The Onassis Bloodline – Cast Of Main Characters

Aristotle Socrates Onassis, named after two Greek philosophers, went from being totally broke at age 21 to being a millionaire at age 23. His father’s first name was Socrates. Aristotle was an Illuminati king, a shipping tycoon, an intelligent ruthless hard-driving man of the world, who spoke a number of languages such as French, Spanish, English, Italian, and Turkish. His ever-present sunglasses made him look like Al Capone to a number of people.

He married JFK’s (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) widow, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy. Her father, John ‘Black Jack’ Bouvier, was corrupt and known as a womanizer. He was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati, the American equivalent to the Order of the Garter and worked at making a living from the stock market.

Jackie’s step-family was the elite Auchincloss family. Her step-father’s second wife before Jackie’s mother was Senator Thomas Gore’s daughter. Her step-father was in Naval Intelligence. Jackie went to the schools that the children of the elite go to. On the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, Orville & Jane Freeman were the only ones to remember the date, to say or do something about it. Jackie went that day to Central Park and had a good cry.

Stavros Niarchos was Aristotle’s brother-in-law and Ari’s business competition. Stavros’ parents came from Sparta, Greece and his relatives were rich. Stavros went into shipping and after World War II broke out, left Greece to avoid having to fight for Greece. He was a close friend of Colgate, Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch, who he would invite to his house on Long Island.


He rented his Long Island house from Harry Hopkins who was the man who told Pres. F.D. Roosevelt what to do. Even though he was a millionaire, he had a difficult time avoiding having to serve. Eventually, he managed to get himself situated as a naval officer in intelligence for Greece in Alexandria, Egypt. Information sent Into the ‘69-70 Who’s Who reference book about his war time exploits are ficticious.

Niarchos and Aristotle were friends from 1934 onward, but also at times enemies trying to outdo each other. Both frequently went to St. Moritz, Switzerland, a ski resort. Stavros also frequents an old Medici family palace/estate near Turin where the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild liked to go and shoot birds. The estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day.

Stavros is an important leader of the Bilderbergers and a billionaire. He married Henry Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller.


Aristotle Onassis died in 1975. His son and heir to his throne died in 1973. My inside information about the Onassis family being one of the top 13 goes back to the 1960s and 70’s. Is the family still powerful? One big clue that they still wield power within the Illuminati is that Stavros Niarchos, Aristotle’s brother-in-law, is a powerful Bilderberger.

The executive committee of the Bilderbergers are the equivalent to 9° of the branch Illuminati. Is the Onassis family still one of the top 13 Satanic bloodlines? I do not know. One whistle-blower on the Illuminati was Dennis Brunnelle, a Grand Master of an OTO lodge, who became disillusioned with the OTO’s Illuminati program.

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Could Socrates’ father have been part of a secret Illuminati opium connection, which had begun back about 1815 with the Astor family in Smyrna, Turkey? We know for certain that he had powerful British, Italian, and Turkish friends before he was arrested in 1922, and that these friends saved his life from a death sentence.

About 1925-26, his son Aristotle Onassis, who was from Smyrna, Turkey, began secretly importing opium into Argentina from Turkey, under the cover and disguise of importing tobacco.

The Grand Orient of Italy by the Jewish Freemason Emannuele Carass established two secret lodges at Salonika, Turkey, around the early 20th century. The dialect of the Jews in that area is often mistakenly called “crude spanish”. Actually the language is Latino, a Judeo-Spanish dialect spoken in Constantinople and Smyrna. A western Ladino is spoken in Bosnia, and Serbia.

Masonic Jews speaking this Latino language were part of the Masonic plot that started World War I. Numerous high level Masons were informed of the coming assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which a thinking person could realize was a contradiction.

The Illuminati is divided into the drug – porn section, the political – business – management section, the cult ritual section, global communications section and mind-control section. The leadership within the various areas overlap. The drug – porn – political areas work together as a unit.


The mind-control area seems to be somewhat technical and separate. Further, several groups have been identified as assigned the job of keeping the long range plans.

The three groups that have been entrusted with long range plans are the Order of the Garter, Order of the Quest and Keepers of the Dawn. The plans to bring in the New World Order are very detailed and their management and safekeeping have not been haphazard.

Aristotle worked within the drug – porn – political – business management area. Aristotle’s power was so pervasive that some researchers of his activities concluded that he was absolutely the most powerful man on earth.

This is because they were not aware of the shared power of the Illuminati ‘kings’. Aristotle did have world-wide power, but that appearance of power was there because he was part of Moriah (the Satanic hierarchy which controls the world).

Aristotle Onassis’ family has had their misfortunes too. All of the top families are in competition, and although they work together, they also fight together. Even within Aristotle’s own family, a stiff long time rivalry with his brother-in-law made life difficult for everyone associated with Aristotle.


Aristotle’s father had planned to send him to Oxford, but the Turkish genocide of the Greek Turks changed his plans. Aristotle instead set out from Greece to Argentina. Supposedly, Aristotle landed in Argentina stateless and broke.

Aristotle proved himself a very capable manager and with great potential as an underworld leader. Juan Gaoana, the boss of a leading Argentine cigarette manufacturing company was the first to put in an order through Aristotle to get tobacco from Turkey via Ari’s father, in Greece.

This tobacco importing was the cover for Adi’s opium running. After two years, Onassis went into manufacturing cigarettes. Again this was a cover, but Onassis was out to prove himself in anyway he could, so he illegally borrowed the name of a famous Argentine brand of cigarettes called BIS. The owner of BIS sued Onassis for using his company’s name and won in court.

The biographies credit his cigarette manufacturing as bringing in his wealth, while at the same time acknowledging that he was losing money from them and had to dump them because they were unprofitable.

Which is it? As I stated, Aristotle was running drugs into Argentina. Aristotle states that he was penniless when he arrived in Argentina at age 21, and that he had made his first million dollars by age 23.

The facts appear to collaborate that he went from having nothing to being wealthy within those two years. People claim his riches on the fact that he worked long hours. I know many people who work long hours and are creative and people just don’t move up the ladder that fast.

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Aristotle Onassis associated with many powerful people. The fact that he rubbed shoulders with establishment figures that tie back to the elite is nothing surprising of a person of his wealth. However, it is the nature of his involvement with other Illuminati figures that reveals his position within Moriah.

An example of his visits to friends is this quote from the book Onassis. ‘The Christina’s cruises always produced items which no alert gossip columnist could miss. Onassis dropping in on Prince Alfonso Hoheiohe’s Marbella Club in southern Spain and lunching with Baron and Baroness Guy de Rothschild (amidst rumors that it was Rothschild money that had supplanted his own in Monte Carlo) was obviously a noteworthy social incident.’

During W.W. II, Onassis was a regular guest of the movie mogul Spyros Skouras at Mamaroneck on Long Island. Other close friends of Onassis were the Perons of Argentina. The Perons set up a dictatorship in Argentina The Perons have a great number of Nazi & Satanic connections/activities. If you get Into studying about the Perons you will come up with names such as Josef Mengele (a Satanic Nazi Doctor), Dr. Fritz Thyssen, and Otto Skorzeny.

Onassis had sexual liaisons with Evita Peron, who was a platinum blonde. Onassis had Nazi connections that continued his whole life, as did the Perons. For instance, one of Onassis’s Nazi associates was Hjalmar Schacht, president of Hitler’s Reichbank, who Onassis hired after the war. Schacht heiped Onassis’ shipyards in Germany build tankers after WWII.


Until people realize that the real guiding hand behind the Nazi’s was Satanism they will continue to be misguided as to the way everything connects together at the top. For instance, John Foster Dulles was the man at Versailles Treaty who can be credited for having created the Treaty’s harsh terms against Germany that ruined Germany financially after WWII.

Yet Dulles, was the person who secretly went to Hitler to confirm to Hitler that the elite would financially back Hitler’s rise to power. If Hitler were anything like our image of him, he would have have wrung his neck. Before him was the man who made Germany suffer. Why was Hitler friendly with this man? It makes no sense.

The answer is, there is a conspiracy of those who are at the top to rule us, and to guide us toward a New World Order, and they are quite willing to sacrifice whole nations to do that. Onassis was an extremely close friend of Winston Churchill. The Freemason Winston Churchill is a descendant of a family that has been part of the elite that have secretly run the world.

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Winston Churchill on several occasions told Onassis that the only one he could trust in WWII was Joseph Stalin, a far cry from the picture in history books. Winston Churchill spent a great deal of time on Onassis’s yacht Christina. Onassis was also friendly with Churchill’s friend, Bernard Baruch, who convinced Churchill to join the Illuminati conspiracy.

He asked Churchill to come watch something important in NY in 1929, and then he showed Churchill how they could destroy the Stock Market. That show of power brought Churchill on board. Two other Illuminati friends of Ari Onassis were Joseph Kennedy and Peter Grace, both men also belonged to the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines.

In 1928, the Illuminati men who controlled the major oil companies got together at Achnacarry Castle and formally created the Achnacarry Agreement which divided up the world into an international cartel. This is why you may have watched the same gas truck bring gas to all the different gas stations in an area, for instance, say a Sinclair station, a BP station (Rothschilds), and an Exxon station (Rockefeller).

If the reader understands the world’s oil was totally in an Illuminati monopoly by 1928, it will help you understand that Aristotle, who built the largest oil tanker ships, was also Illuminati. In one year alone during the 1950s, Onassis bought 17 new tankers.


One of the most telling paper-trail signs that the conspiracy has left behind was an executive order that FDR signed just after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. This executive order was a semi-secret amendment to Trading With The Enemy Act which made it LEGAL to trade with the enemy if the Sec. of the Treasury (then Hans Morganthau) gave permission. Morganthau was a tool of the conspiracy and of course he gave permission to the top Illuminati to trade with the enemy.

In 1983, a book came out Trading With The Enemy which exposes how the elite secretly kept Hitler going by supplying him, rebuilding his communications etc. Onassis as an Illuminati king worked with other elites Rockefeller, Kennedy, Getty to quietly make a profit and keep the war going longer. Onassis sold oil and guns to both sides. ITT telephones were used in German submarines.

This Executive Order shows that at the top there is a conspiracy. There were 450 merchant ships owned by Greeks before WWII. Out of those, Aristotle said 410 were sunk during the war. The offIcial count was 360. Either way it is clear that most of the Greek shippers lost their large merchant ships. However, the German submarines and aircraft never once touched Aristotles’ ships, although they sailed through war zones.

Neither did the Allies. Aristotle’s large fleet did not lose a single ship, even the ones that were in Scandinavia when the Germans invaded. Only the full collaboration at the highest levels could have pulled that one off.


Onassis had the best connections anyone could want in the British Government, as would be expected of someone of his standing in the Illuminati. He had many British friends, just one example is Sir Lionel Heald, the Br. Attorney General. He attended the exclusive Br. Other Club. When WWII broke out on Sept. 3, 1939, Onassis was living in Savoy Hotel where the headquarters for the Illuminati’s Pilgrim Society are.

The British London Times backed Onassis in his dispute with Peru over whaling. Onassis did finally get himself into trouble with illegal whaling when the nation of Norway gathered the evidence of his culling of hundreds of whales that were illegal to hunt.

Just two more quick examples of his social connections in Britain are his attendance at J.Paul Getty’s party at Sutton Place, Eng. in the 1950s, and Onassis’ own big party for the elite on 17 June 1958 at Dorchester, England.


Onassis was one of the Illuminati kings who decided JFK must go, and he got to run off with the dead man’s wife, just as in the Hollywood Westerns. Onassis had already gotten Jackie onto his yacht, sexually, prior to Kennedy’s assassination.

Jackie didn’t enjoy her marriage to Onassis. At one point in their marriage when they were swimming nude at Onassis’ island Skorpios, ten photographers with underwater cameras and telephoto lens captured Jackie naked and her picture was splashed across Playboy and Hustler, etc.

Jackie was furious and wanted her husband to sue the newspapers and magazines, which he refused to do. A year before Aristotle died he admitted that he had planned the whole operation. What a guy!!

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