t know how I’ve just found this over the last year, but I will be catching up. I have no intention of missing out on another one of these, be it misdirection or not.

    Greetings and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you in these most dire times. I’m Jonas and am highly interested in sparing the future generations of this world from those who would destroy liberty et al as we know it.

    I’ll take any chances I can get as the desperation levels have never been higher and yet, climb each and every day.

    • Cheers Jonas, I’ve had to split your comment into several sections, so each can be replied to, in context.

      • Jonas says:

        So glad to have gotten a response. Thank you!

        I do tend to write a lot and as I mentioned, I have many questions.

        If you prefer, we could continue the dialogue through e-mail.

        Also, I can split the questions between the family. I love that it’s a family project and you’re all working together on this.

        • You’re welcome Jonas,

          I do try to keep up with the comments and respond as best I can – emails are over the top and hard to keep up.

          You are obviously quite knowledgeable already, so may be beyond my understanding.

  26. Jonas says:

    I do my best to not presume anything so please forgive any assumptions on my part and correct me when able.

    I’ll also not presume you do not have a life of your own and be impatient or impolite to you.

    That being said, I may be most interested in as lengthy a discourse that you are willing to provide. Here, or elsewhere.

    I’ll keep this short tonight as I just now happened upon this and want to digest everything here before I get into the larger picture, but at the same time cannot waste a single moment to not at least try to make contact. It’s also my sleepy time.

  27. Jonas says:

    I’m familiar with much of what you’ve responded to already. I’ve been aware of the 2 party illusion and the destruction of the U.S.A. as it was intended to be over the years.

    My understanding of your family is not what I’ve read here so far but that the Payseur Family was/is control of the goods and services overall. Including the food supply. Perhaps this is more of a Sassoon area of control now?

    There have been a great many actions against the supply chain in food and goods as of late. The soybeans in South America, the halted action in the Suez Canal, regulations against farming too numerous to go into etc.

    It would be foolish to think that those in control of this scheme do not intend for a great culling. And starvation has been a long-favored pastime to get the desired results.

  28. Jonas says:

    Naturally, we can curb this some with local growing/food-sharing if somehow the people were to realize in time before the bottom drops out.

    But as you well know, reaching the masses of people with truth is a much more difficult task than one could think – even in this digital age of the “information superhighway”.

    Your fellow ex-cohorts certainly do their homework when it comes to controlling people over the generations. I could discuss that with you for hours.

    However, I’m seeking a pathway to preventing people from mass starvation, because as it’s going, millions will go to their graves believing this ALL happened because of a rogue coronavirus. (That they used vero cells from monkeys/other animals to produce their false isolation in silico/computer simulations).

  29. Jonas says:

    Do you know of ways to further expose this destruction of the food supply chain that can at least buy more time if not directly hinder it?

    I have so many questions, but we have little time collectively and can start there.

    When I say I don’t want to miss another one of these opportunities, I’m referring to this one primarily:-


    Familiar with it?

  30. Mia says:

    Bon Jour Monsieur Payseur,

    Merci beaucoup for your enlightening blog. There is much disinformation on negative bloodlines. Have you researched this matter at all?

    Lady Vigilant

  31. Troy says:

    If the Payseurs and Rothschilds are really the head of a global satanic cabal that controls trillions if not quadrillions worth of assets, then who would be their good guy counter part? The Jesuits? Or are the Jesuits part of the satanic cabal too?

    Is there even a good guy equivalent to the Rothschild/Payseurs? Who or what is above them and giving them orders?

    How can the good guys fight this fight against this evil with a nameless and faceless leader? The fight between good and evil – the fight against centralized power and control by this satanic cabal versus a truly decentralized and open sourced system genuinely controlled by we the people- is this fight really being waged by good guys without a leader?

    The world population and technical innovation has exploded in the last 100 years. From what I can tell, this cabal would love nothing more than to reverse our technical innovation to that of the 17th century and to cull the population by 95%.

    If there is no good guy cabal that could be classified as a worthy adversary to the Rothschild/Payseur cabal, then what is their endgame? Because they’re doing a terrible job of suppressing technical innovation and population growth with all the centralized power and control they own.

    Is it just me or does it seem like open sourced technology and block chain style bookkeeping, be this cabals kryptonite of absolute power and control? Or is kryptonite an illusion too?

  32. Marsha says:

    Is President Bush a Payseur?
    Thanks for the q & a, Marsha

  33. RosaMaria Diletti says:

    Hi Louis,
    Do you know Jessie Czebotar? She claims she is in the bloodline families and was being trained to be Queen Mother of Darkness.


  34. Harry's Pretzel Mug says:

    As we all know, the Kingdom of France helped to provide weapons and funding for the fake American Revolution, which tremendously benefited the ruling bloodlines financially & materially (Du Ponts, for example) while crippling the kingdom’s fiscal health even further, which then passed down to the oblivious masses via crushing taxation & inflation (kinda’ like what’s going on today). Other countries involved didn’t fare much better financially, either. Altogether, the war costed the involved parties 2,650,000,000 in embezzled revenues, which, per my calculations, in today’s money amounts to $74,077,750,000 in U.S. currency.

    https:/ /en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_costs_of_the_American_Revolutionary_War

    But in this case, they needed to distract people from the fact that the French Treasury was being looted by the same inbred pirates for huge monetary dividends, so they created a series of distractions for the population such as the notorious Diamond Necklace affair, which further damaged the already poor reputation of the Bourbon monarchy. Marie-Antoinette was the central hate figure of that scandal, and she was later dubbed “Madame Deficit” by her ‘enemies’ for her reportedly lavish expeditures, which was presented by the hostile French press as a cause of her adopted country’s fiscal woes:

    https:/ /m.youtube.com/watch?v=JPbXpxg0Vig

    Meanwhile, according to the below-mentioned source, “In 1786 the bankers, disturbed by the movement of prices and convinced of governmental mismanagement, refused to make new advances to the French government, which was caught between the third estate’s demands for tax relief and the other estates’ refusal to yield their fiscal exemptions.” Three years later, the French Revolution happened. If my thinking on what happened then is correct, it appears that their refusal to help stabilize the kingdom’s fiscal state was intentional, for such inaction created a convenient scenario to allow or cause chaos and then bring in their “order” out of the chaos. Problem, reaction, solution.

    https:/ /bigsiteofhistory.com/the-financial-emergency-1774-1788-the-french-revolution

    That same year, a court case held in the Parlement of Paris relating to the Diamond Necklace affair was garnering huge press attention, which acted as a convenient distraction from the crushing financial difficulties imposed on the French economy from years of wasteful military expenditures and general financial chicanery caused by political incompetence, greed, and corruption within the Ancien Regime.

    http:/ /www.ludlow-eye.com

  35. Virginia says:

    Hi Louis, Glad to see an ancestor of King Louis is alive. I always felt they were lying to us about them. The Catholic Church said the way they demonize Marie Antoinette is wrong. They said she prayed a lot. What did you hear about her true character?

    I thought Trump was fighting against the Luciferian Brotherhood and the 13 bloodline families along with putting an end to child trafficking. In 2019 they cleaned out some of the DUMS which held children. Did you hear about that? What are your thoughts? Gif bless.

    • Hi Virginia,

      At the moment can only really acknowledge you.

      Marie Antoinette was as good / bad as the rest of the nobles at the time, and the catholic church is evil, from the start (as are most organized religions).

      Trump is a plant / puppet.

  36. Earthtovinnie says:

    Hey Louis,

    How are you able to speak on any of this with zero repercussions? The name Payseur was merely mentioned on the ‘Tin Foil Hat’ podcast and the episode was locked down by all media outlets for over a week. This is far above and beyond just simply mentioning the name. There’s no fear for your own safety ?

  37. Ski Chinski says:

    Do you reckon that your bloodline could relates to the Medici family tree?

  38. Johnny says:

    Hello Louis,

    Oddly feel like I’m literally speaking to someone from a history book. Similar to if I could ask George Washington a question. So much knowledge you have. So many questions to ask. I have never been more curious about anything in my life. I appreciate you sharing the extremely exclusive knowledge you have.

    My top question would have to be if there’s any possibility that someone “high up” who’s “in the know” would have a change of heart and expose the operation. Is exposure even a risk or can they just cover everything up and explain it away. I figure if it’s the same people doing this for thousands of years and it hasn’t happens yet then it’s not possible. But in today’s highly advanced technological age a damning video can spread across the world in hours. Even if all of this horrible stuff came out and became known to the public what would anyone even be able to do about it. I’m a solution-oriented person. Always looking for the answer to the puzzle. What’s a hypothetical solution here? What does winning look like? On a personal level I’m fine just living my life happily and being a good person. But my question is more from a general perspective. If you had unlimited power for 1 year how would you fix things?

    • Thanks Johnny, Some seniors (although far from the top) have tried the exposition way, but they should have known better. The system runs all the media, so it goes nowhere and they’re silenced!

  39. Patrick A. says:

    I feel everyone above is chatting with an AI bot 🙂 This must be an experiment.

  40. may-brith says:

    The ‘Great Reset’ Agenda is it a 300 year plan ? And is there a 139.000 feet Globe over the Arctic ?

    • I’ve no proof either way May-Brith

      • may-brith says:

        Thank you very mush . I so happy you are there to answer us. – On this God-forsaken island Bill Gates is investing tens of his millions along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway, among others, in what is called the ‘doomsday seed bank.’ Officially the project is named the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard island group. https:/ /www.globalresearch.ca/doomsday-seed-vault-in-the-arctic-2/23503

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