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Jefferson, who was a Grand Orient Mason of the famous Nine Sisters Lodge, and apparently a key Illuminatus, was a close friend of Pierre Samuel and was instrumental at several key points in Pierre Samuel’s life when he needed help. Jefferson arranged for the first gunpowder order, when the Du Ponts went into the gunpowder business.

Benjamin Franklin, a key leader of several secret occult fraternal groups was also a close friend of Pierre Samuel. When Benjamin Franklin arrived Dec. 1776 in France, one of the first people he sought out to visit with was Pierre Samuel DuPont. During the next year after that, du Pont was a frequent visitor to Franklin’s residence in the village of Passy.

In 1783, du Pont expected to sit with Franklin at the treaty table in Paris, but John Adams got the Americans to sign a treaty with Britain without France’s involvement. Alexander Hamilton, whose role in the conspiracy is now known, was du Pont’s lawyer in the U.S.


Later in the United States, after successfully setting up the best gunpowder factory in the world, Eleuthère Irenée DuPont was selected along with his friend Nicholas Biddle to be a director of Hamilton’s creation the United States Bank. Remember that Astor was also selected as a director of this “National” Bank.

The Mason Stephen Girard (1750-1831), initiated into Masonry in 1788 in Charleston, S.C., helped establish the second Bank of United States in 1816 and served as its director. Girard had amassed a $9 million fortune by the time of his death. He was born in France, and become a sea captain. Where his money came from is somewhat of a mystery. He gave large sums of his money to masonic charity.


On Jan. 3, 1800, the du Pont tribe arrived in the United States with grandiose plans. Part of the plans were to create a new society. While Victor Marie and his father pursued grandiose schemes that failed miserably, Eleuthère lrénée DuPont started a gunpowder business in Delaware. Irénée’s success can be attributed to several factors:-

·The french government gave him top secret machinery and plans to produce the best gunpowder possible in that day. It was state-of-the-art technology, and they supplied manpower to help get started.

·The DuPonts had friends in various places that helped them in numerous ways, getting financing, business, land, etc.

·Eleuthère lrénée DuPont was intelligent, worked very hard and worked with patience.

If he hadn’t had so many commendable qualities, then the du Pont family may have sunk back in history and another family taken their place.

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Both families were close friends with Thomas Jefferson and Albert Gallatin, I have concluded that both Thomas Jefferson and Albert Gallatin were Illuminati. Further, I discovered in a forty volume set on American Statesmen that Albert Gallatin claimed to be descended from the ancient Roman Consul Callatinus. Incredible as it may seem, the black nobility have kept track of their bloodlines.

The same people ruling the world today are in many ways the descendants of the rulers in past ages. Antoine Charles Cazenove, born in Geneva, Sw. was a business partner with Albert Gallatin. During the War of 1812, the DuPont gunpowder factory since it was the primary American powder company, was the known target for the British to destroy. However, the British never attacked it!

The du Ponts had organized a local militia called the Brandy-wine Rangers. Interestingly, their militia flag was a beehive on white silk. Lafayette visited the du Ponts in Delaware the summer of 1825. Another important Mason who would visit the du Ponts was Henry Clay who was the American Secretary of State and head of the whig party. Henry Clay was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky and Grand Orator for the G.L. 1806-09.

He was one of the Freemasons involved in a high level meeting that used the U.S. Senate Chambers on Mar. 9, 1822 for their meeting. If the du Ponts were already one of the primary top families, it may well be Clay was coming to them for guidance on how to steer the nation. The du Ponts played a role in the building of the American capital, which was laid out and constructed with numerous occult patterns.


The Du Pont gunpowder factories dominated the industry. Within only a short time after getting started in 1802 they had the best quality gunpowder in the world for the general market. Every war the United States has fought starting in 1802, has depended upon Du Pont gunpowder. Henry du Pont (1812-1889) took over command of the gunpowder manufacturing when he was thirty-eight.

He was very authoritarian and was known as Boss Henry. His narrow-minded, backward and authoritarian thinking ran the du Pont company into the ground in spite of their control of the gunpowder market. When he died, Alfred I. du Pont, Pierre Samuel du Pont II (1870-1954), and Thomas Coleman du Pont (1863-1930) took over various DuPont manufacturing affairs. This triumvirate revived the aging Du Pont factories.

They bought out the rest of the gunpowder manufacturers, giving them an absolute monopoly in the munitions industry. They modernized the Du Pont factories and put the Du Pont businesses back Into top shape. On August 22, 1857 the du Ponts lost their first family member to an explosion, Alexis duPont.

The du Ponts had always been in the forefront on safety at their gunpowder factories, but that did not prevent them from having to suffer repeated explosions over the years. In 1872, Henry duPont brought together Laflin & Rand and Hazard Powder Co. in order to form a Gun Powder Trade Association.


What the Association did was to eliminate competition between the three largest manufacturers of gunpowder, and create a monopoly for this cartel. Eventually DuPont bought out the other two plus numerous other small gunpowder companies. I suggest that everyone who believes that the DuPonts and the rest of the elite are capitalists, should take another look at history.

These men do not believe in capitalism, they believe in monopolies, which boils down to the same thing that occurs under communism. When these people described their setting up a monopoly they call it “bringing order and stability to a fragmented and chaotic industry”. In 1889, Alfred I. du Pont attempted to bribe French officers in charge of the production of smokeless gunpowder to give the secrets to him.

But no amount of bribe would work, as the Frenchmen knew they would lose their lives if they gave the secrets to him. The British were not any more helpful. Life was not all peaches and cream. Fred was murdered. William du Pont (1855-1928) was trapped in a marriage with a duPont cousin, May du Pont, that he didn’t want to be married to. Louis Cazenove du Pont a handsome, intelligent young man, committed suicide with a bullet in the library at the Wilmington Club.

Alfred was shot in the face by accident on a hunting trip. The du Pont family had their share of heartaches, broken marriages, insanity, etc. When Mary Belin married into the family she brought some Jewish blood. As a major part of the budding military industrial complex the Du Ponts during the 19th century had to work with the army and navy.

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The army and navy convinced them to implement a contract with the Coopal Co. in Belgium for smokeless powder, which when the formula was received was found to be inferior to what the Americans were already producing. However, this whole episode ended with the Du Ponts going with their own formula and setting up a new plant at Carney’s Point, New Jersey.

This hits the highlights of the family history in their first 100 years in this nation. To celebrate their first hundred years, every living descendant of the first Pierre Samuel was invited to a great banquet. A building was built to house them.

They numbered over 100. At each person’s table setting was a special gift of a gold coin, prepared especially to commemorate this centennial. On Jan. 1, 1900, the DuPont tribe celebrated. The Du Ponts are shrouded in so much secrecy, that their secrecy is not even known.

When Eugene DuPont, the chief executive of the family gunpowder business died near the turn of the century, none of the other Du Ponts hardly even a vague idea of how much the company was worth or what assets it had.

At that time the Du Ponts had powder plants in PA, DEL, Iowa, and TN. The Du Ponts are much the same today, except that their assets are perhaps ten times better hidden, not only from outsiders but from themselves. The Du Ponts have in general made their money the hard way, by working and producing, in contrast to the other top families.

The Du Ponts are to be commended on this, even if at times they have been very tight on what they have given their workers. The Du Ponts have also shown an amazing ability to keep their dynasty alive. There seems to be an increasing invisibility to their family.


The successful three Du Ponts, Alfred, Coleman, and Pierre that together took over the gunpowder factories ended up in some serious infighting after a few years. Alfred divorced his wife to marry his cousin, and the Coleman and many of the others did not approve of the marriage. Alfred and the others got into some serious family infighting. In 1913, Alfred at one point letting his rage get the better of him, got the Delaware legislature to pass a special law changing his first wife’s sons name to spite her.

The special law passed the House in four hours secretly at Alfred’s request but failed by two votes in the Senate after the other Du Ponts found out what Alfred was trying. Alfred built his cousin-wife Alicia the most expensive house on the east coast. In 1910 dollars, the lowest estimate is $2 million, but the actual cost may easily have been several times that. The name of the mansion was named Nemours.

The main grounds of the Nemours estate are 400 acres enclosed by an 9-ft. wall. Broken glass was embedded in the concrete on top of the wall. Beyond the 400 are 2,000 acres that make up the estate. From 1906 until 1920, the du Pont family broke up into two factions that waged a civil war in various arenas. Alfred I. DuPont led a political campaign that fought the corruption of Coleman DuPont’s forces. Up to that time politics, voting and vote counting were totally corrupt.

By April, 1918 Alfred had defeated Coleman for control of Delaware’s politics. In 1911, Alfred bought the principle daily paper in the area the Wilmington Morning News. In 1916, after successfully blocking his uncle Henry A. duPont from being reelected, Alfred duPont bought control of 9 Delaware newspapers.


The company had $9 million surplus in its treasury. The result was that Du Pont absorbed General Motors. The Du Ponts also went Into the chemical business. The American government had seized the German Dye Trust, and the Du Ponts were given their patents. The Du Ponts began to build a great chemical empire on the synthetic, such as shatterproof glass, paints, rayon, nylon, dyes, photographic film, rubber, chemicals, drugs, etc.

Only the Dow Chemical Company is any competition with the DuPont chemical operation. Alfred Victor du Pont (Alfred I.’s son) served only as a private in the marines during W.W. I and was on board several ships. And yet for some reason when W.W. 11 broke out, he was made a consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1943 to 1945. He was an Episcopalian. Emile Francis du Pont (1898- ) graduated from Yale, like a number of du Ponts have.

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Du Pont saved GM from extinction after W.W.I and has watched over GM since. Robert L duPont, Jr. is a research psychiatrist. He has done research at Harvard. He was the delegate for the US. at United Nations Commission on Narcotic drugs (1973-78). He is especially knowledgeable about what drugs will do to a person, which is an area of his research. And Francis Marguerite du Pont (born 1944 in Duluth, Minn.) is deep into research into genetics.

Those of us, who know what these people want to do, cringe when we see that some of the top genetic researchers are connected with Satanic families. Every American almost everyday uses a Du Pont product. When I began learning what the Du Pont industries produce it is utterly astonishing. Anything that involves chemicals is under their production. Herbivores and fertilizers for farming. cosmetics and nylons for women, chemicals for all types of industrial production, textiles of all kinds, cleaning fluids such as when your clothes are dry cleaned.

Most of us are using Du Pont products almost continuously all through the day! General Motors, the explosives and gunpowder monopoly, the chemical monopoly (which is tens of thousands of products) gives the du Ponts enormous financial leverage. The Du Ponts obviously are in close cooperation with the elite involved with oil, because so many of their products are derivatives of petroleum products. In 1940, it was estimated the du Pont famIly was worth $5 billion. Today, their total worth must be many billions of dollars, not to mention the enormous power they wield. The very survival of the United States military is dependent upon the military products of the Du Ponts.


Some of Du Pont’s research is in “risky” areas, that means that it is difficult to see how the research can financially benefit the company. This has been admitted by the company. The Aviation Week and Space Technology, 10/26/92 issue, talks about the sophisticated composite materials that Du Pont is producing for state of the art space and aviation vehicles. I imagine some of these composite materials are finding there way to the secret UFO bases, and DuPont may well be producing some of the parts for these secret anti-gravity machines.

The article states that Boeing Defense and Space Group, Lockhead Aeronautical Systems Co., General Dynamics and DuPont and Hercules, Inc. are working together on aeronautics projects. Boeing and Lockhead are definitely involved with the production of flying saucers, so this may be a good clue that DuPont is too. The article states that DuPont has been a leading supplier for advanced US military programs.

An example of the sophisticated materials that the DuPonts are producing is XTC; the first recyclable, class-A finish thermoplastic sheet molding compound for horizontal exterior body panels. It is a flexible, porous; interwoven sheet of polyethylene berephthalate-impregnated long-glass fiber. General Motors (DuPonts) selected the material for use on their air-intake manifold on certain 1993 V-6 engines.

Automotive Show Features Lots of Toughened Materials”, by Stuart A. Wood, April 1992 issue, The CEO of E.l. du Pont de Nemours & Co. is Edgar Woolard who took over in 1989. Edgar is innovative which will be beneficial in the ’90s with all the upheavals coming. One item that the Illuminati have planned is to put things into our major city water supplies. Interestingly, DuPont has research facilities and a Chamber’s Work facility in Deepwater, New Jersey which both deal with water treatment.

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Main Reference :- https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/

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