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The Payseur family is one of the least researched subjects in the world, but it just got interesting.

We don’t actually use the Payseur name any more, for obvious reasons as you’ll find out, in fact no-one of the main blood-line does, as they main ones have become absorbed into the major top families.


Learn how the Payseur family was largely responsible for developing the magic, movie and mystery industry, including the rise of celebrity status, TV, “scandal”, media, tricks, transgenderism, etc..


Intriguing misdirection about the stars

Is a card trick funny or a manipulation of your mind?

Magic is also the mind control of people that they are going to die of covid-19, through misdirection.

Check out more about Misdirection :-


magic history/secrets- – uses and mis-use – martial arts –

Check out more about History of Magic :-


How does magic, movies and media fit in ? – fiction

Magic in the movies.

Walt Disney’s empire was substantially based on subliminal messages.

Find a Harry Potter wands sale.

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Check out more about Future of Magic :-


The industry is totally corrupt it comes for from the carny (carnival) families and is as bad as you can get, look at how the the way the movie industry has developed into a mind-control world is unbelievable

They give you the thoughts about a subject and then expand it through merchandise and follow up products, to make your mind believe that the situations are real-life.

For instance, was kung fu even a type of defence before Bruce Lee came along, or was it just fighting, Chinese style, that set-up endless discussions such as how Muhammed Ali, or other professionaal boxers would get on with a smaller, but athletic opponent. (Check out MMA fighting and the recent farce of Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aug 26 2017, although it must be stated this was under strict boxing rules, but the hype was massive anyway).

Magic has always been a powerful attraction from when alchemy was practiced, can base metals really be turned into gold, ref Isaac Newton.

Are witches and warlocks just simply the devil giving power to individuals, if they follow his rules and incantations?

Check out more about Darker Side of Magic :-


Whether you believe the Payseur Family History story or Fritz Springmeier’s account, is not really an issue. More to the point is how a very few historical families managed to take over and run the world. Whilst doing so, they have usurped the finances, labor and power of the masses, condemning them to ‘in perpetuity’ slavery.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, let me know of mistakes, mis-spellings, wrong translations, etc.., be pedantic, but maybe not on articles that are obviously just being developed.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a public comment, then email me at Louis@payseurs.com

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38 Responses to Abracadabra

  1. Shannon Gay Cafagna says:

    I need $10,000.00 to get out of debt. Can you help me out?

  2. Philip Maltese says:

    I’m new to this name so if I may…it’s said that Payseur is the tip-top of the “pyramid”, not the Rothschilds. Monies in the quads. Is this true? You’re a Payseur? This site perplexes me. Am I learning about the Payseur’s criminality from a Payseur on this site?

    • Hi Philip, complicated stuff, all to do with who’s got the highest ranking, not necessarily the richest.

      I am a Payseur, but wasn’t involved in any criminal activities.

      I want to expose the whole corrupt system that has been created.

      For the record, I and my family, never benefitted from any of the ill-gotten schemes.

      • Rose says:

        My neighbor is also related to many of these people, from Rothchilds to Presidents and kings. She is a Christian, and far from greedy. But aren’t you worried if they find out your bloodlines, that they will steal your kids if they need an organ, or to keep for mind control?

  3. Philip Maltese says:

    I very much appreciate your reply, Louis. Do you mind if I ask more questions? I don’t know if speaking about this topic is painful for you and I want to respect your feelings. So, i’ll ask a question and you let me know if you’re okay with it.

    Where does your family originate? Most of us think it’s the red shield family at the top of the pyramid because it’s reported their family net worth is approximately 500T, but once I learned about the Payseur’s name I heard they were worth at least a quadrillion. If true, did they gather all that through banking as well?

    Thank you in advance.

    • No problems Philip, questions are good, you’ll never learn if you don’t query stuff.

      It’s not painful, like personal, but painful that some people have been allowed to accumulate so much such wealth and control, but then hide it, whilst others suffer.

      My family does originate from the French Royal Family, amongst others.

      The Payseurs gathered their fortunes through banking, railroads, insurance, etc., but this was all to the benefit of the higher brigade.

  4. Karen says:

    Hello, when you say family from French royalty, can I ask when?

  5. PRS says:

    Hi! So is the whole Illuminati family conspiracy theory real? Were and are there still satanic rituals that involve children? Is your bloodline a top, if not the top world influencer? Thank you

  6. Arjuna says:

    Very powerful breed, although the french revolution was a long time ago, it might be that your bloodline is older than that?

    Are there any non-corrupt Bloodlines?

    Amazing information. Thanks for your honesty.

  7. Barry says:

    Wondering about the “Seed” (?) Co. that supposedly owns 80% of all the S&P companies. It is alleged that in the initial contract the Seed Co. didn’t actually relinquish control to those who buy shares of stock in those companies but rather truly owns all the assets.
    Is there some way to find that information ?

    • Hi Barry, don’t know the full answer to that, but it is quite true that a very few companies actually own the vast majority of other companies. It is done that way to make it look like there is a competitive market and not a near monopoly of wealth. Very difficult to find the information as companies are hidden within other companies, holding companies and offshore accounts, as well as being fronted by ‘innocent’ individuals.

  8. Jeremiah Jones says:

    Help me Obi Wan you are my last hope. I am Jay Jones. WHERE IS SHE BATMAN? Breakthemoldmint@gmail.com

  9. Reid says:

    Can we trust Donald J Trump?

  10. sara jackson says:

    Does not sound like Louis is fully on point with Q and Alliance or Trump – as all are in fog about the greater good and power of God in play here….. and assume that the old world will always be in control.

    • The ‘Higher Ultimate Beings’ are still in control.

      • Jennifer says:

        What does that mean? I’m confused. Seems that with all the despair and suffering on earth, that we are not what and where we think we are.

        You say “higher beings,” compared to what? I’m not a ufo supporter. And i see little reason for “us,” to be here. Unless this is a prison of sorts.

        Because all the conflicting data from many eras and humanoids. All support some kimd of “otherworldly” beings. Both good and bad. All have a pantheon of gods or mythos.

        Similar in nature to others long dead and across the globe. It does seem there is truth in “higher beings” existing throughout time.

        But if we’re not in a prison. And this isn’t a punishment or school of sorts. And if they are higher than us. Then how low are we in the scheme of things?

        And with nothing but contradictory data in all religions and systems of belief and law. Why are we here? And is this a prison?

        And lastly, what if love is truly the root of evil? Which its beginning to appear as so to me. Because it invokes fear. And in the end love has always been sacrifice.

        Its always saying goodbye. In the end. Whether be a dream, a person, a belief, or a life. In the end its always saying goodbye.

        So then what’s the goal of us lower beings? Why are we here? And where are we?

        • Sorry Jennifer, all of those are the ‘big’ questions, which would need a whole book to answer.

          For my part, I believe in ‘Higher SPIRITUAL Beings’, who ‘Ultimately’ determine the judgement of everyone’s courses of actions.

  11. Ronny J says:

    Is the Vaccine really going to sterilize us over the next few years ?

    • In order to create a Vaccine, you must first isolate a virus. This has never been done, ever!!

      You will need to decide what ‘they’ are putting in the ‘vaccine’?

      • Just some person says:

        Just curious because I too argue that hiv/aids isnt a virus. Because as you stated, no “virus,” ever has been isolated. And i agree with that.

        So then what is aids? And why do people die from this alleged virus? Any insight would be appreciated due to my diagnosis. I recognize the fact that:-

        1. Vaccines are used to degrade our systems.
        2. Environmental factors

        But does it exist or is it the by product of manipulation of dna via vaccines?

        Any info that a layman could understand would be great.

        • This article answers a lot of your questions, much better than I could ever try:-

          ht tps://pieceofmindful.com/2020/10/13/covid-19-aids-with-emphasis/

          You’ll need to copy and edit out the space at the start of the URL (security measure).

      • Jennifer says:

        Just curious. So you say they have NEVER isolated a virus. Than whats aids really then?

        And i agree. But what is aids really? And if thats so, then what would “cure?” Aids?

        And why don’t they tell the truth in medical on viruses? What is a virus really? A condition?

  12. Lulu says:

    By next up, did you actually mean Kamala?

  13. Joe says:

    Where do you get your information from…how can you prove it…. if you are not part of the main family, how can you have the information…

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