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It is beyond doubt that Walt Disney was an illegitimate child, but that fact resulted in a long list of mysterious happenings. It also gave power hungry men, something to blackmail Walt Disney with. Because this chapter on Deception is focusing on Disney, and the big boys used blackmail to keep Disney in line, this information is pertinent. The following chronology of events is what this author’s believes most likely happened.

Without any genetic tests, it is difficult to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt who Walt’s biological parents were and what the actual history of Walt Disney was. Several people have spent many years investigating the real facts surrounding his birth. Many interesting and tantalizing clues have been found. This author believes that the following chronology is suggested by the evidence.

This is offered without hundreds of pages of evidence, because the mysteries around Walt Disney’s birth are here to stay, no matter what excuses people come up with, and this author doesn’t want to stray from the intended purpose of the chapter. This is to show that Walt Disney had a secret bastard birth which gave J. Edgar Hoover and his superiors blackmail leverage over Walt Disney. Walt may also have had gambling debts and an abnormal sexual appetite which also helped entrap him.

In 1890 an attractive Spanish woman, Isabelle Zamora Ascenslo of Mojacar leaves Spain and travels to California to a Franciscan monastery. In the same year, Walt’s future father Elias, who fancies himself a ladies man, leaves his family to seek his fortune in the gold fields. In California, he meets Isabella, and the two newcomers in California have much in common, have a sexual affair and fall in love.


In 1891 Elias fails to make a fortune and returns to Chicago, but he doesn’t forget Isabelle. In 1893 Isabelle and Elias have a son, and Elias convinces his wife to accept the baby as theirs, rather than have the family’s reputation, their marriage and their family ruined. The son doesn’t look like the first two boys at all. In 1901 Isabelle and Elias have another bastard son, who Elias brings home and names Walter after the minister of the church he attends.

The two bastard sons do not look like the older sons of Elias, and they never have much to do with them, but cling to each other as brothers. In 1903 the minister of the church Elias attends, finds out about the bastard children and Elias quickly moves out of state so that the scandal will remain secret. Elias has also run up gambling debts. In 1905, after moving to Marceline, Missouri, Isabelle is hired as the Disney’s maid, so she has an excuse to move in with them.

She probably does much of the raising and care of the two boys. In 1918 J. Edgar Hoover is busy involved with the prosecution of draft dodgers in WW I, and it crosses his desk about the case of Walt Disney committing the crime of forging his parents signature to join the army. Cases like Walt’s were watched because people who could be blackmailed could be resources in the future for Hoover. That year, Walt discovered that he had no birth certificate.

Walt observes his parents strange reactions concerning his birth certificate and other questions and begins to deeply distrust his father. In Nov 1938 Walt’s mother dies by gas, and the Disney’s maid pulls Elias to safety from the fumes, but Walt’s mother dies. In 1939-40 Hoover offers Walt Disney help to locate his real parents, if Walt will work for the FBI. Either Hoover already knows that he is illegitimate, or he soon learns the truth from an investigation.

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This gives Hoover blackmail power over Walt Disney, and assures Hoover that Walt will be loyal. Hoover informs Walt Disney of the truth and then moves to generously protect Disney and his father’s reputation. Two FBI men plant baptismal information of a child born to Isabelle in 1890 named Jose Guirao in Mojacar, Spain. This date is 10 years off of Walt’s birth-date and is intended to throw people off track.

They can’t plant a fake birth certificate for Walt in the records for 1901, because everyone knows from WW I that none exists. Therefore, they plant a fake birth certificate for Walt in the Illinois State records in the year 1890. They hope people will think that somehow a filing error occurred. This way if anything leaks, and worst came to worst, Walt could at least pretend he was adopted and not illegitimate.

They pay off townspeople in Mojacar to tell a particular story. Townspeople probably receive ongoing payments. In 1941 Walt confronts his father with the truth, and his father commits suicide, and his real mother comes to live with him as his maid. In 1954, in order to reinforce the myth that Walt was born in Spain, a group of Franciscan monks goes to Mojacar and visibly inquires about the birth records of Jose Guirao and/or Walt Disney.

They spend time with the mayor and make sure that everyone connects Waft Disney with Jose, who is a fictitious (nominal) character that the FBI has created records of. In 1967, a year after Walt’s death, a large group of Americans (a large group was needed because they are not skilled like the 2 FBI men in 1940) pretend to be on “official” business for the American government.


They go to Majacar Spain to destroy all the records of Jose Guirao to insure that there will be no Spanish claimants to Walt Disney’s fortune. Later to insure that the fictitious story is solidly in place to mislead the few who might get by the cloud of secrecy over Walt Disney, the Spanish government does a favor to certain powerful people and pays an investigator to research the Spanish origins of Walt Disney.

The villagers willingly tell people, without any fear or fanfare, that Walt Disney was born at their village. Unless they have recently done so, the village has never done anything, no monuments, no markers, or anything about the birth site of Disney. They probably didn’t do this for years, because some of the village probably knew it was a lie. With the older people gone, the lie has probably become well entrenched as truth and there is now most likely some type of memorial to Walt Disney.

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Because the Disney deception is such a major Illuminati deception worldwide, and because Walt Disney was the major catalyst behind all the Disney theme parks, movies, trinkets etc., it is important to examine his character. In studying historical figures, this author has tried to get to the rock bottom truth. One may ask, how can this be done? -especially since there have been decades of myths spread by the establishment and their media?

The following procedure which has worked with other historical figures was also done by this author with Walt Disney. The first part of this author’s own procedure is to study everything that one can find on the man, paying special attention to what bias and vantage point another author comes from. Special attention is also paid to biographers who try to give the whole truth as they have found it, rather than approved biographies that repeat myths, platitudes, and flattery.

The investigator has to be careful because there are authors who deceptively say in their introductions that they are “detached investigators” who are “going to be painfully honest in their reporting” when they are actually skillful cover-up artists. When your author, finished investigating written material about Walt Disney, I mentally placed what I knew on the shelf temporarily and did a handwriting analysis based on the scientific principles of graphoanalysis as well as the broader field of graphology.

This author is a certified graphoanalyst, who has done handwriting analysis professionally. Using graphoanalysis and graphology is an excellent way to get an unbiased very deep look at a historical figure. It is a way to by-pass all the propaganda and myths. However, a close historical look and the handwriting analysis (of various historical figures) have always matched each other, as they did in this case too. Here is what was found.


The following paragraphs are about how Walt was in the 1920’s. The personality profile you will read did not endure. Under the pressure of micromanaging Disney Productions as well as living with financial stresses, by the 1940’s, Walt could be found in rages giving rough treatment to his wife, and rough spankings to his two children. He went to psychiatric counseling to cope with the stress and unfortunately, with the progression of time, by the 1960’s Walt had become a sadistic egotistical alcoholic.

One biographer described him as “a bully and know-it-all”. Even then Walt had men working for him, such as Bill Walsh (who had been a orphan as a child) who worshipped Walt. But here is how he was in the 1920’s: Walt was a self-motivated individual with lots of energy which was constantly seeking some outlet. People have written much about this trait of his. He was more the giver than the taker in relationships.

In the first few years, when he was responsible for making business contracts, he often gave away his work without setting prices for profits. He even wrote letters to his boss to the effect that his first priority was good cartoons not profits, and that he’d work without profits, but did want some appreciation for his work. That was his sensitive nature showing. Walt wouldn’t wait for others to come up with an idea or someone else to make a move – he was there first.

He could communicate his ideas with clarity and ease. He would storm into Disney Productions and spew one idea after another into his workers’ ears. He enjoyed competition, had a quick mind and keen perception. He frequently acted on intuition and impulse, taking chances and endangering his own security. He frequently gambled all his life savings and everything he could scrape together on a project.

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Long projects bored him. Fortunately the real tedious work of cartooning was done by a large staff of artists. House and repetitive chores bored him and he avoided them. He was absolutely a total slob around the house as a bachelor. He was impatient with vague philosophies, but liked concrete realities. He was difficult to get along with because he had both a playful side to his personality (even to the point of cruel practical jokes) and an aggressive intolerant impatient side, that wanted to achieve.

Naturally, people around him were disconcerted, because on a subconscious level they never knew which side of him they would deal with. He wouldn’t even let the word ‘art’ be used around the studio. “If anyone begins to get arty, we knock them down”, he would say, He was geared for action, was always inventing ways to get what he needed and could be explosive when provoked.

He was a person of dynamic energy, sensuality and keen thinking, and a disciple of the pleasure principle. Because his father was so abusive and misused his position of authority, Walt came to be deeply ingrained with defiance toward authority. The themes of his films repeatedly sympathize with those who rebel against authority, and the police and other authority figures are consistently shown as absurd.

One way he expressed irresponsibility was with lively dance scenes, which has been a hallmark of teenage rebellion during the 20th century. Comic anarchy reached its fullest expression in Alice Rattled by Rats, which shows what the rats do when the cats goes away! He felt that rules were for others to follow. That is one reason he would step outside of the law and commit illegal acts. This is one trait that may be responsible for some of the criminal activities Walt ended up participating in.


Walt also didn’t like to be closely supervised. He wanted to manage Disney Magic Kingdom as his own kingdom. He wanted to be an authority figure, and indeed became the dictator of his Magic Kingdom. When his workers differed with his own views he felt that they were infringing upon his own inalienable rights as an individual. He was somewhat of a melancholic temperament, that type of perfectionist who still enjoys life, but felt a need to protect himself against intimacy with others.

He was most home in a setting which he made for himself. Walt had the traits of an executive. He was slow to reveal his innermost feelings, and definitely set his own goals. Walt was one of those persons that when the going got tough, he hung in there. Likewise he would cling to his ideas, plans, and possessions. His stubborn refusal to allow his brother Roy to stop the creation of Disneyland led to events that split the brothers.

His determination to succeed was taken advantage of by the crime syndicates to blackmail him with some debt. In order to get his dreams, he was willing to give them what they wanted. A clue to Walt’s macabre sense of humor, at times almost a graveyard sense of humor, and his high tolerance of seeing pain in others, is Walt was seriously thinking of volunteering again as a medic after the W.W. I fighting in France was over, when volunteers were needed for the Balkan fighting.

Walt loved animals more than people. The only human being that he had rapport with while growing up on the farm was his Uncle Ed (who he called Uncle Elf), who looked like a cross between a leprechaun and a prune. Uncle Elf could make animal sounds and bird whistles to Walt’s delight. Walt loved the charm of the farm and nature and loved royalty, pageantry and a strict social hierarchy such as Freemasonry provides.


He often wove a combination of the barnyard in with royal parades and other trappings of royalty. For instance, in Alice the Piper, the King Hamlin is a farmer who sleeps in a farmhouse. In Puss in Boots the local king lives in an authentic palace incongruously placed in a village. His early film, Alice’s Day at Sea, includes both the features of a royal court and an American circus.

In typical Disney disdain for authority, he pokes fun at criminal fraternal groups with their rituals and passwords in Alice & the Dog Catcher, Alice Foils the Pirates, and Alice’s Mysterious Mystery. Whilst a secret FBI agent, he went against Hoover’s wishes and poked fun at the FBI’s authority. Walt was loyal to what he believed and could be loyal to those individuals who he deemed worthy of his loyalty, but he didn’t want anyone to have authority over him.

Walt was a 320 Freemason & an occultist, he was loyal to that philosophy and loyal in his early years to his older brother Roy O. Disney, who was a father figure to him. If anyone at the studios agreed with him when he was angry at his brother Roy, they risked losing their job. Both brothers were protective of each other, and felt they were the only ones who could criticize the other one.

For further information on this subject see below.

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Main Reference :- https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/

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