The Li Family – Plus Chinese Secret Societies

In writing about the Li family and Chinese secret societies, I am like the man who wakes up in the middle of the night while everyone else sleeps and then gropes around in the darkness trying to feel his way.

I can share with you what I’ve learned, but undoubtedly there is a great deal more that can be learned. When the year started I knew only a little about the Li family and that only from what I had heard.

I didn’t even know how to spell their name right. I was spelling it Lee (actually the Li family name is spelled Lee in some areas such as Hokkien, Teochew, Singapore and by some chinese Americans). Because I knew so little about the family, it was one of my primary areas of focus when doing my research, for this book.


A Chinese name is made up of a family name (surname), which is written first and then comes the personal name. Family names are usually of one character each, although there are exceptions like Ouyong and Situ. There are over 6,000 Chinese surnames for about I billion Chinese.
The more frequent chinese surnames in English speaking countries such as the USA, the UK and Australia, are Chan, Lin, Li, Wong, Huang, Mei, Yang, Chin and Fong. In mainland China the 5 top families are Chen, Li, Zhang, He, and Huang.


The Chinese surname Li is a very popular name in China, perhaps not as widespread as Smith in this country, but certainly used as much as the name Brown is in America. Chinese who have the same surname have much more loyalty to someone else who has the same surname. For instance, two Chinese with the Li name would consider themselves relatives even if they were total strangers.

Even if two people knew no blood ties, if they have the same surname in China, it has generally been considered incestuous to marry each other. In the USA if two Browns without any apparent blood ties met each other, they would not feel as if they were close relatives, whereas two Chinese with the same surname would. The Li surname has a long history going back to a person named Emperor Zhuanzu, who was the first Li and lived before 2000 BC.

This is according to the Xing Zuan, the Chinese dictionary of surnames. The Li family has a long history in China. During the Tang Dynasty about 15 different surnames were given the honor of having the Li surname. Li Yuan was the founder of the Tang Dynasty, which lasted from 618 to 906 A.D. His son who ruled after him was Li Shimin. In their dynasty, printing and paper money were introduced to China. (It’s interesting that the Li’s are connected to the introduction of paper money).

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In recent history, three Li’s stand out as giants:-

· Li Ka-shing – The billionaire and de facto ruler of Hong Kong
· Li Peng – The ruler of Red China
· Lee Kuan Yew – President (& dictator) of Singapore

I don’t know which of the Li’s are closely related and which are not. I do know that Li’s control Red China, Hong Kong and Singapore, with important positions in Taiwan. If the various Li’s which control these nations are related, we are certainly looking at one of the most powerful families in the world, just as powerful as the Rockefellers. They also are major players in secret occult societies, but these are the Chinese secret societies, which will be covered elsewhere.


I have learned from a source that Li Ka-shing and the powerful Hong Kong Li’s are definitely part of the Satanic llluminati Li’s. in terms of whether the Li’s who run Red China are part of the Illuminati, I know nothing that directly connects them. However, there are clues that make one wonder. For instance, why do the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have such a cosy relationship with these Red Chinese Li’s.

Why does the Premier (or Prime Minister) of the People’s Republic of China, Li Peng, visit with the Rockefellers and other capitalists when he comes to New York City, if he is such a hard-line communist? Haven’t the Communists named the Capitalists their major enemy?

Then when we watch men who are In the Illuminati, such as Skull & Bones George Bush, treat the Chinese Li’s with such closeness, even when it was Li Peng that crushed innocent people at Tiananmen Square (1989), it makes us wonder still.

In fact, with other pieces of the puzzle that I have in place, I do know that Red China is already cooperating with and part of the New World Order. The only way that China could already be secretly part of the New World Order Is for it’s leaders who are the Li family to be in favor of the New World Order. This strongly suggests that the Li family In China is also part of the Illuminati.

From what I know the range of possibilities range from them being only sympathizers with the NWO elite to them being outright members of the Illuminati. I lean toward the latter view. Then there is Singapore. Singapore is lock stock and barrel in the New World Order.

They went to a cashless Society before anyone else. One of the Li family who spells his name Lee, Lee Kuan Yew, a Cambridge-educated lawyer, was dictator of Singapore for decades.


The Rothschild, and the Rockefeller families have a very high respect for the Chinese and Japanese people in relation to some of the other peoples in the world. That is one reason why China and Japan are being given the chance to be important players in the New World Order. The powerful Li family in Hong Kong is part of the Illuminati This family maintains a good public reladons.

They are philanthropists. Billionaire Li Ka-shing donated money to create a University in Shantou in South China. The cost of the University & its teaching hospital were reported at 85 million U.S. dollars In Fortune Magazine 7/13/92, The following chart shows Li Kashing’s financial empire, which extends worldwide. 60 Broad Street New York City Li’s share (with Olympia & York)

Estimated value of building $100 million Star TV, Hong Kong countries in Asia and MidEast) Star’s capitalization: $300 million Li Ka-shing has lived in the same house on a hill Hong Kong for 30 years. Li Ka-shing had little to no formal schooling. He is self-taught. His sons have been weil educated at Stanford. Victor became an engineer, and his other son Richard majored in computer science and is running Star TV In Hong Kong.

Other wealthy friends of Li Kashing get together with him regularly to play poker games. U Ka-shing is chairman or chief executive of his four big companies in Hong Kong. He hires both chinese and western executives for day-to-day management. Simon Murray, a Dalton who served in the French Foreign Legion, is one of Li’s trusted managers. Murray had worked for Jardine Matheson, a business owned by one of the Committee of 300.

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The huge Bank of East AsIa (BEA) Is run by U Kwok-po. BEA has gone into partnerships with such Illuminati-connected companies as G. Warburg. Li Kwok.po (also known as David Li) also serves in the Hongkong legislature as the councilor who represents the banking community. He is also a vice-chairman of the committee drawing up the future Chinese administrative region that Hong Kong will soon become.

He was chosen for this position by the Red Chinese because ‘He was chosen by the Chinese mainly because or his family background. The extended Li family, with most of its members holding British passports, is one of the territory’s rich and influential old families’. Li has been urging the Hong Kong people to trust the Communist Chinese government.

David Li did not comment on the Tiananmen Square massacre when asked. David Li holds a full British passport and can go anywhere be wants. Most people in Hong Kong have only a Hong Kong passport that gives them British citizenship but doesn’t entitle them to travel. David Li’s uncle is Simon Li, who was a justice of appeal in Hong Kong and also selected for the BLDC.

His other uncle Ronald Li was the former chairman of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and a member of the Basic law Consultative Committee. Ronald Li and his son got caught using their Stock Exchange positions in corrupt money making offenses, and were to be brought to trial. I don’t know how it turned out. Another uncle Li Fook-kow was elected in Sept. ‘88 to represent the Hong Kong financial community in the government.


When the scandal broke concerning the elite’s BCCI, the Hong Kong branch—Bank of Credit and Commerce Hongkong (BCCHK) was shielded from investigation. BCCHK’s chief executive Tariq Jamil who could have been called upon to answer questions skipped the country. Hongkong authorities made no attempt to stop him. David U got involved and suggested that the Exchange Fund be used to help his BEA acquire BCCHK..

Another key figure in the BCCHK,, was Louis Saubolle, who was previously Bank of America’s chief contact with Red China. Louis Saubolle has travelled to mainland China regularly since the 1940s. He is rumored to have done dubious practices while chairman of BCCHK, but he left the country for destinations unknown.

· A Li heads up American Express International in the area.
· Li. Pel Wu was one of the five best paid chief executives In banking in 1990.
· Some of the Li family In Hong Kong have taken on the trappings of Christianity behind which are their other nefarious activities. One Li, Florence Tim Oi Li, has become a lady Catholic priest.
· Richard Li has become a media mogul for Asia. · And Victor Li ran the East-West Center in Hawaii.


‘The real decision making in China’s political system takes place within the Politburo, and particularly among the seven members of its standing committee, in consultation with retired Party elders.’ (The China Business Review, Jan-Feb. 1993) This inner circle of seven men Includes two members of the Li family: Li Peng, who is the head of this inner circle, and Li Ruihuan, who Is head of the CommunIst Party’s Propaganda. Li Ruihuan has been a member of this inner circle since 1989.

The other men on the inner circle are Jiang Zemin, Qiao Shi, Hu Jintao, Liu Huaqing, and Zhu Rongji. As premier or Prime Minister of China Li Peng has met with a great many of the world’s leaders, and many of the Illuminati’s men.

Here is a sampling of Li Peng’s meetings: April 28, ’90—Soviet leaders around July, ’91—U.S.-China Business Council Officials which includes Illuminati members.
Aug. 15, 91—Japanese Prime MinisterToshiki Kaifu
Sept. 3, ’91–Great Britain’s Prime Minister John Major
Nov. 16, ’91-Sec. of State James A.Baker
Dec. 12-14, ’91–Prime Minister of India P.V. Narasiaha Rao
Feb. 1, ’92—Pres. George Bush
Peb. 3, ’92—top U.S. capitalists (Illuminati members)
Feb. 10, ’92—Yeltsin in Russia

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Li Peng is not the only important Li family member to be the President or Premier of China:
· Li Xlannian was involved in the power struggle after Mao’s death and was President of China. For a number of years Li. Xiannian was considered one of the four top leaders of Red China. For many years Li Xiannian did lots of travelling to places like Africa where he held high level meetings with other leaders.
· Li Desheng was a member of the Politburo, Central Committee of the Communist Party, and served in key military posts.
· Li Qiang was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and was appointed Minister of Foreign Trade in 1978.


General Li Mi fled to the Golden Triangle and was provided via CIA agents supplies. It was Li Mi who started up the poppy fields to produce drugs that would be marketed by the other top Illuminati families. It was not chance that Li began opium production. The whole affair was a carefully calculated event by the Illuminati who have made millions running drugs for centuries.

In the 1960, another Li took over after Li Mi died. His name was Li Wen-huan. The elite made room for the Li’s to open the Li Commercial Bank for business on Long Island, N.Y. After Bush was ambassador to China, Carter selected 6° (Pilgrim Soc. mmbr) Thomas S. Gates to represent the U.S. to China. David Rockefeller gave his O.K. to the selection of Gates, and Gates was transferred directly from working on the board of J.P. Morgan & Co. to Beijing.

The Illuminati’s banks have been lining up over the years making loans to Red China. One of the articles that I read to understand where Clinton was going with Red China was in the Jan/Feb ’93 issue of The China Business which had on its cover a picture of Clinton and Li Peng with the question “A NEW ERA?” As many of the elite’s articles are it was long on rhetoric, propaganda. etc.

I think the bottom line was that Clinton is going to follow the advice of his China advisors and that Clinton does not want to rock the boat in our relations with Communist China. The idea that is being planted by the question on the cover is about the size of things, the elite are moving us closer to their “new era.” The Li Family and Chinese Secret Societies.


The Li family has also provided some of the greatest scientists In the field of genetic research. Genetic research has been an avid interest of the Satanic Hierarchy.


The facts I have of what is going on with the Li family are Just enough to provide us with the basic picture. The Li family In Hong Kong is part of the Satanic Hierarchy and works hand in glove with British and American elite. They also help run the Triads. Whether or not the Li’s in Hong Kong are related to the Red Chinese Li’s who run China I do not know, but it is clear that some Li’s run Red China and also Singapore.

Both these countries work hand in hand with the Satanic hierarchy so it makes one suspicious as to whether their leaders are part of the hierarchy too. If these Li’s do consider themselves blood relatives, which they might, we know that according to Chinese custom they would do this to a great extent anyway, then that makes the Li family an incredibly powerful family of worldwide importance.

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    Chiang Kai-Shek, Sun Yat-Sen and the first lineal descendant of Confucius (H. H. Kong) all married Soong Sisters (Ai-ling, Mei-ling and Ching-ling). Their father spent his formative years being educated in New England before returning to the East.

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