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One of the people who bad been Involved for a short time with the Illuminati, and is now a Christian told me that they could remember the name The Society of the Cincinnati, however knew nothing about the organization, but that it had something to do with the Illuminati. But what is this organization? Without anything but the name I began my investigation. At first look it seemed like some old ladles genealogy group who are descendants of revolutionary soldiers.

However, as I carried out what promised to be a long term research project on the Society it began to appear that something big was behind this organization. One reference stated, “The Society of the Cincinnati # 1783 # it is likely that no Englishman feels a greater sense of pride in being a Knight of the Garter, or Scotsman, a Knight of the Thistle, than an American feels in being a member of The Society of the Cincinnati.”


Here is an organization that essentially no one I know has even heard about, and yet an American would feel a great sense of pride in belonging to it. Interesting. Not only that, but I knew what the Order of the Garter is! The Order of the Garter is the secret inner group which is an elite group within the Order of St. John of Jerusalem which is the British part of the Knights of Malta.

The Knights of the Garter are the leaders of the Committee of 300. They are diabolical men. Lord Peter Carrington, who is a member of the satanic Order of Osiris and other demonic groups is a member of the Order of the Garter. Lord Palmerston is an example from history of another similar example of a Knight of the Garter who was totally corrupt, pretended to be a Christian, and practiced Satanism.

I found out that the Massachusetts legislature had had some of its senators and representatives concerned for the welfare and safety of the United States, because, according to testimony on record, the Society of Cincinnati was “the beginning of a hereditary aristocracy in the U.S. dedicated to subverting the Republic”. The Massachusetts Legislature declared the Society of the Cincinnati “dangerous”, yet speaking for the public for all the legislators trouble,


The truth is nobody has even heard of the Society of the Cincinnati, let alone known or guessed it was dangerous. When the United States was created it operated under the Articles of Confederation. It was a confederation of Independent states, each of the states printed their own money, passed their own laws, etc. The federal government was simply a League of Nations-type body. The Society of the Cincinnati was partly responsible for getting that changed.

The Society of Cincinnati favored a very strong central government, a national bank, etc. The Freemason Baron von Steuben is credited with starting the organization. The Mason Pierre L’Enfant who designed the City of Washington with its hidden occult symbols also designed the logo for the Society of the Cincinnati. Every president of the United States has worn the Diamond Eagle jewel of the Society of the Cincinnati. Wow. And I hadn’t even heard about it until I got this tip from this ex-illuminatus.

Benjamin Franklin was an honorary member. The Marquis de Lafayette was a member. George Washington and James Monroe were Original Members. At least 15 Presidents have been honorary members. Pres. Franklin Pierce and Zachery Taylor (his father was an Original Member) were hereditary members. Many of the high ranking Masons who were also officers in the Revolution were Original Members.

Three prominent Freemasons who were big in the Society of the Cincinnati were Henry Beekman Livingston (1750- 1831), James Mann (1759-1832), and Hardy Murfee (1752-1809). Hardy served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina beginning in 1789.

I noticed that many very busy elite People were spending a lot of money and time on this Society, whatever its purpose was. The Society had a museum, and a headquarters building in Washington, D.C. on Massachusetts Ave, N.W., and state chapters. But why? The stated purpose of the organization didn’t seem to explain the interest people put into the organization.


Why spend time belonging to an organization whose only purpose is to commemorate the fact that all its members are descendants of Revolutionary War officers? The purpose of the organization is “To render permanent the cordial affection subsisting among the officers”. O.K. I can understand a group of officers who are all veterans of a war getting together. But their descendants? We are talking about a war whose fighting basically ended in 1781.

That’s over 200 years ago. Would my busy descendants care to visit with some other Vietnam vets’ great, great, great grandchildren 200 years from now? Yet, my 1983 World Almanac (which lists in fine print about 1,300 associations) gives the membership of the Society of the Cincinnati at 2,800.

Other sources indicated that the organization had an affiliate organization in France. But how? How could an organization which was open to only descendants of select Revolutionary Officers be so identical in purpose to something in France for Frenchmen?

I could understand why, but only If the stated purposes were not the whole story. As you can see I was very suspicious of the Society of the Cincinnati, it appears I had stumbled onto something big. But I hadn’t been able to tie the Society in with the Illuminati, until I stepped up my research on the du Ponts. The tie-in between the Illuminati and the Society of the Cincinnati came when I began investigating what I thought might turn out to be an obscure person.


His name was Leighton Coleman (1837-1907) and he was married to Francis (Fanny) Elizabeth, daughter of Alexis Irenée du Pont (1816-57). Alexis died in an accident. Occult bloodline power can pass through women or men, so it was worth it to investigate Leighton Coleman. Leighton Coleman turned out to be the Bishop of the State of Delaware for the Episcopal Church. He was a prime mover in the temperance movement (which was Illuminati controlled).

Further Leighton was grand chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Pennsylvania, Grand Prelate of the Knights Templar, and chaplain of the Delaware Society of the Cincinnati. Another of the top 13 Illuminati families is the Kennedy family. There is a connection to the Society of the Cincinnati with this family too. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (ex-wife to both J.F.K. and Aristotie Onassis) had a grandfather named Major Bouvier,

He invented a family genealogy which was mostly fiction which was self-published in 1925 as Our Forebears, but the fantasy Bouvier genealogy allowed him and his sons Bud and Black Jack to get into The Society of the Cincinnati. All three Bouviers were very proud of their memberships and would proudly display their boutonnieres on their labels showing membership. Apparently, he lived in England from 1879 to 1887.

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