Rothschilds 19-20th Century – Here We Go!

Continued from the Rothschilds in the 19th-20th Century article.

The Knickerbocker Panic of 1907 made people want a powerful central bank that could ‘protect’ the common man from the ‘abuses of the Wall Street bankers’. This whole thing eventually led to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

One of the men with the Morgan financial groups was Harold Stanley. Stanley was a member of the Skull & Bones. After JP Morgan died in 1913, the Morgan firm became Morgan, Stanley & Co..

His son, Harvard educated, JP Morgan Jr., took over. Morgan Jr. ran the bank with a team of managers, that was led by Thomas Lamont. Morgan Jr. was, like his father, a power-hungry international banker.

He was famous for his handling of immense foreign loans. Most importantly, Morgan Jr. appears to have followed in the footsteps of the former heads of the House of Morgan, by working with the Rothschilds.


Remember the Schiff family? In the first Rothschilds in the 19th-20th Century article, it was explained that they shared a residency in Frankfurt, forever binding the two families. The Schiffs became Rothschild agents and like most agents of the Rothschilds, they eventually became very rich and powerful.

The most prominent of the Schiffs was, Jacob Henry Schiff. Jacob was born in Frankfurt in 1847 and was sent by the Rothschild/Schiff network to America, to make his fortune (much like the Astors sent John Jacob Astor). Jacob Schiff arrived in New York in 1865. Ten years later he became the partner of the Illuminati firm, Kuhn, Loeb & Co..

Ten years after that, he became its president. Jacob Schiff was also on the board of directors of Central Trust Co., Western Union and Wells Fargo Co.. Like most elite, he gave vast amounts of money to charity. Philanthropy pays off in a big way, to the ruling class.


The Illuminati interests wanted to create a central bank in America and build the Federal Reserve. First, they needed a bunch of banking crises, that would push public opinion towards a Federal Reserve system. These were provided by the Illuminati, including the Panic of 1907. Second, they needed a favorable US president in office. Rothschild agent Colonel House provided this, by getting Woodrow Wilson elected.

The American people were being conditioned. To provide the ‘reform of the American banking system’, a congressional National Monetary Commission was created and a man related to the Rockefellers, Nelson Aldrich, was put in charge. For two years this Commission traveled around Europe hob-nobbing with the Illuminati and getting directions as to how the central bank should be set up.

The Commission returned in 1910 and Nelson Aldrich went to a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club in Georgia, to write the legislation for an American central bank, to be run by the Illuminati. Others at the Jekyll Island meeting were these Illuminati men – A Platt Andrew, Frank A Vanderlip (Kuhn-Loeb & Co.), Henry Davidson (JP Morgan), Charies Norton (Morgan Bank), Paul Warburg (Kuhn-Loeb & Co. and brother-in-law of Schiff), Benjamin Strong (another Morgan company).

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Most of these men were connected to Jacob Schiff or JP Morgan, who in turn were agents for the House of Rothschild. The Jekyll Island Hunt Club was even owned by JP Morgan. The Federal Reserve bill was sneakily passed through congress in the winter of 1913 and President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law. The Illuminati, particularly the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, had usurped the financial power of the United States.

The first governor of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve (FED) was Benjamin Strong. The first governor of the FED’s board of directors was Paul Warburg. Both connected to Schiff, JP Morgan Jr. and the House of Rothschild. The FED has been an effective tool of the Illuminati and the Rothschilds, creating crises such as the Great Depression .

Apparently, the Depression helped consolidate financial power over the US, putting It in the hands of the Rothschild banking alliance, between JP Morgan’s First National Bank group and Schiff’s Kuhn, Loeb-run National City Bank. The Great Depression also lead to Roosevelt’s New Deal.


Rothschild connections to the first world war are an excellent example of controlled conflict. On the Allied side the British and French Houses financially supported their country’s battles. JP Morgan Bank was a big financial help to the Allied cause, as the Allies ‘purchasing agent’ until the US entered the war.

It also created a syndicate that financed ‘modernization’ in China, to help defend that country against the Japanese threat. The elite wanted America in the war. Large banking Interests were deeply interested in the World War because of wide opportunities for large profits.

The Lusitania was a ploy. It was packed with some Morgan owned ammunition, had been given over to England as a member of the navy and despite the warnings of the Germans, was sent Into a naval war zone, specifically to be a target – the catalyst for America’s entrance to the war.

A knowledgeable American State Department failed to warn the US citizens aboard the ship. Churchill ordered the Lusitanina’s naval escort to return to port and the fated ship was left unprotected, to be sunk. Rothschild agent Colonel House probably knew of this plot, records point to a discussion of it between him and Sir Edward Grey of England.


On the Axis side, the Rothschild network was also funneling money. Another family allied to the Rothschilds was the Warburgs. Max Warburg, brother of Kuhn Loeb’s Paul Warburg, ran a family financial powerhouse in Frankfurt, Germany (one of the reasons the Rothschilds were able to liquidate their Frankfurt bank, the Warburgs would run things).

At the end of the war in 1919, the Treaty of Versailles meetings were attended by Rothschild connected men like Paul and Max Warburg, John Foster Dulles (of Kuhn-Loeb), Colonel House, Thomas Lamont (of Morgans) and Allen Dulles (of Kuhn-Loeb).

The harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles totally set the stage for World War II. Sure enough, in 1939 the second World War started, which was also controlled by Illuminati and Rothschild interests. The Great Depression did not only occur in America, it also swept Europe. The economic depression in Europe, helped fan the flames of the nationalistic fires that swept Germany.

Another product of the Versailles meetIngs, was the elite’s Charter for the League of Nations – the Illuminati’s first attempt at creating a global institution. The League of Nations failed. This called for the need to create a special interest organization that could promote the new world order.

Thus the creation of the Foreign Relations Institutions – CFR, RIIA, etc. World War I helped create a Communist State. Max Warburg funded Lenin and his revolutionaries. Jacob Schiff gave a known $20 million to Lenin. JP Morgan & Co. and Alfred de Rothschild helped finance the Bolshevik revolution.

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Hitler was a member of the most powerful occultic secret society in Germany. Hitler was dedicated to Satan’s Empire – an evil puppet. He was brought into this evil group by Dietrich Eckart, who is supposed to have said on his deathbed, “Follow Hitler, he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune!”.

Regarding Hitler being of Rothschild descendance, consider he probably had satanic bloodline, had backing of a powerful satanic society, had sold his soul to Satan, and had financial backing of the Illuminati. Is it any wonder that he rose from obscurity, poverty and Imprisonment to become one of the most powerful men to live?

It is even safe to speculate that Hitler was totally controlled by a demonic spirit. An ex-member of the Satanic Hierarchy of the Illuminati expressed a belief, that there have been certain evil men throughout history, that have totally given themselves over to possession by Satan.

These men have been anti-christ types, human containers for the residence of a very powerful demonic spirit, or even Satan himself. When Satan no longer had need for the body of his anti-christ, he would discard It with death and find another willing soul to sacrifice his bodily control to the devil.

These evil figures would not be ‘The’ Anti-Christ, but would have allowed themselves to be taken over by ‘the spirit’ of the Anti-Christ. This is just a theory, but I believe it has certain merit.


Hitler’s main source of economic power was from the IG Farben chemical cartel, who in turn were controlled by the Illuminati. The IG Farben cartel was created by loans from Wall Street in what has been called the Dawes plan. The JP Morgan Group set up the loan to IG Farben, which created Hitler.

Paul Warburg, his brother Max (head of Germanies secret police during WWI) and Warburg agent Herman Metz were some of the members of the board of directors of the American IG Farben. Other directors included Rockefeller International banking men (Edsel Ford, Charies Mitchell, Walter Teagle, etc).

Three Germans on the Board of Governors were convicted as war criminals after the war, but the elite Americans, aforementioned, were not, even though they participated in the same criminal decisions as those who were punished.

The cartel created the lethal Zyklon B gas that was used to exterminate the Jews. It was also involved in the torture experimentations that led to mind control methods, such as Monarch Programming.

Do you see what happened? A Rothschild agent set up a cartel that was directly involved in the horrible persecution of the Jews. Still the family maintains the illusion of being totally supportive of their race.


At first Germany had a significant disadvantage, if they were to embark on a second world war. The nation had a fuel shortage, but the Illuminati fixed this problem. The Germans were able to fight WWII through the use of synthetic fuels that were created by the hydrogenation process (turning coal into gasoline).

This process was discovered by IG Farben. Hydrogenation technology would not have been fully developed by WWII, but IG Farben made a deal with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, who were able to complete the research, facilitating the war.

William Dodd, American ambassador to Germany before WWII, wrote President Roosevelt, “At the present moment, more than a hundred American corporations have subsidiaries here or cooperative understandings”.

The DuPonts had their allies in Germany that were aiding in the armament business. Their chief ally was IG Farben, whose plants were not targeted by the bombing raids on Germany. By the end of the war the refineries had experienced only 15% damage.

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Aeroplane people had secret arrangements with Krupps. General Motors Company, which was controlled by the JP Morgan Group and Ford did enormous business there. Germany needed the capital of these and many more American companies in order to wage a war.

Hitler met with Allen and John Foster Dulles in 1933. The Dulles brothers were acting as legal representatives of Schiff and Warburg’s Kuhn, Loeb & Co, which was an Integral part of the Rothschild network. Mullins claims Kuhn & Loeb had extended large short-term credits to Germany and needed to ensure the repayment of these loans.

One of the largest tank manufacturers for Germany was Opel, which was controlled by the JP Morgan Group. Another company connected to the JP Morgan Group was Bendix Aviation, which supplied data to Germany on automatic pilots, aircraft Instruments and diesel engine starters.

The manufactured Pearl Harbor attack, allowed Roosevelt to enter America into the war. A second world war had been created by the Illuminati, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff syndicate. After the war, the Tribunals that investigated Nazi war criminals, censored ‘any materials recording Western assistance to Hitler’.


World War II facilitated the American acceptance of a global ‘peacekeeping’ institution – the United Nations. After the US had rejected the first attempt to create such an institution in the League of Nations, the illuminatI decided to create an arm of the Rothschild funded Round Table groups, which could help influence western society towards the embracement of globalism.

The original idea was to create an international special interest group of advisors that would promote a New World Order, called the Institute of International Affairs. The plan eventually changed, the Institute was split up so that separate groups could influence separate governments without having the appearance of a conspiracy. These groups were formed at what are called the Hotel Majestic meetings.

Consequentiy, they organized the Council on Foreign Relations, with headquarters in New York. and a sister organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs [RIIA], in London, also known as the Chatham House Study Group, to advise the British Government.

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