The Rothschilds and The Payseurs – Plus The Springs

Satan’s selective breeding program has been continuing down through the ages hidden from the eyes of the public. One of the most powerful Rothschild bloodline families in America are the Springs. The Springs were originally the Springsteins when they came to America in the mid-1700s and settled in New York and New Jersey. They later changed their name from Springstein to Springs to hide their identity. Leroy Springs was hired by L.C. Payseur.

Most American’s have to ask, who is L.C. Payseur? One of the most secret and most powerful families in North America has been the Payseurs. They have been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power and use other Satanic families as proxies. The Payseurs are part of the 13 top Illuminati families.

The first Payseur to come to America was the former crown prince of France, Daniel Payseur (1785-1860). He came over about 1805 to the U.S. and married Susannah Kiser c. 1814. They had two boys Adam and Jonas (1819-1884).

Jonas married Harrietta Smith and they had Lewis Cass (L.C.) Payseur (1850-1939). It was this Lewis Cass Payseur who hired the Rothschild bloodline of the Springs to run a number of the Payseur’s companies. The Payseurs were one of the original big railroad families, along with Isaac Croom and William H. Beatty. Isaac Croom’s wife was a sister of William Beatty’s. So the reader can see how all these elite bloodlines intertwine.

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Remember that L.C. Payseur hired Leroy Springs to operate a host of his companies. Leroy Springs’ father was A.A. Springs and was the secret father of Abraham Lincoln. In 1808, Nancy Hanks, of the Scottish McAdden family, visited some of her own family and the Springs family at Lincolnton, North Carolina. That is when A.A. Springs impregnated her, and her child was named Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln’s Rothschild blood was kept very secret, but he grew up to be a famous lawyer, a secret leader of the Rosicrucians and President of the United States. It is believed from the evidence that the establishment conspiracy, concocted the person of Thomas Lincoln out of thin air. The actual early history of Abraham Lincoln is shrouded in myth and mystery, and as one encyclopedia puts it, “We know little about the family of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln”.

While a lawyer, Abraham Lincoln had a sexual liaison with Elizabeth, who was the illegitimate daughter of Belgian King Leopold I (1790-1865), who is also of elite blood lineage. Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth had two twin daughters Ella and Emily in 1856, who were adopted out. Lincoln actually had a fairly large number of illegitimate children.


Now A.A. Springs, who was both the biological father of Leroy Springs and Abraham Lincoln left an enormous amount of land, in what is now Huntsville, Alabama, to his son Abraham Lincoln. Huntsville has become a hotbed of New World Order (NWO) activity. Some of the mind-control research the intelligence community conducted, was done at Huntsville.

The Rothschilds even named one of their boys after Abraham Lincoln, his name was Lincoln Rothschild. Although Abraham Lincoln secretly had powerful occult blood, he was a great man in his own right. Just like John F. Kennedy (JFK), he had the strength of personality to refuse to bow to the Illuminati’s instructions. Lincoln refused to go down the path that his distant European International Banking Rothschild relatives wanted for the United States.

The Illuminati goal was to split the United States into easier to control states. However, just as with JFK (the man who could work miracles) who also came from a top 13 family, a large scale conspiracy involving many government officials including the Secretary of Defense was put into place to assassinate Lincoln (not according to this research). There are numerous indications that show that the Rothschilds were in part behind the assassination of Lincoln.

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Some of the people who worked for the Payseurs were Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, the Vanderbilts, Giftord Pinnchot and John D. Rockefeller. These men were selected to run Payseur companies because they belonged to the satanic elite. The Leroy Springs family got Payseur family companies in the early 1920s. It was Leroy that managed to get the Rothschild’s involved with the Federal Reserve.

Two companies that have come out of the Payseur’s old Lancaster Manufacturing Co. are Weyerhaeuser and Crown Zellerbach. I have long known these were companies tied to the elite, but it wasn’t until I found the secret Payseur family, at the very top of these companies, that I really understood the full story. The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government documents, such as courthouse records.

They have hidden the births of many of their descendants and have covered over with extreme secrecy most of their monetary holdings. Remember the Beatty family was an early railroad family with business ties to the Payseur family. Bartholomew F. Moore, who was the private attorney for years to President Abraham Lincoln, was a blood relative of the Beatty family.

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It was Bart Fingers Moore who co-authored the 14th amendment for the conspiracy. The Beatty family continually resurfaces when doing research on the conspiracy. Shirley Maclaine, the famous New Age leader/author is from the Beatty family. She credits her start to Edgar Cayce, who by the way, was interested in Blavatsky.

Blavatsky was a student of the Mason Anton Mesmer, who introduced the world to hypnotism. Hypnotism had been secretly practiced by the Mystery Religions for thousands of years before Mesmer taught Blavatsky and others about it. Charles Beatty Alexander, who is an Illuminati, prince/Pilgrim Society member is an example of a Beatty in recent times who was within the elite.

William Quantrill (1837-1865), who was a famous Confederate colonel and guerilla leader, whose band of raiders evolved into the Jessie James gang was married into the Springs (Rothschild) family (although his wife, some say merely partner, was called Sarah Katherine King). The recent Iola Madelyn Payseur Gatling Fulghum (1876-1972) was the late head of the Payseur family.

The documentation on the above families is extensive, but much of the evidence that was photocopied out of the few documents left intact, have been destroyed since the documents were photocopied.


The amount of tampering with official documents is incredible and further Illustrates the enormous power the Rothschilds and the Payseurs (the 13th family, the Holy Blood line) have. The researchers who wrote “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” got a taste of the power of the 13th blood line to manipulate documents held by libraries and governments in Europe. The same type of thing has been happening in the United States.

A researcher into the Satanic elite has a hard row to hoe, because the Satanic families have covered their tracks throughout history. They have also tried very hard to cover up what their financial assets are. Those Rothschilds, who have carried on the name, have had a higher visibility. It is this group of Rothschilds which has gained the public’s attention, even though they too are very secretive.

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30 Responses to The Rothschilds and The Payseurs – Plus The Springs

  1. Jerry says:

    Are you guys in the same bloodline?

  2. John Payseur says:

    Hello Cousin.

  3. PCM Denault says:

    I have recently read from several sources, there are two groups of illuminati on different paths, the satanic-worshiping illuminati, after power, control and money, and a group which is dedicated to seeking union with God via enlightenment from God.

    This group are totally engulfed in the power of pure spirit aspiration to Goodness and Love for their own sake and of these are many saints, included the ESSENES and Tibetan monks seeking to live on a higher frequency of ascension aspiring to God.

    I am not convinced there is a good and a bad illuminati (by their acts so shall yes know them; faith without corresponding acts is dead).

    • Hello PCM Denault, many factions have claimed to be the Illuminati, some satanic and some godly.

      The satanic ones follow Satan’s rules.

      The godly ones follow God’s rules.

      It’s not for me to advise which path to follow.

  4. Horseman says:

    Having read and watched Fritz Springmeier’s work (is he a Springstein?) the statement made that SOME Illuminati are “Good Guys” is making Goy like me wonder if this is true or not, somehow I doubt it one iota.

    The FACT remains, the mind control being exerted over the Goyim globally is happening now, at a pace, (April 2021) and the “Vaccination” passports that are being thrust on us lead me to think that the Cull is underway, with the “Project” scheduled to end on 31st March 2025 according to the Rothschild Covid Testing Kit patents registered in 2017.

    Those Goy who are resisting are the ones who “will be saved” BY the Illuminati and by design because “they” are posing as “the good (Illuminati) guys”. This way the gullable Goy will think there are some “Good” Illuminate, which of course, is a contradiction in terms.

    Kissinger & Clinton called us “The useless eaters” and “Deplorables”. The Illuminati ultimately want to cull out the weeds, keeping the Gene Pool of the “Critical Thinking” Goy alive with their DNA Gene pool intact for their own reasons.

    They will of course need to devise a method of being able to control them ultimately. Maybe 5G will achieve that for them? They also want to test the Goyim to see who is worth saving and who is not.

    God of course knows what they are up to and they will in time face his judgement if they haven’t already.

  5. Gregory Glavinovich says:

    hey Horseman. Why dont you change your name?? You are not a Horse.

  6. Ares says:

    Is it more about good and evil being inextricably linked? You can’t have one without the other.

    Is the current situation more about moving from darkness to light? Is it essentially two wings of the same bird?

    Light Luciferians, Dark Luciferians and the Age of Aquarius is propelling us to lightness which will illuminate our senses, such as intuition and telepathy, with those of us who can transition to 5D.

    Is this a culling of Dark Luciferians by a blood line which represents both light and dark. ♈️

  7. Chiccouk says:

    Look up Pro. George Lees on YT.
    I think you’ll find him very interesting.
    I’d love to say more but I’m not stupid to write it on here.

  8. Haji says:

    Bla, bla, bla. The truth will come out in the wash.

  9. Kathryn says:

    Hi Louis-
    Who is the woman called Elizabeth that allegedly bore the twin daughters of Abraham Lincoln? What became of these daughters?


    • Hi Kathryn, “Elizabeth, who was the illegitimate daughter of Belgian King Leopold I (1790-1865), who is also of elite blood lineage. Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth had two twin daughters Ella and Emily in 1856, who were adopted out.”

      Here’s more of the story :-

      The twins were placed in separate orphanages. Emily was adopted by a family in Georgia and Ella grew up in orphanages. Ella married a man named John Kramer and they had a son named William; he had a son named Robert, and Robert had several children, one of his children was given a picture of Abraham Lincoln by their grandfather William. The picture, with an authentic Abraham Lincoln signature and valued at two million dollars in 1989, was given to William by his mother Ella.

      The child who was given the Lincoln photo and informed of being an illegitimate heir to Abraham, became a well-known famous author. For 20 years this man has methodically and intuitively searched the files and tombs of numerous institutions in Washington.

      It is said that Emily married a man by the name of Howard Hughes Sr. and they were both poisoned by Hughes’ sister-in-law The initial investor of Hughes gathered the Four Sons of Howard Hughes in England after Sr’s death. The four sons named Howard Jr., Robard, Charles and David became one legal entity and THE Howard Hughes of the 20th Century.

  10. CelticFreckles says:

    I do believe that there are some elite family lines who practice Satanism and are part of the Cabal as we see that many past presidents, and other very elite and powerful people, meet yearly at the Bohemian Grove to participate in these sacrificial rituals to their God Moloch but if they have that much control over this nation, from the beginning, why did they allow our forefathers to establish the constitution, which I believe is a God-inspired document, that created an almost perfect guideline to follow for protecting the rights of all individuals living in this country?

  11. Jenifer says:


    Great work I really enjoyed reading this, you conducted incredible research, wow.

    Just one question: how is the wife of William Quantrill connected to the Springs/Rothschilds family?

    Her last name was King, but I couldn’t see the connection between her and the Springs family.

    Many thanks and great work!

    http:/ /

  12. Wilfred LeBlanc says:

    very interesting. I would love to read more on this. seems it would be easy to mislead based on the secrecy of the families. thanks for the read.

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