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In 1836 Nathan Rothschild, head of the House of Rothschild, died. The headship was passed on to his younger brother, James, by a vote of all the brothers. In 1830 the signs of masonic-fueled revolution began to appear again. Metternich’s ‘peace of the world’ (they always call imperialism ‘peace’) was being threatened. A new king was set up in France, the House of Orange was dethroned in the Netherlands.

The fires of revolution were spreading through the masonic network and Metternich began to lose his grip on Europe. The Revolution of 1848 in France de-throned yet another royal house. James went along with the masonic agenda and financed this revolution, even though he was a friend of the court. The revolution marked the end of Metternich’s ‘Age’ and that same year insurrectors chased him and Salomon out of Austria.

Neither returned, but a Vienna House had already been established, others would carry it on, under the direction of Salomon’s son, Anselm. Metternich’s descendants are still close to the House of Rothschild. After this, the power of the Rothschilds weakened. By 1855 four brothers were dead, except James.


Napoleon III was now in power in France and his advisors were the enemies of James. But Rothschild ingenuity came through again when James got Napoleon Ill to marry a Rothschild agent. James died in 1868 and the family headship went to Alphonse, his son, a suave, socially elite man.

Three cousins now ran the show – Alphonse (1827–1905) of the French House, Lionel (1808–1879) of the English House and Anselm (1803–1874) of the Vienna House – ‘The New Trinity’.

Anselm set up a new firm, Creditanstalt in Vienna and the three banded together to attack and combat Credit Mobilier (a French enemy bank) until it collapsed. After the fall of France’s Credit Mobilier, Napoleon III stepped onto the Rothschild bandwagon.

Alphonse was powerful, he had ‘access’ to men like Napoleon III and Bismark of Prussia. The Illuminati decided to get rid of Napoleon III, so English Prime Minister Gladstone (friend of the Rothschilds) set things up so that Prussia and France would go to war.

Napoleon III proceeded to attack Prussia and Bismark responded in a flurry, defeating France and banishing Napoleon III from the throne. The war indemnities were paid to Bismark (who had a dislike for Alphonse) through the Rothschilds.


Alphonse married another Rothschild, but had the Contessa de Castiglione as his mistress. She was a beautiful woman, a Marylin Monroe of her day, and she was also the mistress of his brother Gustave Rothschild and Napoleon III.

Anselm was a shrewd playboy and in 1861 he became a member of the Austrian Imperial House of Lords. Anselm had many mistresses and his wife left him because of his adultery.

Lionel of the English House, inherited New Court in 1836. He financed England’s Crimean War, Cecil Rhodes’ South African kingdom, vast copper and nitrate mines and the Suez Canal. Lionel’s younger brother, Anthony, was knighted by the Queen.

Another brother, Nathaniel, bought the renowned Mouton vineyards near Bordeaux. Lionel was a good friend of Prime Ministers Disraeli (who was controlled by Rothschild money) and Gladstone. He also probably paid for Lord John Russell’s election as Prime Minister.

In 1858, Lionel became the first Jew in the House of Commons. After 11 tries, the British Parliament gave in and allowed Rothschild to take his seat. Not a single significant political move by Lionel was recorded during his stay in Parliament. He was a member for 15 years.

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After Amschel of the House of Frankfurt died without an heir, two of Carl of Italy’s sons came to take over the business. But they also remained heirless, bearing only daughters. When the last brother died in 1900, the Frankfurt bank was liquidated.

I believe they did not try to continue the original bank because they knew that Germany was about to be caught up in the turmoil of the world wars, they eventually set up another Frankfurt bank after Germany’s turmoil.

The one son of Carl who had stayed in Naples produced only daughters and when Geribaldi’s Red Shirts unified Italy, this remaining son (out of character for a Rothschild) chose not to accommodate the new powers and moved to France. Thus ended the Italian branch.


The Rothschild relationship to the Jews is deceiving. The family stance is publicized as ‘pro-Jewish’, and they have given abundant charity to Jewish causes. But their support of the Jewish race has, in most cases, been used for the sole purpose of controlling the direction and profiting from the Jews.

The Rothschilds have been described as the ‘Royal Family’ of the Jews. But what kind of Judaism do the Rothschilds support? Do they support the Orthodox Jews who believe in the Old Testament and are waiting for the return of the messiah? No. Do they support Messianic Jews who believe Jesus Christ was the messiah who came to save all men? No.

The Rothschilds support those Jews who have fallen prey to the deceptive gnostic and occultic teachings of Cabalism and in turn support the Illuminati controlled Zionist movement. Not all Zionists are part of the conspiracy, but their leaders are, and the ultimate leaders of the Zionists have been the Rothschilds.

I am disappointed by researchers, who automatically coin the conspiracy a ‘Jewish’ one. I believe that there are people who call themselves ‘Christians’, who are part of the conspiracy, at the same time there are people who call themselves ‘Jews’, who are part of the conspiracy. To call the conspiracy ‘Jewish’ is ignorant.


The Rothschilds have been involved in Cabalism, Jewish Sabbatism and Frankism, all of which are involved in witchcraft. This belief is strengthened by the Rothschild’s use of the occultic Seal of Solomon as a family symbol.

The city in which the Rothschilds originated, Frankfurt, was deeply anti-Semitic. The Rothschilds were constantly striving to overcome the boundaries put on them because of their culture. It is very likely this berthed a bitterness in their hearts towards ‘Christian’ society.

This bitterness and the need to facilitate more profit and power were most likely the reasons why they accepted the idea of a Jewish state. I will assume that the readers understand that the Zionism / restoration of Israel concept is an unbiblical sham.

The following quote will help you understand the Rothschild attitude towards the Jews, “the first principle of the House of Rothschild was to amass wealth and the liberation of the Jewish race, from oppressive restrictions, contributed indirectly to this end”.

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There are 3 Baron Edmond Rothschilds and they have all been involved with the nation of Israel. To avoid confusion I will number them:-

Edmond #1 (1845-1934) House of France. Son of James and brother of Alphonse.

Edmund #2 “Eddie” Leopold (1916–2009) House of England. Son of Lionel Nathan and great, great grandson of the infamous Nathan Rothschild.

Edmond #3 Adolphe Jules Jacques Maurice (1926–1997) House of France. Son of Maurice (the black sheep!) and grandson of Edmond #1.

The story begins with Edmond #1, the ‘Father of Israel’. During the Crimean War (1853-1856) which was funded by the Rothschilds, the small Jewish community in Jerusalem became cut off from all outside support.

This resulted in ‘semi-starvation’. Edmond’s #1 father, James, set up the James Mayer de Rothschild Hospital in Jerusalem in response to this problem. Edmond #1 picked up his father’s interest in Palestine.


When the Russian Jews fled the Czar’s pogroms in the 1880’s, Edmond #1 began to finance the Russian Jew’s attempts to establish colonies in Palestine. It is clear that Edmond #1 was a fan of Zionism, his charities were not only aiding the persecuted, but were promoting the concept of a return to the ‘homeland’.

The Baron’s money drained swamps, dug wells and built houses. It founded industries, ranging from scent factories, to glass works, from wine cellars to bottle manufacturers. The Baron established his own administration in Palestine and his overseers, dictated to the farmers exactly what crops were to be grown and where.

The man who set up the first Zionist Congress was Theodor Herzl. He attempted to get the support for his plans to ‘restore the Jewish state’, from the Rothschilds, but many members of the family were opposed to Zionism. One Rothschild told Herzl he was an Englishman and proposed to remain one.

Edmond #1, on the other hand, was leading a Rothschild plan, similar to Herzl’s, that slowly created a Jewish state controlled by the family. Edmond #1 did not oppose Zionism, in fact he supported Herzl’s cause, yet he felt Herzl’s plans should not be implemented so soon, they were to be accomplished quietly, stealthily, not by shouting from the roof-tops.

The Baron continued to support his own colonies, though Edmond #1 did not want Herzl in control. Later, after Herzl had died and was no longer a threat, Edmond #1 went right on pouring money into the Jewish ‘homeland’. Edmond #1 had a tight-fisted control of the colonies.


In 1901 the Jews in Palestine sent a delegation to the Baron who told him “if you wish to save the Yishuv (the 1882 Jewish settlement) first take your hands from it and allow the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves, whatever needs correcting”.

This upset the Baron, who replied: “I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organizations, have the right to interfere in my plans”. Herzl was succeeded as President of World Zionism by David Wolffsohn (Pres. 1905-1911).

Wolffsohn got the full support of the Baron. Wolffsohn’s successor was Otto Warburg (Pres. 1911-1921). Chaim Azriel Weizmann (1874-1952) was a Zionist leader and Israeli statesman, who served as president (1921-1931 & 1935-1946) of the Zionist Organization and later as the first president of Israel in 1949.

The Baron Rothschild told Weizmann be would finance a Hebrew University in Palestine. With Weizmann’s appearance on the scene, the Baron became closer to Zionism. In 1914 Edmond #1 traveled to Palestine and could scarcely believe his eyes.

Tel Aviv had become a city and his miserable windswept colonies had been transformed into lush gardens. His journey to Palestine was hailed as the ‘prince returning to his people’. Later the Baron Rothschild told Weizmann, “Without me Zionism would not have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would have been struck to death”.

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Another Rothschild embraced Zionism through Weizmann – Lionel Walter (1868–1937) the second Lord Rothschild (apparently this upset some relations). The Balfour declaration, which declared England’s support of the creation of a Jewish homeland, was addressed to Lord Rothschild II.

Lord Rothschild also received the documents of support from the League of Nations. Charles T Russell sent a letter to Lord Rothschild that praised him for his work towards a Jewish homeland. After World War I, Britain ruled Palestine and the Rothschilds ruled Britain.

Also, a bulk of unpaid debts to the Rothschilds, by the failed Ottoman Empire, gave the family more control over Palestine.


Then came Hitler. According to Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst who wrote the book ‘The Mind of Adolf Hitler’, the demonic German leader was a grandson of a Rothschild.

Adolf’s father, AIois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois.

An Austrian document was supposedly prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of a Baron Rothschild.

As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back to her home, where Alois was born. It is believed that Hitler (who was totally created by Satan’s Empire) attacked Austria first, in order to destroy the Austrian records that proved his Jewish ancestry.


As Hitler’s demonic attack on the Jews progressed, one would imagine that the Zionists would come to the rescue and offer Palestine as a safe haven. Not so. Many European countries shut their doors to the Jews, including the Palestine colonies.

The Zionist controlled immigration laws in Palestine were very strict and it was near impossible to escape to the Jewish homeland. In fact, the Zionists refused to admit there was a Holocaust going on, although evidence points to them knowing!

I suppose in their minds it was OK to sacrifice a great number of Jewish lives, in order to promote the idea of a Jewish state. To the elite the Holocaust was like shooting dead a herd of cattle to receive the insurance payment.

When the Zionist Organization, against the natural impulses of the whole Jewish people, decided to do business with Hitler, to trade German goods against the wealth of German Jewry, to flood the Palestine market with German products and thus make a mockery of the boycott against German-made articles, they found llttle opposition in the Jewish National Homeland and least of all among its aristocracy – the so-called Kibutniks.

Hitler forced the Jews to wear the six-pointed star as a sign of shame. It was this same symbol that the Rothschilds were named after and the same symbol that the Zionists promoted as a symbol of Jewish national identity. Do you see the contradiction?

Spiritually, a parallel can be seen in the rituals to Ashteroth and Moloch, where the victims were burned as sacrifices to these false gods. Were the victims of the Nazis someone’s sacrificial offerings? I believe they were.

Unfortunately, few Jews will tolerate a discussion of this subject. After World War II, the UN, spurred on by the IllumInati, created horrors against the Jews, granting Israel its statehood.


Then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft (including Arab magicians, Druids, witches and Satanists), astrology, through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist, in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset of the new State of Israel.

Simply stated, Zionism (with Rothschild support) promotes a New World Order.

The Rothschild control of Israel is immense. Edmond #1 established Trusts that make massive donations to Israel. Biographer Virginia Cowles explains: “Originally the principle Trust was known as Pica – Palestine Jewish Colonization Association (est 1924) – but when it became clear, after the establishment of the State of Israel, that colonization would be handled by the Government, its functions were changed. Edmond’s son, James, renamed it.

When James died in 1957 his widow, Dollie, assumed the presidency which she still holds. For many years she has been powerfully assisted by Lord Victor Rothschild and recently she has enlisted the help of the latter’s son, Lord Jacob. The Trust knows no boundaries. In the 1960s it carried out James’ wishes by providing money for the Knesset, the new Parliament building in Jerusalem.

Today its beneficiaries range from universities, hospitals and public libraries to archaeological digs, from the board of the Weizmann Scientific Institute to the organizers of Instructional Television.

The satanic Rothschilds simply dominate Israel. The Rothschilds help Satan’s Empire control the world’s resources, the world’s nations and the world’s religions. They are an institution in the conspiracy and, if one looks carefully, the path of their destructive reign can be followed through the history of the past 3 centuries.

This article will be continued in another article, where It will discuss the House of Rothschild in the 19th and 20th Century.

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