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It appears the Payseur fortune is now contained in a Corporation called GAALT industries.

Our History – Page Gone since roughly

GAALT® Industries is a new name for a very old family business in communication, energy, and transportation established in North America in 1620 A.D. and in the present State of Alabama in 1750.

Alabama was permitted to become a State in 1819 contingent upon the continuation of this family business under the treaties and contracts executed by Benjamin Franklin for the United States of North America on February 6, 1778.

In 1998, GAALT Industries celebrates its 220th birthday in the United States and its 378th birthday on the North American Continent.

Before the name was changed, Louis Charles Bourbon Capet, King Louis XVI, with Benjamin Franklin and others executed certain contracts and treaties for the purpose to establish our communication and transportation business in and as a part of the United States of North America on February 6, 1778 through the technology of that time period, namely flat and keel boats. Over the years since 1778 our communication and transportation business has expanded by the addition of developed technologies to include but not limited to the following:

After the development of the railroad in 1769, it was brought to the United States under our leadership for our business. Rapid railway deployment starting about 1820;
1848 the addition of The Washington and New Orleans Telegraph Company to our business of advanced wire communications;
1912 the addition of radio-telegraph led our business into World War I for ship-to-shore radio systems and the first known aircraft-to-ground radio system on earth. In 1919 we designed,
manufactured and operated the first known radio station in China

October 20, 1920 we received our International Radio Manufacturing License, 14 years before the establishment of the Federal Communications Act that created the Federal Communications Commission typically referred to as the FCC

During World War II we developed a close-knit radio communication system for command and control of top security for the President of the United States of America that many years later and following a change of radio frequencies for use by the general public is now known as cellular radio-telephone;

1949 we were issued the first known patent on earth for the telephone answering machine;
1951 we received the first patent known for the push-button-dial telephone and the telephone auto-dial equipment;
Satellite Echo deployed our electronic communications and was the first satellite deployed by the United States of America;
First in manned space flight communications for the United States of America, to include the communications control circuits used for the famous “MOON WALK”.

Gain Adjusting Audio Leveling Terminator (GAALT) was developed for the strategic communications for the President of the United States of America to serve as a Common Systems Approach (CSA) Satellite Communications of North America to connect and combine the Presidential Train, Presidential Yacht, Air Force One, Orbital Satellites and the telephone in one system.

Carolina Emergency Services and Security Company is the amalgamation of the heritage from ancestors of the same blood-line commencing with William Brewster of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 and from Louis Charles Bourbon Capet from February 6, 1778 to organize and finance the American Revolutionary War for the benefit of the United States of North America and for the blood-line family as detailed in the premise.

In 1865 this family business was in both Lancaster, South Carolina to build a cotton mill that became the largest cotton mill business on Earth, and to organize Birmingham, Alabama for the manufacturing of railroad equipment and railway cars for the transportation of cotton back to Lancaster, South Carolina, under the terms of the 37th United States Congress, Acts of treason against the so-called Confederate States of America. In 1872 its headquarters were established in both Lancaster and in Birmingham where they remain today in any and all businesses permitted under the provisions of the premise from the beginning of the United States. It specializes in para-legal research and development of old and new corporations from the beginning of the United States and for Tomorrow, and leasing the assets of same to others, generally under 1, 5, 49, 99, and 999 – year leases for the betterment of man-kind.

Several Common Systems Approach Companies were organized in 1968 under the Telephone Interconnect Act, 1968 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Street Act, Espionage Act, and the 1861
37th United States Congress, Acts of Treason, to form an amalgamated technology group for the betterment of the United States of America and for the advancement of mankind through
communications, including:

* International Telecommunication Systems,Incorporated was chartered in 1974 to operate anywhere on Earth,
* CSA-Satellite Communications of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1980 to operate anywhere on Earth, and specializes in logistics;
* TranSatCom of North America, Incorporated was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth with selected GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act;
* Solar Electric Corporation was chartered in 1982 to operate anywhere on Earth with selected GAALT devices under the provisions of the 1934 Wheeler-Rayburn Anti-Trust Act;
These corporations are referred to as the CSA-Group Corporations to provide a common systems approach for advanced communications.

TranSatCom (Transportable Satellite Communications) of North America was organized as a parallel operating company in 1968 under the provisions of the 1934 Federal Communications Act to provide the radio path circuits for GAALT Electronic Control Devices for Internal National Defense and other applications. TranSatCom provides all types of radio equipment and technical services anywhere.

Some Comments To Chase Up :-

Donald Croom Beatty was a military aviator, air explorer, engineering test pilot, aerospace executive. Born April 11, 1900, Birmingham, Alabama. Joined Alabama National Guard air unit as flying officer in 1922.

Organized and led air-ground expedition into interior of South America 1929-1930 to evaluate feasibility of airline travel on that continent. Pioneered numerous new routes over uncharted territory for Pan American Airlines. Conducted engineering test flights of several successful commercial seaplanes. Senior air safety investigator for CAB 1938.

Organized world-wide aircraft ferry operation during World War II. Participated in design and development of U.S. Army’s first successful helicopter in 1944. Research and development executive for leading aerospace company until retirement.

Donald Croom Beatty

Aviator, Explorer, Inventor

Donald Croom Beatty was born in 1900 in Birmingham.

Beatty’s aviation career began in 1916 when, in a self-built plane, he made his first solo flight at his grandfather’s farm in Tarrant.

In the 1930’s, while flying in the Andes of South America, Beatty set up the first system of voice communications, plane-to-ground, considered by many to be his greatest contribution to international aviation. He also developed the concept of seasonally varying flight altitudes and routes; reporting at five-minute intervals on grid-type, alphabetic-numerical coordinates, enabling ready location of downed planes; and he pioneered and surveyed many trans-Andean air routes. In World War II, Beatty directed operations of the Ferry Command under the code name “Consairway,” ferrying bombers into all areas of the war zone. The effort developed from a one-man rescue mission to the world’s most efficient, trans-oceanic airline. He pioneered development of barometric route selecting, a more efficient method of air navigation for long, over-water flights.

As owner of the frequency, Beatty built the first voice radio stations in Alabama, WIAG and WSY, which broadcast weather reports to aid in flight safety.

The D. C. Beatty Latin American Expedition (1931-32) among the headhunters in Ecuador and Peru earned him membership in the prestigious Explorers Club of New York, the Royal Geographical Society of London and the medal of the Smithson Society of the Smithsonian Institution, which honored him for “the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.”

Beatty’s documented inventiveness began with a patent for the refinement of a crystal radio. During his lifetime, he obtained many patents, most concerning electronic communication equipment. Among commonly used devices, he held the first patents on the telephone answering machine, the automatic dialer, and the “hands-free” telephone. Other patents include “GAALT”, a solid state vario-amplifier instrumental in the development of pioneer space satellites that are now used on every continent.

Donald Croom Beatty died in Birmingham, July 12, 1980.

Donald Croom Beatty was inducted into the Alabama Men’s Hall of Fame in 1992.

Cool Find! So basically Beatty Jr. was an arms dealer and was caught selling a machine gun illegally. Wonder if we could find any newspaper from that time, 1960’s of the area?

I can not find the trademarks for solarplex, readitcom, teleguard, or any other things that the GAALT site claims they had trademarked.

I am starting to believe videotron in that Donald Jr. is really just a a crazy man who is at best a shell of his father. Has a look at TESS yourself to see if you find any other trademarks.

I noticed that the contact information changes from to,, on May 23, 2002.

DM3 Internet Services ceases to show up as host and things after Nov. 28, 2001.

Don’t know if that means much. Thank you for the interesting read.

Found some nice geneology info on the Beattys:…

Curious does not list the 1990 Death of Joyce Ann Nelson Beatty, hmm.

I will take a look at TESS for ™ © ® info..

Found Something:

Search of TESS yields a hit on the name “GAALT”, but no hits on ‘solarplex’, ‘readitcom’.…

A NEW LEAD: Check out the registrant, International Telecommunication Systems Inc; Who are they?…

They seem to be heavily involved in Satellite Communications for the military, DOD stuff.

♠SwiftLink® 1400 Series (BGAN)
♠SwiftLink® 2100 Series (GAN)
♠SwiftLink® 2100C and SwiftLink® 2410 (BGAN)
♠SwiftLink® 2410 (BGAN, VSAT)
♠Thrane and Thrane products (BGAN)
♠NERA products (GAN)

I have been looking into that company. They are mentioned several times in the pages Josh has posted as the owners of GAALT. I have been looking around for them and have been having a tough time getting info.

It doesn’t help that several other companies have almost identical names.
I also looked on TESS to see other trademarks registered by them, but I can’t remember what came up. I believe one of there TMs was registered to an office in washington DC though. See here

It is for a company called Americall, still operating, found here

If you go back through my posts I believe I mention them and have some links to what may be their website? See here

Teleguard was on there, but none of those listings were owned by GAALT related companies, and none were based in flordia.

wow thanks for posting this. I was born in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The home to Leroy Springs before he died. We even have a Leroy Springs Complex, Ann Springs Close Greenway, (Ann Close is related to Leroy somehow.) In fact most of my older family members worked in the Springs Mill. Thanks so much for posting this.

Here is the attorney who filed the TM, One Albert Sperry. Look more into him, I am thinking of contacting him.

EDIT: He has donated to republican Bob Packwood who resigned from the Senate over alleged sexual abuse of women. See here for details. This may be unrelated, but it is relevant nonetheless.

Further EDIT: Mr Sperry Died in 1997, but his old partners continue to run the firm

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