The Collins Bloodline – Joan Collins – Soft Porn Connection

In terms of research on the Collins family, on a scale of 1 to 100, I’m at about 10! There are some hard connections that will be presented and some soft connections. Joan Collins is what I’d call a soft connection.

She has associated with a long list of key Illuminati men and at least a few known Satanists. Let me give some of the hard connections first. The following is a description of a highly secret high level Satanic meeting. It comes via an ex-insider, who is now a Christian.

This experience dates to 1955. This is a meeting that is held twice yearly, and to which the Rothschilds and all the mother families attend. The meeting is inside in a big room, and the Grande Mother on the throne was a Collins. The Collins family has been kept out of the limelight because they have more occult power than the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers.

I’ve noticed that numerous Collins have been insurance executives, although I haven’t exposed the connections between Insurance Companies and the NWO.


The Grande Mother Collins dressed in black has an ebony and gold moon shaped throne. Behind her sits the Grand Council with 13 members. The difference between this council in 1955 is that it was all males, while the council in 1978 has several women on it.

The Grande Mother, a Collins woman was thought to be in her middle 50’s, she had a deep dictatorial voice, was small in stature, and very powerful. She was decked out on her throne with a great deal of jewelry. One of the first things done was to lay before her feet small pure gold bricks.

Two boys, who were taken to be her sons, were near her throne. As only the most honored and powerful dared be in the vicinity of her throne, this showed that these two Collins boys were powerful.

Seven children in white were brought in from generational Satanic families and presented before Grande Mother Collins. They laid prostrate in worship of her. She would move her scepter with a snake up and down striking the floor to show approval of a child candidate. Then 7 other children were sacrificed for the 7 approved children.


The children were given oaths. The Grande Mother rotated her throne and faced the Council of 13 and declared “This is tomorrow’s generation, a chosen few”. The John the Baptist of the Anti-Christ put in an appearance, but the anti-Christ at that time was not born or only a tiny baby. Was this Benjamin Creme?

However, the descriptions of this occult John the Baptist do match Benjamin Creme, who was born in 1924 and deeply into the occult and witchcraft even when he was a boy. He claims that in 1959, he telepathically received a message from his Master. Creme calls these master spirits simply the hierarchy, Christians know it is the demonic hierarchy.

Because all these things are planned well in advance, it would have been very appropriate if Creme had been at a high level planning meeting in 1955.


Robert M. Collins (1867-?) was the chief newsman for Reuters (Illuminati controlled press) and the Associated Press for many stories coming out of the Orient. Although he was born in Washington DC.

As those who investigate the Illuminati find out, they control the press. Here was a man who helped do it for them. The Satanic Societas Rosicruciana is important, in relation to the Satanic groups such as the O.T.O., Golden Dawn, and Stella Matutina.

One of the New York S.R. officers was James F. Collins (8°) who died Apr-02-1896. He was with the original set of S.R. officers of the first High Council of the S.R. in America which had oversight over all the S.R. colleges (lodges) in America.

His position was Presenter. When the Canadians set up a Societas Rosicruciana in Canada, the High Council which had oversight over all Canada included a Collins on its council, Daniel Collins, 8°. Daniel Collins had several positions on the council.

The highest degree is the 9°. The Grande Druid Council is a high level Illuminati council. Each of those people are powerful witches, and have a great deal of power in the world.

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Remember, that the leading Satanists feel they have special blood, the top ones feel they are gods. This last statement makes more sense when one learns the methods, state of mind, and beliefs of the Satanic hierarchy. Yvonne Collins would reject the idea that just anyone can become a witch of any significance by training and practice.

The occult demonic power would not be strong enough for a convert to witchcraft. Yvonne’s occult name is Legena which means Lucifer’s bride. Legena (Yvonne Collins) who lived la Virginia, got upset with Jerry Falwell, he didn’t follow orders well enough. She got the Security and Exchange Commission to investigate his church, which caused the church economic hardships.

Even mainline Christian ministers are expected to follow directives of the Grande Druid Council which is said to operate under the orders of the Rothschilds. Everyone who was high up in the Illuminati and are NOW Christians remembers Tom Collins. Collins was in the Illuminati, but the Lord changed his heart and he began to talk to churches about what is really going on.

He had an itinerary of churches to speak to, of which a Baptist church was one. He warned what was going on. He was gunned down in a Grocery store parking lot, and has been used as an example by the Illuminati to anyone else who dares utter a word. “Remember Tom Collins”, they warn people in the covens.


As a rule they find very respectable cover lives in society, the more respectable the better. The Satanic rituals are always memorized. You will not walk into these people’s houses and find incriminating books or objects.

They are capable of the most horrendous things, but to everyone who knows them, they are the most likable, intelligent normal people.

The Satanic hierarchy and their Satanism is clearly the most secret religion in the world. They are a priesthood that rules the world through political leaders that they place in power. Because of their power, they have the ability to suppress a great deal of the publicity that could arise from their numerous activities.

To describe the security methods employed to keep high level Satanism secret could take an entire book. Let’s just put it this way, if you were a billionaire, which several of the leading Olympians (King Illuminati) are, what kind of security could you afford?

What kind of clout would you have with national governments and police forces to get even governments to provide security for you? Remember these people own the press and the media.

They will kill, or discredit anyone who exposes them. Don’t be surprised if both of these happen to me. Just know this, they can kill the body they can not kill the soul. Our Christian God reigns. They also control the CIA and FBI. Many leading FBI agents have not only been Masons. but many have been Satanists.


J. Edgar Hoover was a 32° Mason, homosexual and worked intimately with the Illuminati. For those who haven’t come out of Satanism, one way to explain to people how Satanic secrecy functions is to compare these Satanic families with the Mafia families. Individuals in these families learn what they need to know, no more. The top bosses have cover jobs and give their orders orally.

Actually the comparison between Mafia or Cosa Nostra families and Moriah or Illuminati families is quite fitting because they tie in organizationally and were created by the same occult stream of secret societies that Satan has been running.


Who do you think of when you think of the Collins? Joan Collins? She was a beautiful, Jewish Hollywood actress from England. Joan’s grandmother lived in Brighton, England. (Joan mentions her father being a jew in her autobiography). Her father Joe Collins and his friend Lord Lew Grade had an acting company. Joe Collin’s father, Will Collins and his wife a can-can dancer, Henrietta Collins were also into acting.

In the 1970s Joan was in several horror movies and picked up the title “Queen of the Horror Films”. In 1977 and 1978 Joan was nude in two sexy films, which were expected to do better at the box office than they did, neither of the titles of these films bear repeating. One was based on a book Joan’s sister wrote, that was a best-seller in England.

Joan was the first “old” woman (in her 40’s) to be in the buff in Playboy (the Dec ’83 Playboy) which according to her autobiography she feels comfortable doing. I wonder if being exceptionally beautiful and a sex idol for millions, makes it easier to pose nude. For those who watch Dynasty, you’ll likely remember her. For those who watched Hansel and Gretel, Joan was the witch.

She was the woman in the film “The Devil Within Her”. Among her many friends, she had Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jayne Mansfield, both of whom are publicly known to he Satanists. She rubbed shoulders with Henry Kissinger.

Joan Collins vacationed in the winter at St. Moritz, where Joan rubbed shoulders with Niarchos and Aristotle Onassis (Kings within the Illuminati). Joan Collins also spent time with Edgar Bronfman. Joan was married several times but preferred her maiden name.


Another famous Collins is Michael Collins, who was one of the three astronauts on the Apollo 11, which was the first officially announced visit by man to the moon. The first flag on the moon was the Scottish Rite’s flag. There are a number of very strange things about the flight and about what NASA has been doing. Buzz Aldrin is a Freemason.
Neil Armstrong has gone into seclusion, shunning any publicity. As Michael Collins puts it, Neil has “dropped out and doesn’t sell the NASA program”. In Greek mythology, the god Apollo carried fire, which is what Michael felt described Apollo 11. What our government has been doing with NASA, flying saucers and a manned lunar base, is beyond writing about in this article, but could Michael Collins be related to the Illuminati Collins family?

Michael Collins sits on the board of directors of the illuminati’s Rand Corporation which works with Tavistock Institute. He states dryly that “no” he “did not find God” when he went to the moon. If anyone could promote internationalism (One-World-Govt.) without any suspicion, it would be Michael Collins, as few men share his experience of seeing the tiny earth in the vastness of the hostile universe, and yet he doesn’t!

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The Collins family is an old New England family, both related to aristocracy and to witchcraft. I have a complete list of people accused of witchcraft in New England in the 17th century which includes some Collins. The 17th century was the first century that British settlers, mostly Puritans, some of whom are also known as Pilgrims and Congregationalists settled in New England. In 1640 in Aquiday, Mass. a Collins was accused of witchcraft.

In 1653, Jane Collins was accused of witchcraft in Lynn, Mass. A Collins family lived in the Salem, Mass. area of Marblehead during the 1650s when the witch trials occurred. They were neighbors to the family accused of witchcraft. Interestingly some of the last names of other people accused of witchcraft in early colonial Massachusetts include Young, Bailey, Carrington, Godfrey, Hall, Brown and Clinton.


However, the worst example of dealing with “witchcraft”, the Salem Witch trials, was instigated by the Collins family to destroy Christians. Christians have been held accountable for something the Collins family did to Christians in Salem, Mass. My opinion is that the Collins family practiced witchcraft before coming to New England in the 17th century.

One ex-Illuminati member who was from the Collins bloodline stated that the Collins family brought witchcraft from England to America. For the first part of the 1700s, one of the British Collins was prominent for his books promoting Deism against Christianity.

Arthur Collins had a great deal of clout to be able to research such a massive work on people of significance in England. John Collins (1717-1795) was born to the rich powerful part of the Collins family at Newport, R.I., played an important part in the creation of our Federal government.


John Collins advocated the issuance of paper currency and a strong central government, which made him unpopular in the rural areas of Rhode Island. He married Mary Avery. The wealthiest Collins that I have discovered so far is Matthew Garrett Collins (1874-1925).

Matthew Garrett Collins was an oil producer. His father was Oliver Cromwell Collins! Matthew Garrett Collins was a Mason. M.G. Collins manufactured silk and in ten years took the operation in 1886 from nothing to a $2 million business. He was president of Interstate Gasoline Co.

He worked with several other big oil men, such as Gov. Charles Haskell of Oklahoma. He was Trustee for Drew Seminary. Matthew Garrett Collins oil operations and friendship with the governor of Oklahoma are very significant. Inside information indicates some type of connection between the Collins family and Oklahoma.

Besides Matthew Garrett Collins there have been a number of other wealthy Collins’, . The Collins famliy also built the world’s fastest nicest ocean going ships during the 1850s, for which they spared no expense.


Prior to the Civil War, the American branch of the Collins family split off under the surname of Todd. Numerous occult figures including important names in secret Satanism or various Witchcraft groups have had the last name of Todd. Presidents Madison and Lincoln were married to Todds. Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd was into the occult. Whether Abraham Lincoln is in heaven or not I do not know, those decisions are for God Almighty.

In summary, the Collins family is one of the top Illuminati families that has managed to remain low key. It is believed that the Collins family has been kept secret because they wield more power than the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, or the Onassises.

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The Collins family is one of the most powerful families in the world, and yet has been able to hide their power and wealth, but the Collins family is full of tantalizing clues. There was a book that Gerald E. Collins’ drew up showing the Collins family and their relationship to the Bauer family who according to his book changed their name to Bower. That is exactly what the Rothschild relatives named Bauer did. The name Collins originated in the British Isles, in Ireland it began as O’Collins, and in Scotland as Kollyns.

The Hellfire Club has been discussed before. It has been pointed out in the past articles how Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were members of this purely Satanic group who practiced satanic sexual occult rituals. Sara Aynn Collins (bn. c. 1730) was deeply attracted to the occult. Her family was a generational Witchcraft/Satanic family, but many of them wanted to abandon the occult.

Besides not wanting to leave the old family traditions of witchcraft, Sara did not want to marry the man her father tried to sell her to. Neither the arranged marriage nor forsaking witchcraft was for Sara. She went to Scotland to get to the heart of learning the occult and became a leader in the oldest form of Wicca, the Elven Path. (Other traditional types of Wicca in the U.S. come from Ireland, Wales, and Greece).


After the American Revolution she left Scotland skilled in occult power, and came back to the United States, where she formed the first Covendom of Wicca. She and her brother were powerful Wiccans, and their descendants are the main group of Collins’ that practice Wicca and Satanism. A wild woman stabbed Sara Aynn Collins to death in a Boston store.

Sara Aynn Collins (and there were several Sarah Ann Collins in her day-it seems the name appealed to the Collins family) is in turn a descendant of Francis Collins of the 17th century. Francis was the head of the family when it came over from England.

Interestingly, there was a Collins boy born in 1824 who was named after that Satanist. His name was DeWitt Clinton Collins (1824-1909). Another interesting tidbit was that the Phelps family of Virginia is related to the Collins. The Phelps family arrived in Mass. in 1630 and became a prominent family in the Skull & Bones.


And don’t forget men like Skull & Bones William Collins Whitney of the Collins family. This member of the Collins lineage had two sons, who both became members of the Illuminati’s Order of the Skull & Bones. William Collins Whitney (1841-1904) and his two sons are the core of the Whitney influence in the Order of the Skull & Bones.

This Collins blood of the Whitney’s then went into the Harriman family. Anyone who has been reading this newsletter knows how important the Harrimans are! Pam Harriman is the person behind Bill Clinton. Further, the Collins blood of the Whitney’s went into the Payne family and the Vanderbilts by intermarriage! The Payne family has been a big part of the Rockefellers and Standard Oil.

William Collins Whitney had a lack luster career as an inspector of schools. But then beginning in the 1870s, he amassed a fortune from who knows where very quickly. William Collins Whitney was the power behind Pres Cleveland, who was his puppet. He also directed a group of powerful important capitalists called the Whitney Group. W.C. Whitney married Flora Payne. Their son Harry Payne Whitney married Gertrude Vanderbilt in 1896.

Their son (and remember he still has Collins blood) Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney married Marie Norton who later married W. Averell Harriman, the man who helped finance Hitler to power. The Harrimans also helped bring the Bush family from oblivion back in the early 1920s. When Prescott Bush (George Bush snr’ father) lost all his money in the 1929 stock market crash, the Harrimans again came to financially help Prescott Bush back on his feet.


Last names are not the criteria, the magical occult power in their blood is. It is more than just having the correct blood, but the magic power in that blood is critical. Once a branch loses its occult power its blood is nothing.

This is why even though my wife is a descendant from the Holy Blood line, the 13th family, her branch of the family has had nothing to do with the occult for centuries, and could never be part of Illuminati. In summary, this article has given some critical names in the early genealogy of the Satanic branch of the Collins family. This article has discussed how important events in our world are being secretly molded by those 13 families.

Finally, it was discussed how the Illuminati have a number of ways that they hide their genealogies, and one of these is the common practice of adopting out a child, so that it gets a different last name. Satanist Bonewitz calls the leading Illuminati families “Fam-Trads.” He spells out that Fam-Trads mean the very powerful families that have been the actual ones to pass witchcraft down from one generation to the next.

Bonewitz’s article claims that the only coherent lineage of witchcraft was what these powerful families have given us. They were able to pass down witchcraft uninterrupted because they were so powerful. He writes, “How did the leading powerful families continue to practice their witchcraft?”. Bonewitz’s answer is interesting, He states,


Isaac Bonewitz who sits on the llluminati’s Grand Druid Council wrote in “Witchcraft” some very interesting statements about the top Illuminati families. Most members of Fam-Trads made efforts to conceal their “superstitious” beliefs and Pagan magical systems. Instead they became involved in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism in the 18th century, Spiritualism and Theosophy in the 19th.

All these movements were considered more respectable than witchcraft and still allowed the Fam-Trads to practice occult arts. So as the years went by, members of the Fam-Trads absorbed more and more from non-pagan magical sources and handed their new information down to each generation, often carelessly letting the descendants think that a Rosicrucian spell or alchemical meditation was a legitimate part of their Pagan heritage.


I mention John Collins as an example of a powerful 18th century Freemason, who was part of what appears to be the Collins Illuminati family. In other articles, we have documented how the early 18th century Astors and DuPonts were active Freemasons. The history of these top families does agree with Bonewitz that in order to continue to practice their witchcraft they used the cover of Freemasonry.

Later, in the 19th century some of the leading families can be seen to have moved into Spiritualism, such as the British royal family, and Mary Baker Eddy of the Baker family. Interestingly, H.P. Blavatsky who was involved with spiritualism started the Theosophical Society and also a periodical named Lucifer in 1887. The woman who coedited Lucifer with her was the medium (now called a channeler) Mabel Collins, who later had a disagreement with H.P.B. and left.

It is possible that a few of the Rockefellers joined Lucis Trust which is an extension of Theosophy as well as members of the Hall family such as Manly P. Hall whose wife was a Bauer (very likely part of the Rothschild bloodline). This pattern that Bonewitz has pointed out to us, is worthy of continued investigation, it is likely that other leading families have also followed the pattern he describes.

The 13 top Illuminati families are more correctly described as 13 bloodlines. The Collins family had a branch that shot off from it during the early 1800s which was the Todd family. The Todd family seems to have Satanic undertones to it, even in the days just after the Revolutionary War. For instance, John Jacob Astor married Sarah Todd who had a fair amount of money attached to her.

The Todd surname is not an extremely common name, until one begins researching the conspiracy, and then it pops up with frequency. It is known that during the time of the Civil War the Collins bloodline went into the surnames of Todd and Putman. It needs to be brought out here that the Putman family also has spelled their name Putnam! One genealogy book which ties the Putman/Putnam family to the Collins family is Putnam, Thomas Russell (1897).

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The Todd family branch remained an important part of the Illuminati. We will now discuss this branch in more detail.

This link will open a new tab concerning The Todd Family.

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Check out more about Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of Illuminati (this link will open a new tab) :-


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