Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Fritz Springmeier wrote a magnificent book about the Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

It was even published on the internet by the CIA (no mis-direction there then!).

The book is 292 pages long and needs to be reduced into segments to get a better grip on the whole thing.

You can read all about it as below, broken down into the various chapters and sections.

Click on an area which interests you, to see more (each link will open a new tab) :-

Bloodlines of the Illuminati

The Astor Family

The Bundy Bloodline

The Collins Family

The DuPonts Family

The Freeman Bloodline

The Kennedy Family

The Li Family

The Onassis Bloodline – Cast Of Main Characters

The Rockefeller Bloodline

The Rothschild Dynasty

The Russell Family

The Van Duyn Family

The Merovingian Bloodline

The Disney Bloodline

Allied Families

The Reynolds Family

The McDonald Family

The Krupps Family

The Art Of Deceit

Check out more about Payseur Family History (this link will open a new tab) :-

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7 Responses to Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of the Illuminati

  1. Henry Allen Bishop says:

    I want to purchase the 2nd. Vol. of Fritz Springmeier Vol 2 book.

    • Hi Henry,

      Bloodlines of the Illuminati was written by Fritz Springmeier, who wrote and self-published it as a public domain .pdf in 1995.

      This seminal book has been republished as a three-volume set.

      Volume 1 has the first eight of the 13 Top Illuminati bloodlines: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, and Onassis.

      Volume 2 has the remaining five of the 13 Top Illuminati bloodlines: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and Merovingian.

      Volume 3 has four other prominent Illuminati bloodlines: Disney, Reynolds, McDonald, and Krupps.

      All included and serialized on this site already.

  2. Brian Fergel says:

    I learned about Fritz Springmeier in college (2006 grad). I recall when I first read into his material, and it floored me. My advisor then confirmed the reality of it all, and added more details of local BS. And as it was happening. I’m in California, so the Pelosi, Feinstein, Newsom, Brown, Getty, Schiff, and Boxer families have been in scope just as long, and are still digging deeper.
    Free handouts, just as long as y’all act like a herd of plastic idiots. They’ll all go down; I have faith.

  3. Brian Fergel says:

    My college advisor was on it. Personally, he told me that he’d been absolutely on the case by 2004 (I was a 2006 grad) pertaining to the MSM alongside the CFR & the 3 letter agencies, anything & everything Rothschild or Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, the New World Order, Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030, the Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, etcetera.
    Ellen DeGeneres & Oprah were an early reality check for me. Sarah Palin… Ted Turner (who died without serving any prison time, like that Brit Jimmy Saville)….
    Charlie Sheen … Jimmy Kimmel (he made out with his mother on the Man Show w/ Adam Corolla!!) ….. Right alongside the rest of those freaks.
    Ayn Rand was another that I studied in college, and ultimately my advisor had me focused on so much reality that I’d never noticed before. Karl Marx is another that comes to mind; these evil creatures spell out their intentions for us to get around, confront, or know what to avoid.
    Anyway, we now have so much of a grasp on their Masonic boy’s Clubs & the Jesuits & ill-intended Zionist compadres, not to leave out the Ashkenazis/ Nazis or the Khazarians/ Aryans Federal Reserve money runners of incestuous relations.
    Fritz Springmeier & Bill Cooper & Donald Rumsfeld & Oprah Winfrey & Alex Collier & so many other names were in my realm of focus immediately following college. That’s where I learned about all this.
    Laura Eisenhower, too.
    I didn’t complete anything in college; instead, I opened up so many doors that I’m STILL overwhelmed by all that I still have to process!
    And speaking of the Doors, Jim Morrison’s father was a Millitant who operated the Gulf of Tonkin mascarade; check it out).
    Again, my college advisor alerted me to way too much evil that’s been going on due to warfare, gang encouragement, starving people, and all else to follow the US Presidency since Papa Bush (1989).

    • College advisors would probably be fired for this today.

      I’m aware of most of what you list, although some of it I’m not up to speed.

      However, what I am aware of nowadays. and something to watch out for, are the limited hang-outs and false leads being salted around.

      I know the story of Morrison’s ‘father’, and the Tonkin incident, but have also seen evidence that this is a bit of a trap!

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