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In our modern times two men of Illuminati from the Krupp family stand out, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halsbach (1907-1967) and Charles “Chip” Bohlen (1904-1974). Chip Bohlen’s grandfather and Alfred Krupp’s great-grandfather were brothers. The Halbach and Bohlen families had united in marriage prior to the Civil War.

Charles (Chip) Eustis Bohlen (1904-1974) was born to Celestine Eustis and Charles Bohlen. His father Charles Bohien was a wealthy man and his mother’s family had also been prominent. His mother Celestine’s father was the American Ambassador to France in 1893.

Alfred Krupp was the most powerful and richest man in the common market or Europe during the 1960s, and Chip Bohlen was one of the most powerful political figures of the United States, serving as the U.S. ambassador to the USSR for many years.

Because Chip Bohien had connections, it was mutually decided by several people that he should become a diplomat. The state department at the time he joined had tarnished its reputation with the public with several scandals.


One diplomat had indecently exposed himself, another had been arrested for molesting two boys and another had shot himself. Chip Bohlen seems to have been way above scandals.

Chip was very intelligent and very discreet. In addition to being very discreet and close-lipped, the elite’s press and the System in general, over the years, have kept Chip Bohlen’s life a secret from the public.

Most men of Chip Bohien’s stature would appear in the Who’s Who in America. Not Chip Bohlen. He has managed to keep to a very low profile, thanks to the Illuminati’s control over all types of information, while remaining one of the most powerful men in the 20th century.

Senator McCarthy, who was catching on to the Illuminati’s conspiracy, tried to prevent Bohlen from being approved as the US ‘Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the USSR’.

New World Order leader and Chip’s co-worker George F. Kennen described Chip Bohlen with the following, “No single person was present at more of the high-level diplomatic encounters of the WWII and immediate postwar periods than Charles Bohlen”.

Yet how often are Americans told that while Charles Bohlen was advising Roosevelt to give the Soviets eastern Europe, at Yalta in 1943, his relatives Gustav and Alfred Krupp, were directing the manufacture of Hitler’s best armaments?


In April 1953, the Senate gave him the important position. However, Chip’s brother-in-law quit his political career after being exposed by McCarthy. I had believed the lie of the press that McCarthy was after communists, but I read something he wrote which showed that he was out to expose a worldwide occult conspiracy, not simply communism.

The work the Senator did is continually referred to as a ‘witch hunt’, but some day the witches he tried to protect America from may well put this nation through another Holocaust, and then the ‘witch hunt’ of the Senator will seem mild. Chip Bohlen also served as the no. 1 adviser for three Secretaries of State – James F. Byrnes, George C. Marshall (1945-’46) and Christian Herter (1959-’61).

After graduating from Harvard in the late 1920s, Chip worked for Frank B. Kellogg and Henry L. Stimson. The U.S. State Department trained Chip to speak Russian several years before the US had diplomatic ties with Russia. When the US put in an embassy in Moscow in 1934, Chip helped open the first American embassy in communist Russia. The American diplomats stayed at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow.

The Savoy Hotel in London has been used as an important Illuminati building. Chip stayed in communist USSR until 1940, when the US government moved him to Tokyo to help in Japan. According to Chip, he and others were not surprised that Pearl Harbor took place, because there were strong indications that it was going to happen.


After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Chip was placed under arrest by the Japanese. Then on June 20, 1942, Chip, Keith Meyers head of Standard Oil in Tokyo, and some other Americans were put on board the Asama Maru and returned to the United States via Portuguese East Africa. Chip Bohlen interpreted for Averell Harriman, when Harriman met the Russians for talks.

Chip Bohlen did the interpreting and some advising of the President when Roosevelt had his meetings with Stalin. Averell Harriman, a member of the Illuminati, liked Chip and the work he did.

If one looks at photographs of the Yalta and the Tehran meetings between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt you will see Chip Bohlen in the background. Chip was also at the Potsdam Conference between Truman and Stalin.


He was also in San Francisco as a participant who helped create the United Nations in 1945. It was Bohlen and others who actually wrote out the Marshall plan and then requested that Secretary of State, George Marshall spell it out in a speech at Harvard.

It would take a long article to cover all the big meetings that Bohlen participated in. Needless to say, he attended more big meetings involving global politics than any other American.

When Chip became the American Ambassador to the USSR, the Russians trusted Chip enough to stop their practice of having agents always follow the American Ambassador. Chip’s predecessors as ambassadors had been George F. Kennen and Llewellyn E. Thompson. They had always been followed by Russian agents.


Chip was noted for his intelligence and candor by his colleagues, but the Establishment has kept the full story about him very much under wraps.

Perhaps only people like the CIA and intelligence personnel know the full story. As Chip Bohlen was, he has been relegated to being in the shadows, but there is no doubt that Chip Bohlen was part of the Illuminati.

This author waited until there was verification from independent ex-Illuminati sources that Alfred Krupp (his full name includes the title “von Bohlen und Halsbach”) had been a member of the Illuminati.


We have learned that Illuminati Kingpins like the Krupps are above the law, and are usually above getting themselves sincerely exposed in the controlled media. The Krupps provide an excellent example of how a military build-up can be hidden, and how scandalous behavior of the elite can go unpublicized and unpunished. The same things are still happening today.

We have learned about two Krupps who wielded enormous power during the twentieth century, Alfred Krupp and Chip Bohlen. Alfred Krupp was the most powerful man in European economic aflairs during his lifetime, and Chip Bohlen, who was perhaps the most influential American diplomat of the twentieth century.

We have gotten a glimpse of how the remaining Krupps today are scattered and are to be expected to continue to play an active role in the ritual life and mind-control programming of the Illuminati.


When the war ended, old man Gustav was at Bluembach Castle, which is located at a remote site in the Austrian Alps.

The American officer who captured the castle was Chip Bohlen’s brother-in-law Col. Charles W. Thayer (in other words a relative of Gustav Krupp), who made sure the American troops did not loot the castle.

This is a very strange coincidence, that of the millions of allied troops, a relative of the Krupps is the one to capture Gustav Krupp’s castle. Col. Thayer knew what Bluenbach Castle was all about, before he took off with his men to find it.

The four-storied ivy covered castle has a pink granite driveway, and a beautiful and luxurious interior. Even if a visitor gets to the main gate which is remote enough, there is still a long trip to the castle.

One of the snow-covered mountains surrounding the postcard perfect castle has the legendary cave of Barbarosa, who is said to be asleep waiting to be woken by black ravens to come back to life and save Germany.

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