The Bundy Bloodline – May “The Force” Be With You

In the 1980s one of the most famous criminals was a serial killer named Ted (Theodore) R Bundy. It is not publicly known why he killed so many innocent victims. Ted Bundy told his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall that ‘the force’ caused him to kill.

Bundy’s confession to her was given after his final arrest in Florida. Elizabeth wrote down his confession as he gave it to her over the phone. Ted said, “I don’t have a split personality. I don’t have blackouts. I remember everything I’ve done. Like Lake Sammamish”.

“We went out to Farrell’s for ice cream after eating hamburgers. It wasn’t like I had forgotten or couldn’t remember, but it was just over…gone…the force wasn’t pushing me any more. I don’t understand it. The force would just consume me”.

‘The force’ is the very term that high level Satanists use to describe the power that they believe can be used for either good or evil.

The movie Star Wars surprisingly used the illuminati’s term ‘the force’, which up until that time had been reserved for esoteric use by Satanism and the occult. This is part of the plan to take the occult and its goals and instill it into the public’s thinking and goals.

The conspiracy becomes an ‘open conspiracy’, with the general public promoting the drive toward witchcraft and the One-World-Government.


Although it appears to the public that the newspapers covered Ted’s crimes thoroughly, appearances can be deceiving. If Ted was related to the Bundy Family, of the hierarchy, we could expect several things almost without doubt.

His Satanic activities and any occult connotations to the murders would be kept very secret and information about the case, would be closely contained.

However, when I recently went to research Ted, every copy (all four of them) of the book Ted Bundy: ‘Conversations with a Killer’ had been stolen from the Portland Central Library. One of the other books on him was also missing and the other was overdue.

Before proceeding any further, let me categorically state that I haven’t found anything that ties Ted Bundy in with the top Satanic family of the Bundys, nor have I found anything that disproves it either.

Still there are some interesting items about Ted Bundy. One of the schools he studied law at was University of Puget Sound, WA. A major reason he did so poorly in law school was the immense stress that took place in his life, in connection to the time and effort he put into murdering beautiful women!


Yet, his poor academic performances were no barrier to his political success. He drove all the way from Washington state to Miami, FL, to take part in Nelson Rockefeller’s 1968 campaign and was appointed Assistant Chairman of the Washington State Republican Central Committee.

Ted travelled in elite social circles and was preparing for a campaign to run for State Governor. In 1973, he was part of the Republican State Committee. Ironically, Ted Bundy had served briefly on the Seattle Crime Commission on a Study of White Collar Crime.

For whatever reason, whether it be elite connections or his winning personality, it is certain that he had a big political career in front of him, if he had not blown things.

Almost all the serial killers have had connections to Satanism, and in every case the media and the police, have suppressed or greatly downplayed their connections to Freemasonry and Satanism.

Could it be that Ted Bundy had a Satanic side to him? I haven’t seen anything that shows that he wasn’t a Satanist. He did join the Mormon church during the middle of the time period, when he was murdering innocent women.

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Ted Bundy was adopted by his father, Johnnie Bundy, who was a dentist in the northwest area of Washington State. What is this main branch of Bundy’s that we are speculating that Ted’s father might or might not be tied to?

The original Bundy family came to the New World before 1635 to Boston, MS. A few years later they moved to Taunton, MS. A large branch of these Bundys went to Connecticut and later a few went on to New York. Another group of colonial American Bundys were in North Carolina.

The Bundy family was an old American family that was part of the Eastern establishment, but with only a few exceptions like Congressman Solomon Bundy in the early 19th century, the family has only come into the public’s eye during the 20th century.

Two of the early Watchtower Society leaders were Walter H. Bundy, who went with Charles Taze Russell to Great Britain on his 1909 trip, and Edwin Bundy who worked at the Bethel Headquarter at the turn of the 20th century.


Most Americans would not recognize the Bundy family as a powerful elite family. However, during recent history, two Bundy brothers held the key positions that controlled most of the information that was fed to U.S. Presidents during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

When Johnson took over, after JFK’s was assassination, McGeorge Bundy was in the key position as Nat. Sec. Advisor, to determine what the President did and didn’t hear. His brother William Putnam ‘Bill’ Bundy, was in a key State Dept. position.

Both Bundy brothers were also fraternal brothers of the Illuminati Order of the Skull and Bones. Interestingly, Jonas Mills Bundy (1835-1891) was a key advisor to President Grant, President Garfield and President Chester A. Arthur.

McGeorge Bundy and his brother Bill Bundy, have also held important CFR and important Bilderberger positions. McGeorge Bundy sat on MJ-12, which is the council of wise men that rules the United States. So without a doubt, McGeorge has had both great public-known and great secret power.


Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr’s grandfather was a lawyer and Congressman. Harvey also became a lawyer. But he didn’t stop there. Harvey was initiated in the Skull & Bones in 1909.

In 1914, he began working for Justice Wendall Holmes. Later in 1929, Alger Hiss (CFR) also began working for Justice Holmes. Hiss was a communist spy and later a key player during F.D. Roosevelt’s reign.

Harvey’s son Bill, narrowly missed having his career ruined because Bill had financially helped Alger Hiss. Harvey had five children. Three of these had ties to the Skull and Bones Order also.

Harvey became the Ass. Secretary of State in 1931 until 1933 under Henry Lewis Stimson. Secretary of State H.L. Stimson was also a Skull & Bones member.

Harvey was special legal assistant to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Harvey became the Special Assistant to the Secretary of War during WWII. He travelled with the Sec. of War overseas numerous times.

It is often said if you want to know where the real power lies look at a man‘s advisors. Here we see Harvey giving advice to the US. secretary, where he gives various reasons why Covington & Burling are highly suspected of left-wing activity.

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Bill began his War during the United States’ largest military challenge in history. Harvey was one of the most key figures In the supervision of the Manhattan Project developing the Atom bomb. He was the key Pentagon man. He did liaison work between the War Dept. and Office of Scientific Research and Development.

In 1952, Harvey took over the Carnegie Endowment for Peace from John Foster Dulles. The Carnegie Endowment for Peace has been a major vehicle for the Illuminati to finance tax free various projects.

This is the type of peace that President George Bush told the United Nations that the world needed. Skull and Bones member George Bush informed the U.N. that a One-World-Government peace was needed by the world.


Bill Bundy started out his career in 1947 working for Covington & Burling which is a firm that represents many of the Illuminati in Washington, DC. Covington & Burling appears to have been a conduit for the Illuminati to create a left-wing political movement in the US. In 1951 he quit Covington & Burling, to begin openly working for the CIA as an analyst and then as assistant to the deputy director of the CIA.

His job as assistant required him to get Atomic Energy Clearance. In 1953, Joe McCarthy had caught onto the New World Order. Although history reports that he was ‘commie’ hunting, if one reads Joe McCarthy’s own words, it is clear be was gunning for the New World Order. Senator Joe McCarthy subpoenaed Bill Bundy to testify. The Senator knew he could expose a great deal, if Bill was questioned.

Bill had donated at least $500 to help communist spy Hiss defend himself. Hiss’s brother Donald worked for Covington & Burling when Bill was there, and Alger had worked at the firm Bill’s Dad had worked at.

McCarthy sent down many subpoenas but Allen Dulles, who was the CIA director and part of the Illuminati, ignored them, and eventually was able to get Bill out of the country. The State Dept. was going to arrest him at the dock, as he was trying to escape, but Alien Dulles was able to get the State Dept. to call off the arrest, and Bill sailed.


This is something one wouldn’t expect. It appears some of the men McCarthy thought were on his side weren’t. By trying to subject a member of one of the top 13 Illuminati families to Congressional questioning, McCarthy had signed his death warrant. It was not long before the Illuminati killed McCarthy.

While the Hiss/Bundy affair led to McCarthy (a genuine patriot) being killed and discredited, someone else who was a socialist and lackey of the CFR, was given wide publicity as an anti-communist hero from what happened to Hiss.

This socialist was Richard Nixon (CFR). He was given false credit for convicting Hiss (CFR) to build a false public image, as an anti-communist crusader. Nixon did not do the footwork, to get Hiss convicted, contrary to the false image the establishment gave. Later, protected by his ‘anti-communist’ mask, Nixon would recognize Red China, among many other pro-communist NWO acts.

They have dragged this great patriot’s name through the mud. Skull and Bones George Bush was still taking pot shots at Joe McCarthy during the 1992 Presidential campaign.

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Bill Bundy commented on the help Allen Dulles gave him throughout the Hiss affair with the following words, “I guess there was an element of tribal loyalty in the way Allen handled this, that he knew me, he knew my brother, a sort of fellow feeling, a feeling for the comradeship of the CIA but also a tribal feeling toward a set of people who were in law firms”.

That set of people is called the Illuminati. In 1960, Bill Bundy, while still with the CIA was placed as the Staff Director of the new Presidential Commission on National Goals. If national goals are seriously being set, then that implies that something is happening above and beyond the American people voting at the voting booths, congressmen voting at the Capital and the market place simply functioning.

Indeed there is a guiding hand behind events which is taking us down a preplanned route, to achieve Illuminati goals. Bundy’s Commission on National Goals set down goals that are Hegelian philosophy.

The goals state that the individual has a duty to advance the will of the state, and that the state is to stimulate changes of attitude. The American citizen in the years ahead ought to devote a larger portion of his time and energy directly to solution of the nation’s problems.


Antony C. Sutton does an excellent job in his book on the Skull & Bones Order in describing how McGeorge Bundy received preferential treatment all through his life. Consistently, McGeorge Bundy got jobs for which there were thousands of better candidates.

McGeorge Bundy went to Yale where he was initiated into the Skull & Bones in 1940. McGeorge then went to Harvard. After this, McGeorge joined the army as a private. Very few privates ever achieve the rate of promotion that McGeorge received.

Within a year after joining as a private, not only was he made a captain he was placed on staff to plan the logistics and other details of the invasion of Sicily and the Normandy Invasion. How can a greenhorn have the experience to know how much supplies, etc. are needed for a certain operation?

These calculations are for battles in which the wrong combination of supplies could mean death or defeat for a unit. Sutton points out “Can a 23-year. old, with no military experience, undertake planning for amphibious operations?”.

After the war McGeorge continues his phenomenal climb from job to bigger job, with no credentials. In 1945, he becomes assistant to the Secretary of War and co-authors a book with Stimson. Then McGeorge without any experience or credentials in economics becomes a consultant to the Economic Cooperation Administration. Then he becomes foreign policy analyst for Presidential candidate Thomas Dewey.


How much pride has been installed in men like McGeorge that they feel comfortable to hop from one unqualified position to another and to make weighty decisions. In 1949, Bundy was invited to Harvard University to teach as an assistant professor and in four years is made the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard!

How does anyone become Dean of a prestigious University department after four years of teaching. Not only has McGeorge been treated as if he is an instant military genius, an economic whiz, now he is head of the arts and sciences. Bundy becomes the National Security Advisor. From 1961 to 1966 he is the Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to the President.

This gives him great control over what the Presidents are told. For instance Sutton quotes a conversation between McGeorge Bundy, Dean Achison (Scroll & Key-another llluminati initiation point), and President Kennedy recorded in a memorandum. President Kennedy is lead to believe that the United States has deserted its ally of Portugal to aid nationalists in Angola, when in fact the US. was supporting Marxist guerrillas (that is communist guerrillas).

In 1966, McGeorge was appointed President of the Ford Foundation, another Illuminati foundation that is promoting their agenda. McGeorge brought in Harold Howe II to be Vice. President, a position that Howe was unqualified for, except that Howe was a Skull & Bones brother and was a team player that would help promote the New Worid Order agenda with its Hegelian philosophy and socialism.

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