Rothschilds in the 19th-20th Century – Russian Revolution

Lenin said that the establishment of a central bank was 90% of communizing a nation. Lenin himself (and Trotsky) were required to place MI6 operatives in key positions during the Russian Revolution. These operatives were in turn controlled by the Satanic elite back in London, England.

It is no secret that the Rothschilds play a major role in International Bankers and that various Rothschilds, like Lord Victor Rothschild have played major roles in MI6. I mention these two items to drive home what should be an obvious conclusion, the Rothschilds are major players in the control of the world and the New World Order.

There is so much activity on the part of the modern-day Rothschilds, that the controlled news media’s censorship, which protects the Rothschilds have not been able to screen out everything, there are still tidbits here and there, that filter through the controlled media’s censorship.

Still my search continues for descendants of the Rothschilds who are willing to expose what the Rothschilds are all about. I have found a few. One who I have not had the opportunity to interview yet, is Daniel Yoder, the husband of Rebecca Brown.

Daniel was an Illuminatus of the Rothschild bloodline and escaped them and has been attempting to do some exposure of their Satanic practices. According to what I have been told, they wanted to skin him alive. I have unfortunately not been able to interview Daniel, who has been called by the Lord to strengthen the end time church.


One of the principle points that should be borne in mind, is that the actual occult power of the Rothschild bloodline is hidden in secret lineages. Although the Rothschilds make up part of the Rothschild bloodline, people should also watch out for names such as Bauer, Bowers, Sassoons, and many other last names.

People within the illuminati who have Rothschild blood are aware of their secret ancestry, but outsiders are more often than not, never going to be told that they carry such ‘powerful’ occult blood.

During IlluminatI ceremonies, when candidates are presented for approval at the Sisters of Light and the Mothers of Darkness levels, the bloodline of the Rothschilds is actually called ‘the Rothschild bloodline’.

Although it originally went by the name Bauer the name ‘Rothschild’ was the occult name that the Bauers personally chose for their bloodline to be a power broker in Latin America.

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One of my friends from South America got to personally witness the destruction of South America by Rothschild interests. One item that I am familiar with from history, is how the nation of Bolivia in 1908 had the fine distinction of having absolutely no foreign debt.

However, in 1908 the Morgans of America loaned Bolivia money and in 1917 Chandler & Co. loaned them $2.4 millIon. Thus began the plunge of a free nation into economic slavery to the Illuminati’s international Bankers. The point is that nations like Bolivia, if left alone, would have been far better off.

The problems these ‘banana republics’ have, is to a large degree being caused by powerful outsiders, like the Rothschilds, who then direct organizations like the IMF to ‘save’ these poor nations.

When the Rothschilds set themselves up in Brazil, they set up to be there permanently. They came in during the 19th century. The Rothschilds and other British Interests played a major role in Brazil’s railway system, which became a law unto itself.

Just as the secret history of the railway tycoons reveals a great deal about the secret elite in the US, so it does in Brazil. Later Henry Kaiser and Nelson Rockefeller moved into South America to promote their capitalistic visions. They promoted the light industrialization of Latin America and its economic interdependence in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Brazilians have looked to Rockefeller as their connection to the United States. Other elite families, besides the Rothschilds, have substantial Latin American economic control, such as the DuPonts.


The story of what happened to BankCal, which was the oldest bank in California, illustrates how powerful the Rothschilds are in the US. What Edmond Rothschild (1926–1997) did with BankCal exposed to the world that men like the Rothschilds do not have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

In 1973, the CEO of BankCal, De Bretteville sold Edmond Rothschild 300,000 shares of Bancal Tristate Corp., 22% of the holding company for the Bank of California. Bank of California had the only banking franchise, at the time, which was in all three Pacific rim states (OR, WA, CA).

Edmond carried out a series of actions which dropped the value of BankCal’s stock drastically. Financial advisors and securities analysts convinced small stockholders to sell their BankCal stock, which they did for rock bottom prices, as little as $16 a share. Rothshild bought some at that price.

Some of Rothschild’s secret proxies paid slightly higher prices. Most of the stock went to anonymous investors trading through private banks. Nearly 20% of the bank’s stock was sold by misled shareholders and was sold to secret European bank accounts.

The Baron and his friends secretly began buying the Bank’s stock after it had hit rock bottom prices. During 1979 to 1981 more than 15% of Bank of California’s stock was sold in Europe. Such an abrupt shift in a stock’s trading pattern, is supposed to set off alarms with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The United States has the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in place to protect the American public from stock fraud. Instead the Securities and Exchange Commission turned a blind eye to all the insider trading.

The European buyers bought their cheap stock as secretly as possible. They did not openly shop through American brokerages. Instead, they bought small and therefore, unremarkable, blocks of stock through dozens of private banks in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

The Baron told his friends that he would sell BankCal, while he publicly gave the appearance that the company was not for sale. It was announced that David Rockefeller. as well as the elite’s front man for BCCI, Ghaith Pharaon, had both talked with Edmond Rothschild about the purchase of BankCal.

Rothschild said he would not sell his shares in the bank. Jean Marc Vemes, a buddy of Edmond, bought 310,000 shares, through a defunct Asian mining company. He was anonymous until Edmond Rothschild nominated him to the bank’s board of directors. After gathering up shares at rock bottom prices, Rothschild announced an official change of heart to sell the bank at $50 a share.

Rothschild then sold this supposedly American bank to the Japanese, Mitsubishi and ‘made a killing’ of his manipulations and insider trading. In Mar. 1982, Mitsubishi began secret negotiation to buy the bank which they codenamed ‘Snoopy’.

Over the years, stockholders had watched various companies offer $74 a share, $60 a share and other good terms only to be rebuffed. When Rothschild finally sold to the Japanese, it was clear that his whole goal had been to cheat stockholders to ensure a big cash reward for himself.


The men who formed Milner’s Round table group from the various clues in their lives were by and large secret satanists. Rhodes and Stead created a secret society which had a ‘circle of initiates’.

This circle included such names as Albert (Lord) Grey, Arthur (Lord) Balfour, Sir Harry Johnston, and Lord Rothschild. Milner was on the executive committee of this secret group. Carroll Quigley dates the start of the group as March 1891.

Apparently, the Rothschilds helped finance this secret society. In 1909-1913, this secret society in turn formed Round Table groups in British dependencies and the US. Eight of these round table groups were still functioning into the 1970s.

The RIIA is also sometimes called Chatham House. The first Round Table group of the Rhode-Milner group were sometimes called the Cliveden Set because they often met at the Astor’s Cliveden Estate.

Three Illuminati families stand out in the creation of the Round Table groups, which then became the RIIA and the CFR and related groups.

These are the Rothschilds, Astors, and Greys. The Bailey family also shows up an important generational satanic family. The RIIA and its various branches such as the CFR are very powerful today.

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The Rothschild family reached a peak in its power during the Age of Metternich (1814-1848), but as the century waned, so did Rothschild power. They still held a considerable amount of influence but their ‘veto power’ was not as strong as it had been before the Revolutionary overthrow of Metternich’s Europe.

This lagging power was nothing that could not be reversed and the last half of the 19th century was spent manufacturing another incredible climb upward.

The new rise in power came about during the reign of the ‘New Trinity’ – Alphonse (France) Lionel (England) and Anselm (Vienna). The succeeding generations of these three family leaders were the catalysts of new family order.

An excellent example of Rothschild power in the late 19th century is the families dealings with the Illuminati Habsburgs. In order to be courtworthy for the Habsburgs you had to have four ancestral lines of nobility and you had to be baptized.

Yet Emperor Francis Joseph gave the Rothschilds ‘a special act of grace’ in 1887. From then on, the House was allowed to be on close terms with the Habsburgs. This was a considerable act. The European nobility are very serious about their aristocratic rules.

Francis Joseph was not very close to the House, but his wife was a good friend of the Rothschilds. Another great example of Rothschild influence is their direct Involvement on both sides of the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars. Bismarck, dictator of Prussia, was a sort of son to fatherless Amschel of Frankfurt.


Bismarck’s banker, Bleichroder, was a Rothschild agent and the richest man in Berlin. He was invaluable to Bismarck as the financier of the dictator’s wars with Austria and France. In Austria, the Hapsburgs were at least publicly implored by Alphonse and Anthony of Paris and Anselm of Vienna, to avoid a war with the ambitious Prussian dictator at all costs.

Of all the international banking families, the Rothschilds appeared to be in favor of peace the most, although this was probably a ruse. ‘We want peace at any price”, said Anthony de Rothschild. “What do we care about Germany, or Austria or Belgium? That sort of thing is out of date”.

But the Austrians gave in to Bismarck’s provocations and embarked on a war with Prussia in 1866, the Rothschilds had all congregated in London for a family wedding the year before. It is possible the wedding was used as an excuse to assemble the family together to discuss a plan of action concerning the up-coming events.

Austria had been warned. In seven weeks the war was over, Bismarck had crushed the Austrians. The war had been financed by Rothschild agent, Bleichroder. Then Bismarck began to provoke France. Napoleon III was in the pocket of the head of all the Rothschilds, Alphonse de Rothschild of the Paris House.

In fact, the two even shared the same mistress. Alphonse also had ‘access’ to Bismarck. He was on both sides of the track, so to speak. Then, (very possibly under Rothschild direction) Bismarck began to try to put a German prince on the Spanish throne. Napoleon III responded by telling Alphonse that France could not allow such a thing, and unless England intervened, diplomatically he would have no choice but to go to war against Prussia.


The Emperor wished to use the Rothschild’s courier/agent system to relay this message to England. Baron Alphonse did so, sending the message to Nathaniel de Rothschild at New Court, who relayed it to a close family friend and former Prime Minister Gladstone, who refused to intervene.

The frictions between France and Prussia had become irreconcilable. Napoleon III declared war on Prussia in 1870. Crowned heads and statesmen alike, believed that at long last Bismarck had taken on an impossible task.

Despite everyone’s confidence in France, Alphonse sent his family to England. He apparently knew better. Napoleon III suffered a terrible defeat. His empire came to an end. This war was also financed by the Rothschild agent, Bleichroder.

Biographers seem to think the Rothschilds were very distraught over Napoleon III’s loss. But It also appears they were behind the whole mess. Perhaps the fear of the unpredictability of the new revolution caused this dismay.

Perhaps their plan was to keep connections on both sides of the conflict and ride out the storm, but they were upset because their philosophical loyalty was to France. The family had their hands in both sides of the conflict, it even appears they manufactured the conflict.

The House of Rothschild wanted to get rid of Napoleon Ill and his empire. After the war the French economy was devastated. The Rothschild agent, Junius Morgan, was brought in to help restore the French financial situation.
He made a large profit.

As you can see the Rothschild’s involvement in the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars was significant, even though they were crying peace.

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