The Triads – Cross Between Masons And Mafia

Continued from the Li Family article.

In my investigation of the Triads I discovered that the Li family is one of the principal families which has controlled it. The Triads is a ChInese Secret Society which is something of a cross between the Masons and the Mafia, something in the line of P2 Freemasonry, except much bigger. The Triads are not well known In this country but they are many more times powerful than the Mafia.

It is known that the Mafia was invited to work with the Triads in 1970, and at the time the Mafia didn’t like the Triads arrogance. However, in my opinion the Triads were not being arrogant considering how powerful they were at the time. I suggest the reader read the article on the Triads for more understanding on this. For the sake of completeness, I will list some of the Li’s past and present that have been important Triad leaders. (see below)

I am not trying to weary you with all these strange names, but in breaking new ground on understanding this powerful Illuminati family, if specific details are not given out, we risk losing some of the picture. The Li’s control Hong Kong and the Triads run Hong Kong. Is there a connection between the Li family and the Triads. Yes there is a big one, but It is very secret.


This article will primarily deal with the Triads which have so many other names. One of the names the Triads have had is the Heaven and Earth Society. Other principal names include the Hung League and the Three United Association. The Freemasons have been very Interested in the Triads and several Masons have done in-depth studies and written books about the Triads.

Throughout Chinese history, there has basically been only one recourse to opposition to the establishment, that was through secret societies. Secret societies have been a way for the powerless, to struggle against what ever they perceived as the cause of their misery. There has never been any lack of recruits for Chinese secret societies, and there has never been any lack of causes to use to rally the poor masses against, for motivating people into joining secret societies.

There seems to be no end to the supply of men willing to lead secret societies also. In fact, I know of over 250 Chinese secret societies, some of which are no longer in existence. Obviously, we are not going to cover that many secret societies in this article. What criteria do I have for selecting what I will write about in this article. First, I desire to show the compatibility of Chinese secret societies to western secret societies.

This compatibility is the reason that the Triads can work with the Mafia, the CIA and the Illuminati. These points of compatibility explain how Freemasonry can work with some of the Chinese secret societies. For instance, I have a copy of The New Age magazine, which is put out by The Supreme Council 33° which states, ‘Chinese Wootsu [sic] Society Compared to Freemasonry ‘Brother Morris B. de Pass, 33°, Master of Kadosh of the Peking Scottish Rite Bodies, in his annual report, includes the following interesting story in regard to Wootsu Society.


‘During the past year I had the pleasure of meeting an ‘Old China Hand,’ himself a Scottish Rite Mason, who, learning of my China background, asked me If I had any knowledge of an old Chinese organization similar to Masonry. I felt certain he had in mind the ‘Wootsu Society’ (Woo meaning 5, and Tsu meaning ‘Ancestor’) or, in English, ‘the Society of the Five Ancestors., “…some foreigners living in China … were of the opinion that The Society of the Five Ancestors was the Eastern Branch of that movement which developed in Western countries into Freemasonry ….

The tenets of the Wootsu Society do have much in common with those of Freemasonry. They pay homage to Buddha, whom they accept as the incarnation of a Supreme Deity they believe in immortality they teach ‘Faithfulness unto Death’; and they practice secrecy. The Society differs from Masonry in that there is no counterpart of the Volume of the Sacred Law as being an indispensable part of its Furniture; … and it is open to both men and women.’

Perhaps no one better epitomizes the connections and overlap between East and West occult secret societies than the life of Sun-Yat-Sen. Sun-Yat-Sen led China to overthrow the monarchy and create a republic. Sun-YatSen was a leader in several Triad groups, such as the Hong Kong based Chung Wo Tong Society and the Kwok On Wui Society in Honolulu and Chicago. Soon after arriving in Hawaii he formed the Tai Luk Shan, a new Triad group.

Sun-Yat-Sen played the key role in setting up 268 other branches of the Triads too. In Japan he set up the T’ung Meng Hui. In Singapore and Malaysla he set up Triad lodges too. He was a high ranking Freemason, and he attended an Anglican school in Hong Kong. Sun-Yat-Sen and the millionaire Chang ChingChang who was an international art dealer worked together. Sun-Yat-Sen travelled in the USA. and Europe gaining support for his revolution. Several other great non-Communist Chinese leaders have also had membership in both the Triads and Freemasonry.

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Triad rituals were an elaborate affair but have continued to be streamlined over the years. The ritual initiation drew from 3 religious sources: Taoism (magic), Buddhism, and what might be called Confucianism. Taoism emphasized the importance of blood ancestry, of magic, and alchemy. The traditional initiation lasts about eight hours, and includes ritual dance, secret hand-shakes, a blood sacrifice, and pricking the finger of the new initiates.

The Triads have an extremely long history and a lot of heritage. In order to try to capsulize what they are one has to look at what they are doing at a particular moment. At times they are secret fraternity like the Masons, at other times they have more of the appearance of a revolutionary army, and at other times they look like the Mafia. They are all these things.

And so they are a much more complex group to understand than some of the other secret societies that might fit into some nice label. Sometimes their services as hit men are hired out to others. Their heritage and history make them almost a sub-culture, and a sub-culture that is difficult for law enforcement agencies to penetrate. Their blood oaths and traditions bind them together.


During the California gold rush days many Chinese began coming to America. Triad lodges sprang up in the Chinese laundrymen of San Francisco. By 1854, the Triad Society called ‘Five Companies’ had 35,000 members in California. In the U.S. the Triad lodges became known as Tongs-which means a ‘hail’ or ‘meeting place.’

Wherever the Chinese lived they quietly set up Triad lodges so that soon there were lodges In Laramle, Cheyenne, Kansas City, Seattle, Vancouver, California, New York, Boston, and the Klondike. These overseas Triads came under the jurisdiction of the Hung Mun Society in Canton. This Triad group was in turn under Chi Kung Tong group. Groups got started in Australia and Malaya.


When the British began ruling Hong Kong, the Hong Kong area already had a reputation for being a haven for pirates, and the Triads established lodges and began secretly to rule. In 1845, the British made membership in the Triads illegal, and in later years deported them back to communist China for those Triad members found. However, the Triads controlled things and the British never were able to enforce that law except for some scattered arrests.

For Instance in the 1970s, 35% of the police in Hong Kong were affiliated with the Triads. In fact, the Britishman Ernest Taffy’ Hunt, the Police Superintendent of the Thad Bureau of the Colony of Hong Kong was paid bribes for 18 years ranging from about $HK700,000 to $HK 12 per year starting in 1955. The Hong Kong papers every so often report police raids against the Triads, but one has to wonder how much is interrivalry between Triad groups and much is just for show, and how much is really something hurting the Triads.

Under Triad control factories in Hong Kong have been turning out items for sex shops worldwide. The living conditions of areas under Triad control in Hong Kong were literal hells on earth. The Triads packed people in, the sanitation was negligible, the filth overwhelming, and the corruption of the human spirit complete. There is no question what kind of life the Triads want to bring people, total degeneration into total moral corruption and filth.

Like the Masons (but to a much lesser degree) there have been a few Triad mutual aid societies for their own members, but in general these have been rare. The Triads have exacted extortion money from almost everyone in Hong Kong. The history of their extortions and threats etc. is many books long. In short, the whole trading economy of Hong Kong was under their power. And the Li family as now working with them.

See the Li article in this issue. Various scandals over the decades have repeatedly shown that the Triads have totally infiltrated the Hong Kong government and police force. Where ever ethnic chinese were hired the Triads infiltrated. And then even many of the non-Chinese were bought off. People in Hong Kong who have watched the Triads do illegal acts right in public have frequentiy been frustrated by the lack of police response.

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Before the Communists took over, the Triads ran China. For instance, in 1917, it was discovered that the Triads along with the Vice-President of the Republic of China were stealing public funds to purchase opium to deal in the drug trade. The leaders of Free China have been Triad leaders. Many of them have also been Freemasons. After the Communists took over, the Triads had to go way underground.

The communists never stopped the Triads, but they did make them much more secret. You may remember when the Tiananmen Square Massacre occurred, the newspapers quietly reported that the Triads had smuggled the leaders of the democratic movement out of Red China. As was just said, the Communists have never broken the power of the Triads. In fact, not only has the brutal Red Chinese government been ineffective against the Triads, most of the police everywhere have been.

The Triads are the most powerful criminal fraternal group in the world, except for the IllumInati and the families that make up the Illuminati’s Committee of 300. The Mafia Is small peanuts compared to the Triads. The Triads are almost untouchable by any law enforcement group. For instance, in Great Britain the British do not have hardly any ethnic Chinese on their police force to even try infiltrating the Triads.

The Triads have operated in the United States for over 100 years, and are major drug handlers working in cooperation with the Illuminati Kings, and most Americans do not even know they exist. And although America has ethnic chinese, Americans of Chinese descent do not speak the Chinese dialects that undercover agents would have to know to break into the Triad operations.


There are numerous Triad groups. By 1931, there were eight main Triad groups and they had divided Hong Kong up into geographic areas and ethnic groups that each was responsible to control. The eight main ones at that time were the Wo, the rung, the Tung, the Chuen, the Shing, the Fuk Yee Hing, the Yee On, and the Luen. Each had its own headquarters, its own sub-societies, and its own public covers.

The Fuk Yee Hing’s cover was that it was registered as a benevolent society for workers. It had 12 branch offices and a membership of 10,000. Yee On’s cover was as the Yee On Commercial and Industrial Guild. The Wo operated as Death Gratuity associations. Any way each found some cover to hide behind. Most of the Martial Arts dubs were fronts or affiliations with the Triads, and continue to be, not only in Hong Kong, but to some degree in other countries too.

As an example of how divided the Triad groups are–one of the large ones, the Wo Society was itself split into three major factions: Wo Shing Tong, Wo Yung Yee, and Wo Hop To, which for years struggled for domination of the Wo Society. By the late 1950s, there were 41 affiliated organaizations to the Wo Society Triad. Today the Wo Shing Wo is the most powerful of the Wo group Triads.


One of the Triad groups that works with the Illuminati is the Sun Yee On also known as Yee On Commercial and Industrial Guild. Sun Vee On was the prime controller of the Kowloon Walled City which produced sex toys for the international market. Besides the Wo Shing Wo and the Sun Yee On, the third great Triad societies of modern times Is the 14K Society. Probably Chiang Kai-shek and his mentor Big-Eared Tu were responsible for setting up a league to oversee all the various Triad groups called Five Continents Overseas Chinese Hung League.

This was set up In 1945, when the Chinese operated in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa. As a side note on Tu, one of his friends was Charlie Soong (an office-bearer for the Triads) who had attended Vanderbilt Universisty at the expense of millionaire Julian S. Can. Chalie Soong’s daughter Al-lag had connections to Sun-Yat-Sen, and also became helpful to the Triads when she married Kung Hsiang-hsi a banker and businessman.

The Kung banking empire along with the Soong’s veneer of Christianity which came from their Methodist Church membership helped this branch of Triads in their international dealings. Today in Hong Kong there may be as many as 60 different Triad Societies operating. The largest numerically is the Sun Yee On with 33,000 members. These 60 Societies can be classed into three different styles.

The first is the traditional structure. The second type are those who are totally unstructured. The third type is the most dangerous, they are small, closely knit cells or central committees who plan out criminal activity with acute business-like efficiency.

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Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco, New York, London, Manchestor, and Amsterdam (not to mention Macao and Hong Kong) are some of the big bases of Triad Operation. Money is made by extortion, gambling, prostitution, drugs, or any other way to make a profit. The Triads have worked with the CIA in creating the drug network. The creation of the Golden Triangle as a source for drugs was a joint CIA-Triad operation.

The Chinese communists couldn’t pass up the opportunity to debauch America. The Red Chinese government has secretly worked with the Triads in supplying heroin and opium knowing that these drugs were going to U.S. military bases. U.S. garrisons In Germany were supplied high grade drugs that came through the Triads, either grown under Triad supervision or in places like Red China. One of the kingpins in this drug trade was Lumpy Ho, whose business fronts were known as the Dutch Connection.

The corrupt police-officers that were Triad members that fled anti-corruption drives in Hong Kong would flee to Vancouver, B.C. where they have spent their efforts building that area up as a large Triad base of operations. Actually, they have branched out into Victoria and Seattle, WA. The Triads are known to have been operating in London since the 1890s, and may have been operating even before that.

It wasn’t until the 1960. drug culture that the Triads began to catch more attention due to their large involvement in the drug trade. In 1971, the Triads introduced Pure No. 4 heroin into England to replace the ‘Brown Sugar’ that the Rolling Stones sang about. In 1973, the British authorities moved against the Americans and British agents on the Drug Squad and forced some resignations.

It is not exactly clear what the details of the whole mess were, but the process was that for 2 years there was essentially no coherent drug squad in London. Every locality In England where ethnic chinese are located, the Triads have some type of operation. This means all of the British cities. In Scotland and Ireland the diferent Triad groups have been fighting each other for control of the territory.


The Triads have their own accountants, so Triad financial operations are great for money laundering. Stolen credit cards and imitation merchandise that look like the real stuff, are also money makers for the Triads. The Triads also have their own lawyers, who are members of their societies. Besides making false Gucci handbags, the Triads are adept at forging passports.

One of the items that the drug trade takes is gold, because the drug producers want to be paid in gold. This trafficking in gold must be watched by the Illuminati, because gold has always been an important commodity for the Satanic Hierarchy. It’s value to them goes beyond the monetary significance.


The Triads are an occult fraternity which has developed into a major international organized crime society. It has many agreements with various families of the Illuminati and works with them. The Li family is taking a big role somewhere within the Triads, but exactly what that role is, I have not discovered yet. The Li Family is represented in Salem, Oregon and other West Coast cities by the Wong Family, who are part of their bloodline.

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